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Art instagram!!

So I made a personal instagram the other day but some how I got my account dismissed for some odd reason lol, don't ask me how for i don't know.

SSSSSOOOOO I decided I will make an art instagram account and see if anything happens :D
You can find me as Healing_witch
I've posted to art pics btw, I put filters on em so yeah ouo.


Soooooooooo my cute little animal idea got shot down


Finals Project for Art 2!

So guys, I got 6 weeks to come up with several pieces of art related to a theme. Im gonna be in an art show, and I want Y'alls opinions OwO

We have to create a theme/series that we're going to stick with for these next 6 weeks. I have a possible theme in mind. Take big dangerous wild animals, and making em all cute chibi and comic like with a lot of bright colors. I have to stick to drawing like materials(cuz im in drawing 2) and I was thinking of doing it in markers or color pencils.

What do you guys think?

bunch of some thing

I have a bunch of mixed media paper that I belive to be18x24.

Sooooooooo I have a lot of big paper xD
I don't know what to do with it but I can't just throw it away @x@

What should I do with it guys? I thought about maybe drawing on it and making posters?


So this will be my livestream post

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