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Winter Break + Sketches

Finally on break!

Finished my first semester at college~! Next semester I hope to do more art (and I will, since I have art class!)

To ask for your forgiveness I drew some sketches at least:

Actually yesterday I planned on watching a crap ton of dramas to celebrate end of finals, but my internet went out....;3; So I just drew for a while...

The sketches...the sketches mean nothing. Or do they?

By the way...

Dramas that I have been watching/watched:

Otomen (watching)
Zettai Kareshi
Mei-chan no Shitsuji
Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (watching)
Stand Up! (watching)
Deka Wanko

Wow...that's a lot actually...XD All in my free time because I wanted something fun to do while practicing something I learned, like Japanese~! :D

Deka Wanko is by far my favourite on that list! It was hilarious and adorable and the music and style was fantabulous~! <333 I kept wondering if I should read that manga, but not with that soundtrack pfftttt

Here's a video with an example:

;3; I love dat mooziiikkkk...;3;


I've been thinking about re-doing Idolling, too...hrmm...making a more solid story...But all that work...;3; I dunno. I'll have to think about it some more.

Redoing it as in cleaning up all the problems that bother me a bit...but I don't think I am capable of doing that...'orz

Now that I have internet, thouuuughhh....I think I will go back to watching those dramas I planned on watching...XD Sorry gaizz! Lame post!


Birthday Gifts

My friends and I gave a surprise birthday party to my friend and I drew gifts for them.

They are hard to see, but I felt I need to post SOMETHING for you guys

Done with COPICs

Okie dokie~!

Bye-bye~! :D

Huzzahalaalalalalalala!!! :D

Bookstore tomorrow is having a sale and I'ma get there first thing! It's gonna be risky because it takes me maybe 5-10 minutes to walk to the bookstore and I have a class at 9:40 and it opens at 9:00...gonna get there really really early and hopefully get everything I need before then...

Which means pencils and sketchbooks (hopefully)...

Anyway I was smacked with the idea I had a while back while reading some one shot series of shoujo...that one about the recurring something or that all the stories are connected.

I mean...this idea has been floating in my head for a while, but I felt like another manga series already did it...which they sort of did, but in a different way.

Basically it's a series of stories about unrequited love (maybe?) and each person likes somebody else, hence the unrequited love. I mean, there is an end to it all, but they are all connected, still.

I dunno if I will actually do it, but since they are one shots and I like stories of unrequited loveeeeee...this sounds a bit fun. Though I don't really have time to do it...

Maybe if I get another sketchbook and pencils I will draw more. I might also just carry my sketchbook around.

I have a good handle on my homework right now and am slowly getting to the end with a good amount of free time...Although this week is packed mainly due to bookstore sale, advisor meeting, teacher meeting, club meeting, getting my passport....and stuffssss...Actually, that is all just tomorrow...and I haven't done my homework for my class tomorrow...Ooooopsss...

I said I would do a ton of my homework tomorrow...which I will...but I will probably do that late at night...'orz Ah wellzz...

Sorry for not doing anything on much homework..bleck...

Also sorry for wasting your time with this post. Just wanted to tell you guys that I am alive~! :D



I said I would post art over the break...but in the end I still didn't have time...

To be honest I WAS drawing a LOT over the break...but it's secrety visual novel stuffs...I can't post it...'orz


I just felt I needed to apologize...neglecting everything right now...bahhh...

Except MANGA~! :D

My friend recommended me an AWESOME manga, so now I shall recommend it to you:

External Image

It's FANTABULOUSSS~!! I read it, not all of it, just the amount that has been translated....bahhh...Wai so slowwww?!

It's incredibly good. Good art, good story. Each chapter has to do with sweets, it's lovely!

I feel like myself now that I have read some manga...I can't live without it. Or, I can, but I'm only 75%.

Okie dokie~!


Facebook...I understand now..

I joined facebook.

Now I understand all the people who say that it's better to talk face to face.

I feel a great amount of distance from everyone in real life. Talking to my friends from real life feels so superficial on facebook. I feel like you guys know more about me.

It may be because nobody understands my interests...the people in my real life.

Social media shows how far away we are from the idea of real friendship. It takes a bit of humanity out of friendship. I understand now.

I would like to extend my internet presence, though so that not only can anonymous people look at my art, but people from my real life can see my art. It seems successful so far. Perhaps facebook wasn't a bad idea...although it just create a divide in human relationships.

It's different than art websites since we all go in looking to talk about art. With facebook you have to present something to somebody. Perhaps because art is an important part of humanity I never had a feeling of loss when talking to people online. Or maybe it's because I've never met you guys before so I don't feel like I'm losing anything.

I feel like I'm losing something when I talk to friends on facebook...

I think the root of this is because people don't talk the same online...they may have poor grammar or elevated grammar that does not match their speech in real life.. Thus it's like talking to somebody you don't know.

Okay, I'm done ranting...

And I'm here to say that I am on fall break~! YAY~! I chose to stay at my college and only five of my friends in the entire college (that I know of) are staying...'orz What are we gonna do?!

I'm know what I want to do!


I mean...DRAW~! :D YESSS! Perfect time to draw!

My friend also lent me Professor Layton so I want to try my best to destroy it/beat the game by the end of fall break, while being able to draw, cook, and study.


Also now that I am fairly alonnneee...I've realized that I can practice dances inbetween classes AND I have a mirror AND my dance class has helped me improve flexibility a ton so it will all come I will try to learn some dances~! >;D FINALLY!! ;3;

Well...that's all I gotta say folks...