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Silent Manga Competition Results~!

I didn't enter this year because I didn't realize they were starting up again until a few weeks before the deadline (:|). But I really love looking at the winners~!

Here is a link to the website

They are in so many different styles and beautifully written. Although they are mostly amateur, there is a lot to learn from any sort of artist~!

I hope to enter next year~! ;D

Mind Blown Return

I came back! And my mind is blown!

Lemme start at the sort of beginning....

You see, I went to an art camp at my college because I received e-mail information about it from my art professor for next term. It sounded fun because ZOMG figure drawing for 6 hours a day....from LIFE! HOLY CRAP! SOUNDS SO FREAKING EXCITING!

And it was! But I looked around at all the other artists around me, not only were they much older than me (okay, to be honest a lot of them looked like they were in their 20s, but there were older artists there too) but their art was AMAZING! I felt so intimidated so I didn't talk to very many people, even though I tried to. It's hard to talk to people who are that extremely's like...I can't speak my lowly words of an unskillful person....

But at some point I did 'cause I was super frustrated with an oil painting portrait I was doing. So I complained to a man next to me that was doing a charcoal sketch. He said to 'paint shapes' which I will forever remember now and helped me improve SO MUCH. By the day afterwards I made a face that was just a glob of paint on a board into an actual face (which was ruined later today when I was on my way back 'cause it was still wet..;orz).

Here it is (if ya wanna see):

External Image

(It looks like it was probably a good painting...and it wasss!! ;3; The nose was meh fave parrtttt)

My art professor kept introducing me to all these people who I had no clue about 'cause I thought the art camp was just a bunch of art students from other classes or schools...

Welp I was totes wrong. The person I was talking to who helped me bunches (even painted a 10 sec portrait on my tabouree to illustrate a point he was making which was superb despite himself saying it looked terrible, it wasn't, twas totes helpful) painted things like this:

External Image

I-I didn't know he was actually famous...;m;

To be honest I don't really know anything about the artist community of America...I probably should but...mehhh I feel like the majority of it is just paintings from life. I consider those 'studies' not actual paintings...Which is probably very wrong in many people's opinions...but still. I mean, if that's all it is, why not just take a picture? Because the brush strokes are beautiful? Or the arrangement? It just feels like interesting techniques or ways to take a creative photo...but not the art I'm looking for. I'm looking for creative stuff that doesn't exist in reality!

And then there was another artist I found really intriguing because he really just painted in shapes which somehow turned into the human body. Like...h-how did you know those colours would work with eye to get that look? And he was so intricate about it, too...;3;

Anyway...he does this stuff:

External Image

Wut? WUT? THAT'S WHO HE WAS?! I-I can't believe I was standing next to these people and didn't realize how amazing their art was...;3; I mean, I can totes see that from their paintings in front of me, but like....I didn't realize what they were known for...guhh Now I feel bad.

The first day we had to wear a name tags...and...Guys when I talk to people I either look at the ground or at their faces, not their chests. I don't read people's shirts unless I am in a certain mood. So I had know clue who anybody was...;orz

I think I was the only current student there (besides that models...who I knew...which was slightly awkward)...There were students who had graduated from Centre there, but it was mainly art professors...So lotsa help~! :D And intimidation. Imagine an art class where you are the only student and there's like 20 other people who are your professors...;3;

Besides the intimidation it was really fun~! :D I enjoyed working for so long and the time just flew by (sadly...;3;) I learned a ton of stuff and I would really like to do this next year!

HOWEVER! What wasn't so great for me was that I got a single dorm room....not roommate...wut? I wanted a roommate! That's why I paid for dorm (and it was cheaper). It was pretty nasty too. Bugs everywhere in the bathroom at night (and in the morning).

My friends were there. My friends who I had been dying to see all summer (even though I spammed the crap outta them on skype, it's nicer to talk in person). We had loads of fun on Saturday 'cause my other friend was there visiting. Then sunday was sad 'cause she left. Sunday and Monday I was hoping to hang out with my friends so I wouldn't have to stay in that lonely creepy dorm room all night. However, they decided to play some board game with their other friends and wouldn't invite me because it's 'too nerdy' or 'really long'...

Saturday was nice, but even then they did stuff without me. Like, I mean, this wasn't really unfair since I was busy. But they went out to eat brunch at a restaurant and invited me, but I couldn't go because I had to go back to do mah art thang. Then they invited me (actually my other friend who was visiting invited me) to play a tabletop RPG which was extremely fun (I like me some RPGs) but they started without me so I had to choose a character they had already made up and didn't let me make up my own character (it'd take too long)...

Honestly, if they knew me at all they'd know that me creating a character would take less than 5 minutes 'cause I have a thousand characters under my belt! >3> Plus I usually give my characters stats ('cause why not? It makes sense)....fehh

So I was quite depressed most of the time when I wasn't in the art building. I cried to sleep most nights 'cause I felt so lonely and far away from comforts and happy things...I've never felt so lonely before in my life.

I feel awkward around them now...I mean, I don't think they meant to make me feel that way, they probably didn't realize it...but I am tired of being the 'third party friend'...that's how I've been all my life. I want some friends to stick to. Friends that I can do anything with and count on them to be there for me, but my only friends like that are far away right now (or will be) in other countries...

You see, I move around a lot and so I am always coming into 'friend groups' as the 'new person'. I think in high school I was for kinda the person people stuck to, but I think that's just my friends were younger than me and might've looked up to me? I dunno. But I was always the outsider. Now that I have friends that I respect and admire extremely, I feel like they are doing the same thing to me that everyone does.

Then that makes me thing 'what is the point in socializing?'

Guhh...I am trying to get bad thoughts out of my head but they keep coming back...I already wasn't feeling so happy when I went to the camp and now I am feeling even worse (not 'cause of the camp, heck no, that was great). I want to run to someone or run somewhere that is in my comfort and the only thing I can find is the internet. But that isn't a place, that isn't a human being, it doesn't satisfy me. I can't steal the internet's glasses, I can't make the internet feel awkward (lulz, that reaction's hilarious, I like making my friends feel awkward). I can't go to the internet as a comfy place to sleep and hide from bugs.

My comfort zone is a clean room with beige walls, shiny pale wood flooring, and a window bringing in the bright sunshine. But I don't know where that exists, so I feel I can never feel comfortable.

Welp, this got long...Sorry for the rant...Honestly I dunno why I ranted since it didn't let off any steam and I feel pretty much the same. But maybe some of you guys feel the same way and I can have a moment of understanding~! :D

Sketch Dump Goodbyes

Today's my last day here....

UNTIL I GO TO ART CAMP. Then I'll prance on back here~! :D I'ma be there until Tuesday drawin' for 6 hours a day~! Eeee~! So excited~! X3 I also get to see some 'o meh buddies again which is also quite fun! And for the first time in my life I am drawing nude figures from life! *3* IN PERSON! Holy crap am I exciteeddddd....Gonna try paintin' 'em with oils. I am bringing a lot of canvases/boards with me, and also markers, pencils, giant sketch books, charcoal, and coloured pencil I dunno what medium I'll do them in...but on 'o them....


I also have a sketchdump to dump on joo gaiz~! :D MORE DOODLEHSSS

External Image

Trying to figure out how to draw Seiichi. I think I might learn better if I just drew the comic already....>3>

External Image

I drew some more Seiichi and then I decided to draw Tadao. And I drew the top right pic of Tadao, thought he looked like Isidro, so then I drew Isidro. And then I drew Griffith just for hell of it and then drew him in my style~! X3

External Image

Tadao without his jacket and Seiichi. I don't like how Tadao looks here...I mean, le anatomy is correct, but his face looks weird. I also drewww.....

MOAR GABE~! I wonder if I got him right thisss tiiiimmmeeee??? He still doesn't look like Gabe, but he doesn't look scary this time. Then I drew Alex from Street Fighter...'cause why not? And Guts from Berserk.

The guy with the split hair is a medieval dark fantasy OC. He's a pirate who has been searching for his family for his entire life after being split from them when he was a child. He used to be a noble, but his kingdom was conquered and his family was broken.

The girl is somebody with a similar fate. She was born to war slaves and saw terrible and gruesome things, but because she grew up with this she slowly began to think of terrible death and pain to be something normal and fine. She is extremely lucky and somehow escaped one day. To make money she steals and charms/seduces people into giving her more money. She isn't afraid of anything, including murdering another person.

External Image

More of my two new OCS in the top left corner. Then I just drew from meh Berserk mangoes! XD The scratched out pic was an attempt to exemplify foreshortening....drawing moar Isidro...but it didn't turn out right.

External Image

I didn't like the girl OCs hairstyle (I think I named her Felicity or somethinggg???) so I tried something different. I also trying redrawing Ana because I re-wrote the next chap so it works better with the story...I dunno if I will do it though...

External Image

I wanted to practice drawing anatomy instead of faces all the I tried drawing nude Griffith...didn't work there are a lot of nude Griffith's on this page. Then what is Griffith without Guts? So I drew some Guts, too. 18-year-old Guts to be more specific. Also there's some Sanada Yukimura in there....'cause why not?

Also Griffith sex scene...but I felt too embarrassed to draw Princess Charlotte...;orz 'tis what the scratches are at the bottom! XD

External Image

I dunno why the pages I like I keep taking blurry pics offf....;3; I liked the pic I did of Griffith and Guts. I keep drawing those twoo...>3> I can't stop...they be easy to draw...sortakinda. Guts is hella hard.

I drew some Yukiko with skirt blowing...dunno a skirt blowing mood...

Some more Isidro, some Serpico, and PUCK! 'cause why not?

Also Ephraim's in the top right corner. I tried drawing him in a slight Kentaro Miura style...XD Oh yeah, I tried drawing a little Eirika...but only half her face...XD

Okiedoke! I gotta go to bed so I can wake up early for ART CAAAAAMMMMMPPPPPP!! So excited~


If I made a tutorial, what would you want it to be about?

I was thinking of doing a super tutorial...but that takes waaaayyy too much work. Maybe let's start tiny and see what you guys would rather like to see.

I can't do photoshop or SAI tutorials, sorry...;m; I don't have those programs on my computer, despite having pretty good knowledge about both programs, I would have no way of demonstrating it.

Anything you might have questions about ask and I will try my best to provide answers in a tutorial format~! :D

And don't be shy about asking for help. I will be more than happy to help, more than ecstatic...PLEASE LET ME HELP YOU!

Manga Artist Progression

I found this video series of mangaka art progression. I think it's fascinating because you can see how the greats became the iconic greats that we remember. Looking back on how they were when they started out. It's amazing~!