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I made an animation!

External Image

I want to say that this is the first of some kind...I mean, I feel like I've never done this sort of thing before, but I know that I have....

A scene from my web comic. I was thinking about maybe some panels should be animated and stuffs...coloured and animated occasionally, but done like a traditional manga style. So I did this!

I think I should learn more about animation so I can do more! XD I prefer action-y scenes because I can draw a completely different pic each frame rather than the more still scenes which are really difficult to pull off because you have to make certain frames similar in only a few parts....;3;

Where is everyone???

I mean, where am I?

I looked at the fancomics section, and there are very very few comics there. I looked at the fanart section, and there is plenty of fanart, an amount I am satisfied with. However, I checked the most popular fanarts of today and the highest one only has about 16 votes.

Then I checked for the week, then for the month...the most amount of votes for the most popular one I saw was only about 32 votes. Just double what there is for a daily 'most popular' pic.

I find that extremely strange. Where did everyone go?

I remember a few years ago the most popular fanart for the DAY was usually 40+ votes. I could never make it there, so if my art was on the front page it was a huge deal to me. But nobody seems to be voting anymore. What happened to the 40+ votes really really really good artists would get? WHAT HAPPENED TO EVERYONE

Now...I think for me I just stopped getting on here as much because of school. I mean, I wouldn't expect EVERYONE to have the same problem because people have had school for numerous years, why all of a sudden there are so few people on here anymore...;m;

Makes me so sad....I want to do something for theO, but I'm not sure how to help bring more people back...or at least have more people vote.

Any ideas?


Listening to Morning Musume's Man Power...I blame that.....

I wanted to do a sketch dump...but then I realized that it was night time and I didn't take any new pictures of my sketchbook...;orz

So I will show you what I've been working on in the mean time!


I just did four new drawings. I redid two characters....well, actually, all of these are old characters.

External Image

Redesign of: External Image

I never really liked Yukiko's design that much. I liked the idea of Yukiko (and her hair colour...a lot of thought was put into her hair colour), but that design was SUPAH plain. It was supposed to be like a magical girl, but I can't come up with magical girl clothing designs or else they'll end up looking like Sailor Moon outfits. I looked at several magical girl outfits...they all were the same essentially, but they had unique differences that made the outfits catchy. In other words, if I can't go big with anything, I was just stumped for designs.

But I had an epiphany! Morning Musume has neato outfits that are pretty much magical girl style. ALL ALONG...IN FRONT OF MY EYES....;m; So, inspired by Morning Musume's latest style of half skirts that might ruffle on one side but be straight on the other, or be pants on one side and be skirt on the other....I did this!

I might fix her skirt a bit to make it more obvious that the fabric and sewing has changed to a different style of skirt.

External Image

I redid Reese's design. My friend helped me a tad...just by saying his last design looked funky! XD I feel he looks rich and eccentric...a bit too cowboy for me...but then not so cowboy at the same time? I also darkened his skin. I darkened all my character's skin because I came to the realization that most people in this world are not as pale as me...I kept making them in the spectrum of my own skin colour...O.o;

External Image

I just redid Tadao's jacket. It looks more like a jacket now. HUZZAH!! I think that was what I was going for all this time...I dunno why I kept drawing funky looking jackets. I thought I could design a cool jacket for some reason...>3>

Who is that new female OC? She's actually not new! :D She's a redesign of this really really old character of mine:

External Image

'Rin Hatoshi' I dunno if Hatoshi is a real name...for some reason Rin Hatoshi seemed like a good name at the time, as if it already existed...But I will call her Rin Hirabayashi for now.

She's the Seiichi's therapist who may be more than just a therapist. As in story-wise, not jobwise....Not like at night she's actually Batman or something. Nah bro, she's really just a therapist, but because of that she's quite an important character. Pretteh much like a law enforcer in this webcomic 'o mine.

I really like how her head came out. I dunno how I did that, but I like it! ;D

I want to design more characters...but I don't think I should until I get to new characters in the plot....XD These are all the main characters in the plot so far (besides Seiichi). Oh no wait, I'm forgetting somebody majorly important...but this is because I dunno how to draw him at all...I dunno how I want him to look....>3> He is secretly also an old character, but from a different perspective entirely so he's pretty much new.

I might design a few more characters and post them here while I work out fleshing out the story, setting, and characters and re-writing the chapters enough to where they sound good enough and then start drawing out the pages! ;D


I dunno...that title...O.o;

I decided to not use my scanner and just take pictures and the pictures came out much better than the scanned pics so I will be posting some one I posted before just 'cause the quality is so much better and you can actually see what it was a picture of! :D

External Image

The one with the head that I was telling you gaiz about~! :D

External Image

That one pic that looks much better now~! :D Now you can tell what everything is that I drew~!

External Image

Some of the ones on this page you've already seen, some you haven't. I dunno why my scanner cut out of 'o these...>3>

External Image

Ohoho...this page...XD My friend and I were going to draw eachother's characters before we went to class, but then we ran out of time. And I felt that everyone always draws my OC Suzume (mainly 'cause she's the first to come off the top of my head next to Klan) so I drew most of my OCs that I would like for my friend to draw....but I accidentally filled up all the space so she couldn't finish the drawing of Suzume (hers is in the top left corner)...;orz

External Image

Trying to figure out how to draw Seiichi. I think I got it~! ;D Also some doodles in the bottom left of me trying to draw Reese (and Klan)...I still don't know what kind of clothes he should wear...>3>

And then in the bottom right we have drawings of moonlitdream's characters again~! :D After reading pretty much all the posts on zarla's live journal about bad yaoi anime I was inspired to draw in a more manly yaoi style. I like how Stefan came out...and I don't know if I drew Gabe right. I keep giving him a box shaped face...>3> Underneath them is Tomato and to the left is Noland.

I wrote next to Gabe 'Did I get it this taim??' and then underneath Noland it says 'It seemed like a good idea at the time'....'cause he looks creepyyyy....;3;

External Image

Now you can see those pics I was talking about in color~! :D

External Image

I drew this last night...:D I drew a lot of things last night...O.o; I tried drawing Gabe again...I just can't do it.

I also drew Flapjack 'cause I was watching episodes of Flapjack last night...I LOVE THAT SHOW SOOOO MUCH! I miss it...I might just rewatch ALL of the episode! ;3;

External Image

Charactah designin'~! :D Trying to figure out how to draw that girl....that I drew a picture of...(this sentence makes no sense).

I tried designing a boy who is scary skillful in battle and is very tough, but awkward socially. Not exactly tsundere, though. Who would protect the little girl, but also be like her lapdog.

That person at the bottom...I think that is either Jaime Lannister or Jon Snow....>3> I dunno....I was doodling while I was watching Game of Thronessss....

Welp....that's about it~! :D


Is it a Nightmare?

Cool dream is cool~! :D I had a cool dream last night and I remembered it! It might be of nightmarish quality.

It was pretty much a horror game, so I guess it is scary.

So basically there was this male student and this other girl (with pink hair who looked similar to Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki External Image). The other girl seemed to know what was going on, but the boy kept getting lost. It was from the boy's perspective.

It was in this mansion-like school. Like a really really fancy boarding school I guess. It looked kind of nice actually. It was like a brand new school, but beat up with human remains decorating the floors. But it didn't look unstable...if that makes any sense? There were large windows everywhere that sprinkled in bits of light from the outside.

The area outside was very beautiful in comparison. It was a glittering ocean side with grass and flowers. There were also small shrines in the ocean with small tori's creating a path to them. External Image And from there hung what I guess are talismans? Colorful bits of paper on a line that stretched above the toris to the small shrines.

Anyway, it felt like I was playing as the boy and running around the school trying to find a way out while picking up important objects for the plot that told more about how the boy and girl got there and the lives of the previous people and the school. But I did not do that 'cause I wanted to get the first ending. You had to get 4 endings until you get the true ending, but I only got 2 endings....>3> (Feels like I'm talking about a real game! XD)

So I just ran around the school getting stuck by scary monster, human deformed things....They looked like this guy:

External Image

Except if it was a human and it's torso was cut off, so it was mainly just the head and the arms....with like their guts hanging out. Wasn't a pretty sight. Did not want to see it. So whenever I ran into it, which I did a lot, I would not go that way.

There was a basement which looked really scary from the stairwell, and like a smart person, I decided not to go that way!

So I went to a place that I thought would not have any enemies, the auditorium! I can't remember exactly what I saw there. I think I met the girl again and saw the principal, who I realized was a bad guy. I think I followed him or something to some secret area that was on top of the school.

The top of the school was unlike a horror game. It was really colorful with strange architecture. Everything was all swirly, including the roof that led to this shrine at the top. There were enemies everywhere that were just as scary inside, but a bit more colorful and strange. Like giant colorful tiger heads trying to eat me. It was fairly easy to dodge them, but also easy to fall off the platforms.

This part was, I guess, the ending or something that lead to two different endings so I had to go through it twice to get a different ending.

When I got to the top there was the principal, a tiny man with big glasses, and the vice principal, a tall and thin woman also with big glasses. The vice principal saw me and shook her head and left from another place. At this point the girl from before was with me for some reason and was talking to the principal saying stuff like 'I know what you did so stop this!" and stuff like that. I don't really remember.

Then it turned into some sort of boss battle and I had to escape from the principal who was summoning the beasts from before. There was this platform jutting out from under the tori that was a straight drop off that I ran for. But I was grabbed by the principal. I felt at that moment that I would see something really really scary that I didn't want to see for the ending, that the principal would do something really bad to the boy. So I restarted it. But the restart button does not work for that, it just goes to the start of the cutscene. So for some reason I had to minimize it to get it off my screen and the open it back up from the start menu.

Anyway...I had to go through climbing back up to the shrine again and this time I made it to the platform to jump off. The boy and girl were together for this ending.

The boy started running for the toris (only escape), but the girl stopped him saying that you can't leave that way. Instead she started yelling back at the principal that she would sign the papers, so leave them alone. So the principal tossed some papers down to them. They were some sort of scrolls. Then enemies started appearing and the girl quickly trying to sign it with whatever she could find on the ground.

Then she passed it to the boy and made him sign another paper, and he did. Then the papers disappeared and the world turned white. The girl was so happy and the relieved that she hugged the boy, but the boy was still confused about what was going on (same for me). He started to reflect on the events that happened, about how they were in a high school. And then he was like 'I miss _____ of high school. I wish I could go back to those years.' And then the girl was like 'YOU FOOL!' And then she disappeared and the boy was back inside the high school.

Then I woke up or something....XD

I thought this was really cool just because of what happened at the end. That for some reason in my head, thinking that high school was good or that you'd want to go back to that is something really bad! XD Or maybe it was wishing to be in the past. It tells you a lot about how they probably got there. Maybe they both wished to return to high school or something so they both ended up in a high school. Not sure what the contracts were for..but that's a nice way to get out of something I suppose....???

I just thought I'd share this 'cause it was a fun dream (in my opinion).