Hello people!

This is the introduccion to my little world. Ahm well... It's sure that you are very boring if you walk hereabouts.

Name: Luna
Age: 27 (5/April/1989 - Aries)
Gender: Female
Live in: Galicia (Spain)
Fav Colors: Red, Black & Purple
Likes: Anime, Manga, Yaoi, Music, Movies, Read, Write, Draw and Graphic Design, Video Games and Sports (Basket), Daydreaming.
Dislikes: Spiders, Lies.

Wellcome to my little world, if there is something more that you want to be able send me only a mp and thank you very much for visiting my little world and for seeing my designs.

You can see me in:
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See ya!


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I made two cards... and well... I can't submit them to this page now
But I wanto tu show them anyway, so I upload them to my world.
I think I can submit some iwalls, I made some more xD
I like try to make designs in small resizes more.
Hope you like it, they have the same "message", that's because I show this two cards together.

Ja ne!

What's going on?

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At the first I want to say THANK YOU to all the people that subscribes to me, 187 subs, wow, I never can imagine something like this, thank you.
... ...
... ...
Now... In "Subscriptions" I only have 123... And the other day, I go to the portfolio of an artist I love here, and I see I'm not sub to her, but... I'm sure that I was subscribed to her... I lost a lot of people in this section, like... I don't know... like in some way, I desuscribed to them, and noooo, I don't do that I try to find the people I lost and subscribe again to them, it's a promise.


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Ok... Today I went to the hospital to see the results of my analytics... Everything went very well... EVERYTHING!! So... Why I have to return in another 6 months?!? I really don't know... Five years passed... They should give me the year!! One year complete without more without further proof... It's unfair... REALLY UNFAIR!!
I need my complete year without more hospitals... I don't want to go more!!
Ahh... Sorry for this, anyway, I know nobody reads this things, is good to me talk about it and unburden myself.
In April (within six months) I hope they give me the year I need

See ya!


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The heroes I looked up to when I was younger
All became quite younger than me in the blink of an eye
The world is not that easy
The world changes
With just a bit of magic
Who you are now will start an action
love & peace
Every single thing
Is connected to each other somewhere; oh yeah
ya ya da da
To my tears, I say good-bye baby
Sing at the top of your lungs a favorite song
you & me forever
The world is spinning; hallelujah
So let's walk holding hands to anywhere

I'm a little nervous when making this entry. Why all this songs in this entry? Well... Music makes my life better... And I need a lot of music this month, I have to return to hospital for some revisions for the ill that I have some time ago... Ok, my nerves are because if all goes well... (Oh god, please... I need all go well, I NEED IT!!!!) I would not have to go through more revisions in one whole year... Just one revision for year, this is my most desired thing right now... Today I submit a pair of walls that I have, because from tomorrow to the last days of the month I will be busy, and I don't know exactly when I can return... but I think... one or two days before Halloween, I want to spend a terror night with some people xP
WISH ME LUCK!! I really need it xP
Thanks, and be happy my dears!! I love you! *big hugs*
See ya!

Don't forget about me, okay
Until the day we meet again
You'll always live on in my heart
I shield my eyes with my right hand
Life is all about freedom
We can't escape, but is it getting in our way? No
What's more important
Is to move ahead your way
Say bye-bye to dull yesterdays
The key to happiness
Is not to let arguments upset you
There are things you long for, hope for
That you may not reach
Yes, everyone knows that
But that's why if you don't struggle
Nothing will change
Believe in yourself
Wow miracles aren't always what you need
Wow as long as your heart is beating
Wow don't let the past bring you down
Wow all you can give is your all
Don't do it for someone
You are you, do it for yourself
Just believe and keep moving on

A long, long time ago...

I first want to say that this will be a long entry ... Excuse my English if I fail at something... I'm a full of fails XDD

I'm aware that I have periods of activity on this page to suddenly fall in seasons least mine appearances here. I'm not the only one, I see that many people who previously inhabited this beautiful page and now are disappeared. (Without going any further, I'm in 3 challs they should have done last year and there are no winners yet...)

I've been on this page since 2006, I really looooove this site, and among the reasons for my disappearance I have broken and formatted computers, my biggest problem when it comes to come back here, is my health, but I really, really love this site.
And for this love, I'm so sad to see a lot of people missing... (Hey, Missy, hey, hey, hey Missy, hey. Ok, no Doctor Who reference* XDDD) I know, better than a lot of another people, that in our hard life not always have time for this sites, but if I can... I always want to have this place to return.

Awww..... Luna is so sentimental now... XDD Yeah, maybe XDD But I miss a lot of people here, a lot of desings everyday, a lot of challs always... I miss a lot of things here, and I'm so happy to see some people... just a few people that remains here, like always, making this place a nice site to return.

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Ja ne!