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Is it a Nightmare?

Cool dream is cool~! :D I had a cool dream last night and I remembered it! It might be of nightmarish quality.

It was pretty much a horror game, so I guess it is scary.

So basically there was this male student and this other girl (with pink hair who looked similar to Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki External Image). The other girl seemed to know what was going on, but the boy kept getting lost. It was from the boy's perspective.

It was in this mansion-like school. Like a really really fancy boarding school I guess. It looked kind of nice actually. It was like a brand new school, but beat up with human remains decorating the floors. But it didn't look unstable...if that makes any sense? There were large windows everywhere that sprinkled in bits of light from the outside.

The area outside was very beautiful in comparison. It was a glittering ocean side with grass and flowers. There were also small shrines in the ocean with small tori's creating a path to them. External Image And from there hung what I guess are talismans? Colorful bits of paper on a line that stretched above the toris to the small shrines.

Anyway, it felt like I was playing as the boy and running around the school trying to find a way out while picking up important objects for the plot that told more about how the boy and girl got there and the lives of the previous people and the school. But I did not do that 'cause I wanted to get the first ending. You had to get 4 endings until you get the true ending, but I only got 2 endings....>3> (Feels like I'm talking about a real game! XD)

So I just ran around the school getting stuck by scary monster, human deformed things....They looked like this guy:

External Image

Except if it was a human and it's torso was cut off, so it was mainly just the head and the arms....with like their guts hanging out. Wasn't a pretty sight. Did not want to see it. So whenever I ran into it, which I did a lot, I would not go that way.

There was a basement which looked really scary from the stairwell, and like a smart person, I decided not to go that way!

So I went to a place that I thought would not have any enemies, the auditorium! I can't remember exactly what I saw there. I think I met the girl again and saw the principal, who I realized was a bad guy. I think I followed him or something to some secret area that was on top of the school.

The top of the school was unlike a horror game. It was really colorful with strange architecture. Everything was all swirly, including the roof that led to this shrine at the top. There were enemies everywhere that were just as scary inside, but a bit more colorful and strange. Like giant colorful tiger heads trying to eat me. It was fairly easy to dodge them, but also easy to fall off the platforms.

This part was, I guess, the ending or something that lead to two different endings so I had to go through it twice to get a different ending.

When I got to the top there was the principal, a tiny man with big glasses, and the vice principal, a tall and thin woman also with big glasses. The vice principal saw me and shook her head and left from another place. At this point the girl from before was with me for some reason and was talking to the principal saying stuff like 'I know what you did so stop this!" and stuff like that. I don't really remember.

Then it turned into some sort of boss battle and I had to escape from the principal who was summoning the beasts from before. There was this platform jutting out from under the tori that was a straight drop off that I ran for. But I was grabbed by the principal. I felt at that moment that I would see something really really scary that I didn't want to see for the ending, that the principal would do something really bad to the boy. So I restarted it. But the restart button does not work for that, it just goes to the start of the cutscene. So for some reason I had to minimize it to get it off my screen and the open it back up from the start menu.

Anyway...I had to go through climbing back up to the shrine again and this time I made it to the platform to jump off. The boy and girl were together for this ending.

The boy started running for the toris (only escape), but the girl stopped him saying that you can't leave that way. Instead she started yelling back at the principal that she would sign the papers, so leave them alone. So the principal tossed some papers down to them. They were some sort of scrolls. Then enemies started appearing and the girl quickly trying to sign it with whatever she could find on the ground.

Then she passed it to the boy and made him sign another paper, and he did. Then the papers disappeared and the world turned white. The girl was so happy and the relieved that she hugged the boy, but the boy was still confused about what was going on (same for me). He started to reflect on the events that happened, about how they were in a high school. And then he was like 'I miss _____ of high school. I wish I could go back to those years.' And then the girl was like 'YOU FOOL!' And then she disappeared and the boy was back inside the high school.

Then I woke up or something....XD

I thought this was really cool just because of what happened at the end. That for some reason in my head, thinking that high school was good or that you'd want to go back to that is something really bad! XD Or maybe it was wishing to be in the past. It tells you a lot about how they probably got there. Maybe they both wished to return to high school or something so they both ended up in a high school. Not sure what the contracts were for..but that's a nice way to get out of something I suppose....???

I just thought I'd share this 'cause it was a fun dream (in my opinion).



Second Sketch Dump!!

Moar sketchiesss~! Let's see how many I can fit into one post! ;D

External Image

Suzume just chillin'. My friend and I wanted to draw each other's OCs and I didn't have a pic of any of my OCs so I just drew her really quickly before we started.

External Image

Teeaaarrsss! I was practicing drawing large tears.

External Image

I-I don't know...I was watching some vocaloid video and Rin was buff or something...maybe she wasn't I just drew her bufff...I dunno it's a strange pic.

External Image

I saw a thumbnail for some cosplay on DA and tried to draw from what I saw. Then I clicked on the pic and realized I had no clue what I was looking at! XD

External Image

pink-pineapple's Locke~! I wanted to draw him again after not drawing him for years.

External Image

This is that page of copic marker practices, but my scanner does not pick up colour so unfortunately you can't see the colours...;m;

Oh! At the bottom in the middle I drew of a pic of this model that I really liked. She looks soooo coool! She has a kinda boyish look and messy platinum blonde hair 'tis so coool I might make an OC out of that look! *3*

External Image

Fire Emblem OC who has been under construction for leik 5 years...I can never figure out what I want outta him...>3> He is a yandere character, I know that much.

External Image

T-SHIRT! I like drawing short sleeved shirt like those. There is more to this pic, unfortunately it's cut off. But you can see some Andrew Garfield in the bottom left corner! ;D Yes that's Andrew Garfield. What I thought he looked like in the Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. I really like how he looked when he had this Hermes outfit going on.

External Image

Welp, the remaining pics are just chopped up bits of one big pic so I will post that next time! ;D



Just one.

I wanted to do a meme. A character meme more specifically, but they were all too long and this one looked decently fun. So here it is~! :D

Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die:
1.) Go to Japan/JET Program
2.) Publish a book or manga in a way where I get money
3.) Win a big art contest

(honestly, I don't care about the other two! XD)

Three Names You Go By:
1.) Chibi-chan (:D)
2.) Sugardaddy (??? My friends are weird)
3.) Eevee

(These are all just nicknames. My name is pretty straightforward so I don't really go by any other names than my own unless they are strange nicknames)

Three Screen Names You Have Had:
1.) Wakusei Aoshi
2.) swift1133045682795
3.) LolipopCandii
Three Physical Things You Like About Yourself:
1.) Torso
2.) Height
3.) Hands?
Three Parts Of Your Heritage:
1.) German
2.) Irish
3.) Danish
Three Things That Scare You:
1.) All bugs
2.) Large bodies of water
3.) Hippos
Three Of Your Everyday Essentials:
1.) Makeup
2.) Shower
3.) Food

(Wut? I don't know what these essentials are? )

Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1.) Not makeup!Pajamas
2.) Robe
3.) Headphones
Three Of Your Favorite Bands/Musical Artists:
1.) AAA
2.) Sakanaction
3.) Goto Maki
Three Of Your Favorite Songs:
1.) Forces
2.) Starry Sky
3.) bloomin' feeling -world electronica mix-
Three Things You Want In A Relationship:
1.) Happiness
2.) Joy
3.) Smiles

(I honestly don't know, bro)

Two Truths And A Lie (in no particular order):
1.) I have a pet cat
2.) I do not often drink anything including water
3.) I usually play Fire Emblem games on Hard mode
Three Of Your Favorite Hobbies:
1.) Drawing~ :D
2.) Dancing
3.) Video Games
Three Things You Want To Do Really Badly Right Now:
1.) Dance! ;m;
2.) Watch more Game of Thrones
3.) Write a chapter of manga (but laziness)
Three Careers You're Considering/You've Considered:
1.) Mangaka
2.) Videogame Concept Artist
3.) Cultural Affairs Officer
Three Places You Want To Go On Vacation:
1.) Rio de Janeiro
2.) London
3.) Amsterdam
Three Kid's Names You Like:
1.) Kenta
2.) Sumire
3.) Lillith

(Do these names make sense together? No they don't)

Three Ways That You Are Stereotypically A Girl:
1.) My favourite color is pink
2.) I like to put on makeup
3.) I like to wear skirts
Three Ways That You Are Stereotypically A Boy:
1.) I love videogames
2.) I love war and action movies
3.) I burp a lot (??? Is it?)

It wasn't as fun as I thought it would be...;m;

Sketch Dump NUMBAH 1

I decided to stop being lazy and to actually post some sketches from meh sketchbook!

I've done a lot of sketches here and there, not as many as I thought I would have in my sketchbook, but I was totes drawing on any paper I could find....and I am too lazy to find those, but I am not too lazy to scan my sketchbook~! :D

My scanner sucks. The lines are all rough looking and I did some pics in color with copics, but it was blackened...;m; Also for some reason it scanned the pages in parts so I only have some parts of the pages of my sketchbook. Also I like to make a big picture out of all my sketches, like not putting space inbetween, but it didn't scan it that way, so a lot of these might seem like one pic but they are actually part of a much larger pic which I couldn't scan for some reason...O.o; (Does even given me any options just 'scan'....)

External Image

External Image

External Image

These were some sketches to brainstorm the main character of a manga idea I had, which I've decided against unless as a short story thing just because I don't have much passion for the story. I was trying to make a shoujo heroine who was cute, but intelligent and cold, but still catchy and fun. Like somebody who you would want to be friends with, but because of her personality it is very difficult.

External Image

It didn't get ALL of this one, but surprisingly most of this page. This is a good example of what I meant about putting sketches together.

I was really inspired by Kim Jung Gi when I started my sketch book. Everything in my sketchbook is with ballpoint pen drawn without outlines. Completely free handed drawings Kim Jung Gi style. I wanted to draw the way he does and just draw.

It is shame, though. All the lines in this one seem broken up when it was pretty heavily lined and shaded....>3>

External Image

I wanted to draw something surreal for this one. You can't tell because of my stupid scanner, but the full drawing is of a girl opening up her neck to let all these smaller doodles come out.

External Image

I got a pose book for my birthday. Hyper Angle to be more specific. It's a FANTABULOUS book of CRAYZEH poses. I got the Man and Woman one so a lot of the poses were very intimate. Which is helpful for me because I suck at those poses.

So I doodled my characters in those poses~! :D

External Image

I drew moonlit dream's Stefan and Gabe~! :D I actually drew them a lot at random times actually. I can't seem to draw Gabe, though. HE'S SO HARD! But he's the type of character that I don't have and I need to learn to draw to get out of my comfort zone of pretteh bishounen.

I'm not sure who the boy above them is...O.o; I think I just wanted to draw another face?

External Image

HISOKA~! Because Hisoka....:D I am trying to figure out how to draw him properly. I think this a good drawing him. Captures his cheerfulness~! :D He's supposed to be kawaii, but I feel I keep drawing him too cool...>3>

External Image

The boy from The Juniper Tree story~! :D I was explaining the story to my friends, so I drew a picture of him~ :D

External Image

I-I don't really know...O.o; I think I was listening to strange music or looking a bunch of haute couture and thought this would be a good idea to draw. Or maybe it's one of those cases where I drew the mask first or something and then the body around it. That happens sometimes. Actually, I think that's how most of my sketches end up. I might draw a hand or a shoe or something and then draw everything else around it, so it ends up looking really funkay.


I have more...I might post more later 'cause stupid scanner caused me to have like 10 more pictures than I was planning on having..O.o; So strange that scanner...>3>

Welp...proof that I have been drawing...

This summer I've mainly just been practicing anatomy though...<.< >.>


Yooo~! Time for a real post~!

Last post was lame. Time for a real one! I forgot I actually had things to say! XD

First offff....

I have not been posting anything on my Cheer! World because I have been having loads of problems with youtube on Google Chrome. I recently updated kubuntu and now Google Chrome does not work at all. Not only that but youtube videos, no matter what I do, will not play and just say that an 'error has occurred'. I am using Firefox now, and I might switch back to Firefox ultimately.

So that's what's up with that...

What's up with not posting stuff? I feel I addresses that in the last post on here. I am just lazy. And for some reason whenever I say I will do something on here, I never do...;m; But again, that is probably do to my feelings that I MUST post something on here. I should think of it as more that I should have fun posting things on here.

However, I would like to get more involved with tumblr because I hadn't realized how useful it was due to its sharing option. Why is this? Because I never share anything when I'm on tumblr. So I would like to make use of that.

But I'd also like to give back to this community in some way. So I will brainstorm it later.

I have also been thinking more about that webcomic or manga I had in mind. I redesigned a few of my characters, which I feel are still under development, but here are just some of the major-ish characters.

From right to left I will explain le characters~! :D

First we have Yukiko! Remember Yukiko?

External Image

Toy gun toting firey red head? Now she's gone bluuueee! But actually she is more of a combination of characters now. She is calm and reserved, with a cool and level-head. However in her 'battle-mode' her true self is the red headed Yukiko. I might explain the plot to make this explanation of her make more sense....XD

Next issss...REESE! Yeahhh! Finally a pic of Reese! The Klan obsessor! I am not satisfied with design of him right now. It's mainly the outfit. Doesn't quite match his personality. He looks a bit too much like a punk here. I will fix it laterrr. Basically Reese here is a cocky rich boy genius who is a moderator (important person) in le story.

Next we have le main characterrr....Seiichi~! :D Seiichi basically looks the same. I am happy with this design. Exactly what I imagined him to look. 'cept them shoes. Seiichi is a young man with depressive tendencies who gets bullied or ignored often in school. He doesn't have very many friends and spends most of his time with toys and video games than he does with talking to other people. He is very intelligent and analytical, but he does not put forth much effort in school except for topics that interest him. He is childish and pure at heart. He just likes to live life without restrictions, but there are so many restrictions in the world...;3; Mah poor babeh! ;m;

Lastly is Tadao~! Old Tadaooo....Not really. He might be a few years old??? Anywayy...His design is basically the same but he has spiky hair instead of curly. I felt I had too many feminine looking characters with curls so I gave him spiky hair instead. I am not happy with his jacket. I just can't seem to get it right....hrmmm...I'll figure it out later I guess. I think I just now had an epiphany about what kind of jacket I'm looking for.

Okay, okay, I'll tell you guys the ploooottttt...

In this setting there are machines that are used to heal those that are mentally ill. There are no policeman anymore, only therapists. Instead of punishing the public, they try to help the public become outstanding citizens. The machines allow the users to control their consciousnesses and dig deep into figuring out their problems for themselves and fixing them for themselves. But it turns out that there is a whole organization that uses these machines illegally for entertainment through battles against avatars created by consciousness. The strength of the person's ability to control their consciousness, usually through meditation, decides the strength of the avatars.

Thus red headed Yukiko is blue headed Yukiko's avatar. I am saying avatar 'cause I have no idea what else to say. Maybe I'll figure it out.

I'm trying my best to choose a shounen topic where there can be multiple participants so that readers can feel that they can participate as well.

Welp, I think this post is long enough.

I will end it here.