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SS Fan art wishlist 2014

Finally getting around to this!! Heres just a list of stuffs -w- My ocs -Delin the Hydreigon -Alpha the Arcanine -Kiilfe the Klefki -Auruiana the Aurorus -Captain t...

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Waaaaaaah sad

I wanna doodle but I think Im in an art block CUZ NOT A LOT OF STUFF IS COMING OUT GOOD WHEN I DOODLE but I mostly wanna color!!

So if anyone wants to do a collab and I color, Im cool with that cuz Im bored right now as well oTL


So Im stressing out today cuz I have SO MUCH TO DO

Had to talk to some people about an expensive fee I had to pay and make sure they took care of it so I can register

Im trying to resgister for next semester, but I have to call a few people before I can because I need to be confirmed. So Im waiting for 2 calls back for 3 classes(2 of them are one number), and an email for a teacher I had to send to someone so I can then call them again and get it done. I only got 1 class down and thats my art studio drawing class.

I also have to work on a project for school as well and brainstorm on ideas for a final project for my design class.

Also going out today to have dinner with my grandpa to celebrate my moms birthday which is tomorrow. Also went out and bought her gifts today as well so I went to the mall after class today.

Only fun thing today was I got to hold and pet a lot of animals on campus. They brought a few odd animals to the campus today for us students to enjoy and all. I touched everything but the bugs and spider. There was a cat of some sort, alligator(small), chinchilla, hairless rats, parrot, porcupine, 2 snakes, roaches and a tarantula. So yeah I touched a lot of stuff today and held a few. I got nipped by the cat and chinchilla, PINCHED LIKE HELL by the parrot(like it broke skin and I have a bandaid on) and the porupine nibbled on my leather jacket


So Im gonna register for my next semester classes after I call for my permit cuz Im in a weird spot

But guess what Im gonna do...


Still not do friday classes 8D



Im going to get all of that stuff....AND ITS ALL GONNA BE OF DELIN!! IM SO EXCITED OMG
I'll make a post of all the stuff I get when I get em~