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Time to tell y'all a story!!

So like I said, I had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday, and it FUCKING SUCKS!!
Well today, Im slightly better. I still hurt and Im still a bit swollen...I look like a fucked up chipmunk cuz my face is real narrow and then, so when I swell you can tell.

My surgery went well, no issues, minus my arm...I think something happened with the IV or the band-aid...
well when I was done and had to be woken up, I wouldnt wake up (Cuz I like too sleep and I was under anesthesia). So the nurse lady kept telling me "baby you gotta keep your eyes open for me.", eventually they got me up but I was still like 95% still asleep lol. After about 5 minutes I got in the car and was heading home, I was suppose to get a milkshake but I told my mom "I dun wanna a fucking milkshake, I wanan go home." and I did.

So after I took my meds I went to sleep on the couch with ice packs on my cheeks! I slept for about 4 hours maybe, and guess how I woke up......MY DOG BARKED DIRECTLY AT ME! The sofa is his favorite spot, and since I was on it I think it made him a little mad at me, so he barked real loud and woke me up. Scared the piss out of me!!

Hopefully I get better soon and can start to eat better foods ;w;

if im kinda loopy

I got my wisdom teeth removed early today, so if yall know how that feels, im sure you know why im typing this post.

Im not loopy or anything much anymore, i kinda slept the numbness and anesthesia off when i got home. So i was sleeping from 2 to about 6 cuz i felt like shiiiiiit. but know im just kinda in some pain around my jaw, still kinda out of it but other than that im pretty functional.

so i wanted to tell you guys that if you talk to me, message or text (if youre a text buddy) i will try to get back to you as soon as possible but i might type real lazy like cuz i might be tired, in pain, or on some meds.

but yeah, im up and active if you guys wanna talk to me and i'll make a post for yall about my first minor surgery and being put to sleep! :3


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we're dorks, its really that simple lol XD

I loves you Clue <3~

It just hit me...

I just remembered I have seen a handful of some of my friends faces, here on theO and shit...

and it hit me....

ALL OF MY FRIENDS ARE FUCKNIG HOT ASS PIECES OF PEOPLE(mostly women cuz I only know like 2 people that are men that I've seen their faces and that TR and DT)
So lemme tell you this if you're a friend that I've seen your face.


I'd tap that UwU-b
Your face is doing a fine job~