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I'm so sorry! TT^TT

I should have chap 3 of Idolling done by nowww...but I...anime...;3;

I watched Psycho Pass and Last Exile since I last talked to joo gaiz! :D

I...really think I should be doing reviews on these....I thought about blogging about it on tumblr, but I dunno if that's the proper place for anime reviews...O.o; I don't know what I'm supposed to do on tumblr! XD

I've been doing well on anime this summer!

ANYWAY...I HAVE been working on chap 3...but...it's a really boring chapter for me to draw 'cause there isn't as much Hisoka as I'd like! ;3; (I like drawing Hisoka...:D)

Yep and I've ran out of things to say just now. I could tell you about multiple other things, but I don't feel like boring you or bothering you guys with it.




Legend of Korra: Book 2

So excited!! It looks like there's slightly less shading which I'm totally okay with. It's a stylistic choice and any choices for style are great choices! >:D

Unfortunately I see no Tahno...;3; Oh wellzzz....he may be in there, he may not be in there but I will forever cross my fingers like I did with Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae about Jigoku Shounen...XD He never appeared, by the way.


Since this is a fan ART site and I'm sure most of you would like to be somewhat good at drawing fan art...why not post some stuff about how to improve as an artist!

These are some resources I find very helpful.


This guy has some basic things on how to draw, but he explains it in a way that allows for your own artistic expression. Most of the things he says in his video I already know, but I didn't come to know those things until lots and lots of drawing and observing and analyzing and I just wish I saw this videos before...'orz But I still have learned a lot from him anyway.

BY the way, this video is just...just makes me want to draw...;3;

(And the end is just sweet)

Also I can not stress to you guys enough (not that I have said anything about it...or have I?) DRAW ALL THE TIME!

Not only that, but gesture drawing drastically improves your anatomy drawing skills.

For those of you who don't know what gesture drawing issss...you probably do!

External Image

Gesture drawing is where the artist gets a model or picture of whatever and draws it very very quickly, usually about 30 seconds or more.

It's quick and easy. Well, by easy...uhh...I guess it's easier when you get used to it. Since I already drew in a gesture-ish style in most of the drafts of the pictures of my gallery (thinking they were actually the skeletons, heh) it was really easy and fun for me! XD

But they're a bit of a drag, but you can see some extreme improvement for just doing them for a few days, or even the first time! O3O

This site I find very nice for gesture drawing:

Figure Drawing Practice

If you can't handle the nude and the clothing is bothersome then this is also a very good place (though not with real figures):


For learning about eyes, this blog really really helped: tentopet

External Image

I learned everything about eyes just from looking at that pic!


By that I do NOT mean the actual How to Draw Manga book series:

External Image

Which actually teaches you a lot of very important stuff about drawing manga and isn't all, draw this head and then this stick for a neck and this GIGANTIC ball for the eyes 'cause, y'know, anime characters have big eyes, right?

Anybody on this site can say for sure that anime characters DO NOT have ginormous bug eyes:

External Image

(My art teacher actually had that and used it as an example of anime..."orz)

Tracing is totes okay as long as YOU DON'T POST IT ONLINE AS YOURS. Which I totes did when I was younger because I didn't know any better...but yeah, people don't like seeing it. Nobody will be impressed except yourself at your amazing tracing skills (unless you can animate it! :D).

Draw from life is basically what I learned from How to Draw Manga Books. They are helpful in inspiration and to lay down a cleaner pathway to observational drawing so I definitely recommend them.

In fact, I think there was one book that said DRAW FROM LIFE and then went on to explain how anime and manga capture that essence of life. That's why those books are so darn helpful! ;w;

Also, realize what is good drawing! Over confidence is a bad thing! Hate on yourself until you get better, but don't hate on yourself so much you stop drawing altogether (that's really bad).

Don't be like Yuko:

You're not gonna get better if you think you're so great a drawing.

To sum it up

-Try to practice gesture drawing every day
-DRAW every day
-Draw from life and observe the people around you (even if it's creepy, do it like a ninja! )
-Just because people call it anime doesn't mean it is, look for the aesthetic quality!
-ProkoTV is very helpful

About anime/manga since it's not completely accepted and there are those people who are all like 'SAVE YOURSELF! DON'T DRAW MANGA!' who are just a bunch of wimpy crybabies who can stand up to critics that or conformists...

The art critics who dislike anime only see this:

External Image

And not this:

External Image

(Which by today's standards of art...I think if critics saw this their heads would explode because they are too narrow minded and didn't think artistic quality existed in anime...>3>)

...Although there seems to be a strange problem I've just now noticed with anime....that it might have EXCELLENT top of the line gorgeous eye bleeding beautiful art, but the story is weak. While on the other hand it can have the most deep, meaningful, touching, thoughtful, plot but the animation has been pooped on (like Shin Sekai Yori). Or it can be a good combination of both like with Michiko e Hatchin, but you unfortunately aren't blown away.

Sorry for the little rant, there...'orz

I have one more thing to say/rant about and I feel I must say it because I have yet to hear anyone else say it.


Most of the people who like anime are teens.

Y'know what else they like?

Music! Whether it be romantic ballads or energetic dance beats or hardcore rock jams or more sophisticated instrumental music. Whatever it is it inspires you to do your thing, so what do you draw? Kissing scenes! Girl with headphones! Lots of roses everywhere because that's symbolism, right? I'm much deeper than that, rock music has more feelings, so I draw skulls and lots of black and deep things because I see beauty in dark things and I'm so serious and mature.

Yep, nope. No you do not see beauty in dark things, you just like the colour black and you like scaring people and then wonder why they don't understand your feelings. You are not in the least bit mature (whatever maturity is, pssshh).

Kissing scenes are alright, but romance and love is nothing new. Roses are nothing new either. They might be pretty and they can be very symbolic, but don't lean on their symbolism.

The thing that really bothers me about...well, everyone, humanity, blah. WHY CAN'T ANYONE BE ORIGINAL? Why can't anyone just think about themselves instead of their images or who they want to be.

Before you start to draw something you think you've seen before stop yourself and draw something you WOULDN'T draw.

Maybe you want to go draw that guy looking all kawaii (and definitely not like a boy what-so-ever) STOP! DON'T! GO DRAW A HOMELESS GUY!

I know what you're saying, though. 'Originality is impossible because nobody has ever been truly original.' Yes, that's completely true...but if you navigate through deviantart you'll see exactly what I'm complaining about.

Lemme just look at the front page right now...(doing most popular 24 hours).

What do I see?

-An 'everyone is beautiful no matter their body type'...how many times have I heard this before? EVERY SINGLE DAY. I understand people have different body types. Love all around. Don't judge people. It's a nice little moral to remember, but it's be overdone so much and I have yet to see anything particularly clever that's actually thought provoking (which is the point of any art form)
-People don't understand me! I'm lonely! (<-- I just read this in Temple Grandin's book, but apparently that percentages of manic depression of artists is very very high so actually we DO understand you. Not put that manic depression to work and give us your feelings that you CAN'T describe)
- I'm a dragon, drawn well, but boring to look at!
- I'm a person with a rose! I'm drawn well, but...I'm just a person with a rose

Now, what I see all the time are the following. If you draw a picture of these, they're for your own enjoyment, but nobody really cares that much about it unless you show off some sort of amazing skills:

-Anything with just a rose a the focal point
-Marilyn Monroe
-Audrey Hepburn
-Some sort of subculture: goth, punk, scene, etc. as the focal point (I see a lot of these. As long as it's not the focal point it's alright, but if you're just gonna draw a goth girl and say 'She's beautiful, too' then you're just failing so hard. Drawing it with the focus on the cultural aspects, let's say, the fashion or the design aesthetics are A-OK! :D)
-Girl with headphones
-Girl with cat ears
-Girl with stripes or arm warmers or fishnets or whatever

All of these can be totally fine if done really really well, but they are soooo incredibly over done that art critics especially DO NOT want to see them.

Something that the Nostalgia Critic said in one of his videos was (I'm paraphrasing here) that the movie is only bad when the mistake or problem or cliche etc. is the FOCAL point of the movie and that's all that we can see. It's not that we can see the puppeteer in the background that bothers us, it's that we can only look at the puppeteer in the background.

Yes, I have drawn pictures that have been horribly unoriginal and I don't look back at them fondly. What I've learned to do to stay original is if I think of something that I have seen before or that is cliche I think of how I can flip it around and be original.

When I look at the sky and think of an anime character flying in the sky, no, why are they in the sky? Maybe they're floating on a hot air balloon. No, that's been done before. Steam punk air balloon? Even worse. Maybe that's not really the sky and they're stuck in what looks like the sky. Why? Because of that one feeling...how do I say it in words...it's just like you're stuck in the sky and can't reach the ground. It's frustrating and uplifting at the same time! 'orz

That's how it should go!

Inspirational Quotes:

“If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.” Edward Hopper

“Art doesn’t have to be pretty. It has to be meaningful.” ~Duane Hanson

“Go and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here. Make. Good. Art.” ~Neil Gaiman

‎”Creative work is not a selfish act or a bid for attention on the part of the actor. It’s a gift to the world and every being in it. Don’t cheat us of your contribution. Give us what you’ve got.” ~Steven Pressfield

“A piece of art is never a finished work. It answers a question which has been asked, and asks a new question.” ~Robert Engman

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, but must be felt with the heart.” ~Helen Keller

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” ~Oscar Wilde

“Be faithful to that which exists within yourself.” ~André Gide

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” ~Emerson

“Do not be satisfied with the stories that come before you. Unfold your own myth.” ~Rumi

“To see far is one thing, going there is another.” ~Constantin Brancusi

If I find more helpful things to say I will definitely do it another time!


I'm still thinking about that anime review thing....Hrmmm...Maybe I shouldn't get too carried away with everything...I still need to work on that Idolling chap. 3! TT^TT And I have yet to start any dance videooosss...I still need to tell my parents what I want to dooo...blaahhh...>3>


A nice song from Michiko e Hatchin to end the post:


Idolling Update + Dream (with pics for fun)

I finished the layout part of Chap.3! Sort half way done! Okay....a fourth?

But it's REALLY short! O3O I mean, leik 17 pages....Maybe I should've combined the two chapters.

Well, chapter 4 is much longer (not sure how much longer) and 5 and 6 are even longer....But 5 and 6 are kinda split, like 2 and 3 were so I wonder if I should combine those chapters, too? Hrmm

I'll see when I get there...


Last night I had a WONDERFUL AMAZING DREAM that I didn't want to wake up from! ;3; It was like a drama or shoujo romance thing and it was soooo kyooot like how Idolling should go! XD Nah, not really...

It felt like a mix of Sailor Moon and Kimi ni Todoke and Kodocha and Chocolat...and Idolling, pfft.

I didn't want to wake up from it because I wanted to know what would happen next, but it was almost 2 pm so I decided to wake up (that's how long I slept for this dream, I did wake up at 10 am, but I liked the dream so much I went back to sleep).

I don't remember exactly how it started...but basically all that I can remember were a few of the characters:

The main girl looked sort like this:

External Image

Except with braids.

She was spunky like Kumji in Chocolat, but more likable and kind like Hime from Seiyuu Ka-!...Umm...Lemme explain if you haven't read any of those. She's a fun character who can be silly and hard headed at times, but also very caring kind and sweet (not really like Ana, is she?)

Her friend looked like this:

External Image

Actually, no, she was pretty much Tomoyo...'orz She was helpful in any of the main girl's schemes.

Well I don't know how it happened by somehow the main girl got involved in a talent agency or something...Maybe it was just with actors and actresses or something...There was a lot of back stage and hotel stuffs...Maybe she worked on the stage or wanted to be a stage actress or something, I don't remember.

But there was somebody who she liked who was just your average joe, some guy who goes to her school and she wanted to get noticed by him and yadda yadda, you know how it goes. But somehow one of the famous guys likes her. Actually two of them.

The first one who openly likes he looks like this:

External Image

Except without the gun and stuff and with a nicer looking face...XD

He was a very bubbly character and very open about liking the main character, but also easily jealous. Well, he's open about liking her, but he also gets shy and embarrassed easily when talking about her or when he's near her.

The second guy looks like this:

External Image

And he super princely. He gives her and rose and all that jazz.

My dream was mainly about the princely guy. He had some sort of birthday and asked the main character and her friends to come and he said it was big enough so she invited leik her entire school...O.o; Yeah, it's a dream, gaiz! XD

It was like a ball or masquerade or something and everyone was very dressed up. There was a huge ball room and the main character and her friends were in the corner sorta.

The princely guy was on the stage doing stuffs dressed as a prince and yeah doing stuff.

The greatest part about my dream was that all of the main characters friends were actually my friends! XD They were a mix of my friends from my old school and my friends from the school I graduated from and they were talking to each other.

The valedictorian of my school was there and he acted as the leader ('cause he's always the leader) and suddenly I was myself as the main character the main character disappeared. He lined us up by creativity for some reason and my best friend was first and then I was second and then my best friend's little brother and then my other friend.

Then I started complaining about how he doesn't know what he's talking about because my best friend's brother is not creative what-so ever and then the valedictorian was all 'But I've known him longer than you have and he's actually pretty creative' and I gave him that.

But wait! My best friend's little brother...my best friend in general has never met the valedictorian before! XD How is that possible, dream?

Then I changed back into the main character.

Before the big ball thing the princely guy confessed his love for her in front of the other guy, but he didn't invite the other guy. Because of that, though, she couldn't really respond so he was nervous the entire party about what her response would be.

Then the girl go to some sort of lottery booth or something I'm not sure, but suddenly she started worrying about how old he was. She was only 16 and she had no clue how old this guy was. She had a couple of numbers put in a box and one of them was his correct age and she started looking at the numbers.

I think they were 36, 32, 39, 52, and 25. She knew he wasn't 52! XD But she wasn't sure if he was in his 30's or not and panicked because that's a bit creepy having a thirty year old in love with a sixteen year old! But she later found out he was only 25 and it wasn't that bad.

Then I woke up! 'orz

I would tell you all that in better detail, but I can barely remember most of the details, I just remember it being very enjoyable!


In otha newsss...

I don't think I have told you anything about how my college stuff is going/will be going...XD

I chose my classes a while ago, but before that I took the placement tests. I placed high enough in math that I don't have to take it at all~! :D Pretteh good, pretteh good. No clue how that happened, but it's all good.

Then in Spanish, which I've been studying on and off for most of my life, I only got a basic spanish grammar class! TT^TT I know my grammar sucks, but c'mon put me in an intermediate class and I can study my grammar some moaaarrr...

But I guess it's better that way. My mom thinks there's something wrong, but I think it's accurate. I'm really bad at grammar in Spanish. I'm always switching tenses and getting myself so confused.

In Chineeessseeeee on the other hand I actually got into Intermediate Chinese! O.o; I only took that for one year! That one year did help me enough to understand what people are basically talking about...

Like sometimes in dramas when the subs are messing up I can just pick out words and guess what they're saying and it usually goes well.

But I think intermediate is too much for me...O.o;

I think the problem there was that the tests was multiple choice and I just chose my answers based on the characters I saw in the passage. I didn't actually know what it was saying.

For instance, there was one question that asked about the main idea of the passage and I saw characters for dinner and family and myself and friend and only one choice said anything about any of those things, so obviously that would be the answer.

Another question would be where I didn't even look at the passage because I didn't know any of the characters and the multiple choice would be like 'is it about dogs or about the economy of beijing?' Considering they would teach you stuff about Bejing in the Chinese classes, I assume the answer has to do with Bejing...O.o;

So I don't think my intermediate level Chinese is correct...O.o;

In the end I chose to take Spanish and Japanese and then a World History class since I've never actually taken World History as a class and it's for meh major!

By the way, the school I'm going to...there's only like...two choices of majors if you don't want to be a teacher or go into anything science-y or math-y...And that's art and international affairs. Also nothing that I want to minor in is offered as a minor except for Spanish...so I might minor in Art....

Look how logical I'm being~! :D

In other other newssss...

My room mate is Chinese! So I might not take the class but I can still talk to her in Chinese~! :D She's from Sichuan and I think she's the only freshman from Sichuan because the other Chinese students seem to be from Shanghai.

Y'know what's special about Sichuan for meeee?


(My favourite song of Alan's...sorta maybe kinda)

I'm pretty sure they're not from the same part of Sichuan, but still. That's cool.



There's a really famous ABC News Anchor from the small town that I am currently living in, yet I hear nobody talk about her...O.o; I remember in El Paso, at least in the school I went to, all about this one girl on the Disney channel from our school...But nothing about an famous new anchor?!

I haven't started college yet, but having an international student as a room mate and then on top of that taking Japanese as a class FINALLY is making me tremendously excited! ^ ^

Okie doke! Long post! XD


Michiko e Hatchin

I watched it all today! ;3;

External Image

I couldn't help it, I really wanted to see them meet of with Hiroshi at the end! ;3;

Although as it went on, I cared less for a happy ending...in fact, I couldn't see that coming...Though I'd say it was a bittersweet ending.

The anime as I whole I really really enjoyed. It wasn't mind blowingly awesome, but it did give me warm fuzzies~! X3

It's really unique as an anime because it's setting is taken from different latin cultures. It gives such a completely different feel from other anime which is hard to describe....It sort of leans on the side of Boondocks because there is a lot of violence and the facial expressions are drawn so well, but Boondocks has a n entirely different feel...since Boondocks is a comedy...;orz

I really enjoyed the setting~! It was different each episode which made for a great experience.

The animation was SUPERB. It was an action adventure anime so they went all over the place and had some really good car chase scenes.

The characters are all very unique and unusual for your typical anime. Specifically the character of Satoshi Batista: Was he a good or bad guy? I mean, he was ruthless and terrifying, but he still protected Hatchin and never did anything particularly terrible to the main characters so does that make him a good guy? I liked that blending of lines. This was not a black and white anime at all and though essentially predictable (we all know they'll find Hiroshi in the end) it had many times of unpredictability which made me want to continuously watch the anime.

I want to see more anime like this that are ethnically diverse or with a latin feel. I really love Latin cultures so this was a great watch for me simply based on that reason~! :D

In conclusion, I recommend this anime 100%!

Things to be wary of: Violence and sexual content are on high

If you don't feel comfortable with a super sexy main character, sexual themes, and ceaseless amount of violence then this probably is not the anime for you (if you inevitably do watch this and you are this time of person don't thumb down the anime because of those reasons, I feel I see that a lot with more mature anime)

Speaking of sexual content and a super sexy main character, there actually wasn't any fan service. I'm surprised that I'm surprised about that! XD It has a good story, well animated, well written, interesting character designs, amazing backgrounds, and overall it is a great GREAT anime!


This post made me think...should I post some serious reviews of anime? I attempted doing that for movies, but I don't know enough about films to criticize it intelligently, but anime is on a different boat since I understand most of what goes into anime.

I would post them in my Listopia world.


I debated whether or not to watch this anime all today because I could watch it all or do something more productivveee...? But since it's Sundaaayyy~! :d Yeah, that's my excuse...I'll go into the corner and work on the next chapter of Idolling now...'orz

A song before I go:

I feel like I've posted this before, but I'm not sure. It would've been years ago. I remember listening to this song all the time, but since my computer lost it's operating system (in the war) I no longer had the song, so after all this time I finally looked it up and my ears bled with joy (because the body definitely does that).