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I've never felt so touched...;w;

(Probably have, from leik a nice comment or something, but in a different way that I'm talking about here)

This article:

Comic Connections: Urasawa Naoki Talks with Top European Artists

And this article:

Manga: Not Just in Japan

I've seen a lot of OEL manga, and although I appreciate the effort and the existence of them, I never particularly had a taste for them. The quality wasn't very high, I never found anything with both good art and good story. Unique art and unique stories, but nothing particularly engaging and they felt a tad bit sloppy (sorry for lumping them all together, I know they took a lot to do but I've yet to be wowed by any of them).

Those articles give me hope. No, those artists mentioned give me hope. Why am I saying hope? I don't have any other word for it right now. Hope sounds like the right word, even though it isn't.

Naoki Urasawa talking with European Artists about comics. That is a blow to the heart, right there, with cupid's arrow. I can't even talk about it, that's just out of this world amazing to read about, I wish I was there...;m;

My point in making this post is that...WHERE HAVE I BEEN!? THESE COMICS ARE AMAZING:

External Image

External Image

External Image

And they are all French! Gosh, gaiz and Japan are always stealing my heart! ;3; What with The Count of Monte Cristo and many other lovely novels, fashion, art, and now comics!? What else will I find about you France that will make me love you?! ;m;

I loved it when Peeters said that Moebius tells the artists: ‘Get out of your everyday life. Living and drawing are adventures.’

Ahhh, touches my heart...makes me want to draw more comics...;3;

I should broaden my horizons from not just manga but to other comics. Although saying that I don't exactly mean broadening my horizons too greatly! XD There are a lot of comics I don't really want to read and probably never will just because they might have catchy stories or characters, but I don't agree with the writing style (I'm looking at you American comics).

It has more to do with speech bubbles, actions, panel placement, etc. American comics seem to have too much fun with panels and also the coloured ones aren't particularly appealing to my eyes most of the time.

Korean manhwa that is coloured is really good at adding colouring, but most of the American comics I've seen with colour use wayyy too much colour that is wayyy too saturated.

Examples of how Korean manhwa do it right:

External Image

External Image

Examples how American comics do it wrong:

External Image

Why are the colours so bright and why is the inking so dark?!

This may just be a personal preference of mind that I like a lot of contrast and light bright colours because it makes it not feel as messy, cluttered, etc.

As much as I like the style of American comics, I find them hard to read because everything feels too mechanical, I guess.

Manga looks like a story somebody handwrote, and American comics looks like a story somebody typed. It's easier to notice the mistakes in grammar etc. in the typed rather than the handwritten, if ya know what I mean? :D

Okiedoke, enough talk...Why am I posting twice today? I was originally posting this to be inspiring, but now I feel like I'm bashing American comics, which don't mean to it's just...not my personal preference...;3; Like with Western genre movies...'orz No matter how good it is I just can't get into it.



I was looking at random videos on youtube (because that's what I've been doing all week) and I started watching 'saddest anime scene' videos and I thought to myself 'Psssht, that's sad? I don't see any Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 here, psshh.'

So to compare (like the awesome amazing genius that I am) I watched the last episode of Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 (I think about 10 minutes or so of it maybe less) to see if I still thought it was sad as it was and to see if I would still cry when watching it.

Oh...oh that was a bad idea. I was crying sooo so much that my eyes and nose were like waterfalls of tears and snot...'orz Now I'm cover in snot~! :D

Seriously, though, folks, if you haven't watched Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 WATCH IT. I completely forgot about the AMAZING animation that feels like a movie.

Yeah, it's definitely a movie quality anime that should be seen by everyone.

I guarantee you will cry on the last episode.

There are a few things I've cried over and will consistently cry over in anime/manga/movies/etc. that I could not guarantee tears from other people. Maybe that kind of music just effects me. Or I just shed a bit of a tear here, but it's not that much emotion. I may consistently cry over that one scene, but it's more like a trickle of tears rather than a waterfall.

This anime made me cry so much (even though I knew exactly what would happen) that I had to stifle my wailing. I mean, I was to the wailing point, that's some hard crying.

The thing is that you get so close to the characters and their struggles that it just completely breaks your heart and you're all like 'NOO WHY DID THAT HAVE TO HAPPEN?!' even though you know why scientifically and all...but still.



It's getting close to school time! Omigahh! I's excited and nervous! ;3; I'm excited for studying stuff I actually want to study and will be challenged on! :D But I'm nervous because I might not be able to handle everything...'orz

I know there will be a lot of things I won't be able to do during college and...I should probably work on doing everything before that time.

So I am announcing to you guys, for my own satisfaction, that I will go and hit my lists hard and watch a ton of anime/dramas/movies/manga and I will tell you guys how I feel because I will make a review because I want to do that! >:[

But then it'll probably stop abruptly when I start maybe that's a terrible idea...

Feh, feh...

This is pretty useless post you guys...not like the rest of my posts weren't, but still.

Here's the song at the end of Under the Hawthorn Tree that always makes me cry (trying to hold back the tears listening to it...guhh):


Ughh bugggg...Colouring...

External Image



You know why I hardly post? It's not like I'm not drawing it's seriously because I HATE FREAKING COLOURING! TT^TT

I-I am colouring challenged...I mean...I don't even know where to begin...

I like anatomy and inking and other things 'cause I can actually practice it...but if I don't know what I'm doing with colour then I don't know how to practice it.

And I've read and watched some nice explanations on colour theory which have helped me only on the colour scheming area...

Which isn't that bad...that's sorta nice...But...but...


External Image (Dunno if this will show up...???)

Or this

External Image

Or this

External Image

How...HOW DO THEY MAKE SUCH COLOURFUL PICTURES THAT ARE HIDEOUS?! And also how do they stay sane in the process of colouring.

I get to the point of just choosing meh colours and then when I'm finished with that...I did and put something over it and then post it...

As you can see here:

External Image


External Image

And here:

External Image

Sheer laziness folks! :D

But seriously, I break down after the colour head no longer wants to try to make it look presentable...I just die a little inside and post it...

I don't know how to fix this...and I can't seem to find any tips on practicing.

With anatomy I can just draw different poses and gestures. Draw hands or eyes or something everday.

With shading I can just shade something everyday, draw from life/observation.

With inking I can play around with different lines.

With copics I can also play around (copics are nice).

But colouring digitally...?! WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN!? I've had this problem since...since...Well, considering I still have this problem I would say all my life. I've never figured out colouring, just colour schemes.


It's safe to not use more than 3 colours in your colour scheme
It's okay to use different shades of the same colour (doesn't count as a 3rd colour)
Complementary colours look nice
Certain colours look hideous with each other
Look for a good feel of colours

*uff* *uff* *hoo* Gotta let off some steam.

You see, I have this picture all inked and looking nice for a contest on DA, but...I REALLY REALLY REALLY DON'T WANT TO COLOUR IT! TT^TT I thought 'let's get away with just cell shading' So I looked at some artists on pixiv with really nice cell shading styles for inspiration and then I cracked 'cause...LOOK AT THIS!

External Image


External Image

External Image (This probably won't show up)

My problem is that in most of the pictures they have this nice fade into another colour going on. It's nice and simple to think of. I mean, I know how to do that...what I don't understand is how they KNOW or even THINK of doing that?! HOW!? HOW DOES THAT COME INTO YOUR BRAIN AS A GOOD IDEA AND THEN HOW DO YOU EXECUTE IT SO PERFECTLY?! TT^TT

I mean, it's easy to look at a pic and be all like 'I see dat colour' and then colour along...but...ughh...

Hah...maybe that's what I should be doing. Looking at photographs with nice colours and using that fade and colour choice in my pictures.

But that also feels like SUPAH CHEATING. But then maybe it's also not cheating????????

My biggest problem is do you make colouring into a simple easy thing that I could do every day. It takes a while and takes a lot of focus and thinking that I couldn't possibly do everyday for practice...


Maybe you gaiz are feeling the same as I do and we can share in this colouring pain...TT^TT


On a side notteee...WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING?


Absolutely nothing. And it's depressing me because I want to do something, but I can't get myself to do anything.

I think it may be that time of the year where I'm about to start school and I know I am, so by mentally preparing meself for school I am also in the waiting frame of mind. When I get in the waiting frame of mind I seriously wait. I do nothing except do things to kill time without any sort of amount of enjoyment. I just do it and wait.




People say I'm patient...but...don't think that's true. If I wait without do anything for hours and hours and hours obviously I am saying 'HURRY UP! AS YOU CAN SEE I CAN'T DO ANYTHING UNLESS YOU HURRY UP!'.

But maybe I should be doing things until the last minute...Maybe I'll think of that. It would fill in my hours in a day, but it might also make life go by so fast that I'll lose it and I wouldn't want to get in the habit of doing something every minute of the day simply because I won't be able to enjoy my time...;m; Ugh....I dunno.

I am writing another shoujo which will probably be just a one shot...I'm a bit confused right now 'cause nothing is happening what-so-ever so I need to figure out what I'm doing before I write some more....O.o;

I read some more shoujo, but nothing spectacular. Maybe I shouldn't have read Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan 'cause I keep comparing it to every shoujo...that and Orange...Gosh, Orange...such a great story. It leaves an imprint of happiness and desire for more, but when will that happen? Gahhh...bahhh....

OH! I just remember I need to work on screentoning...


Obviously I have problems with things that don't qualify as actual drawing....'orz

Here's a spunky Ryu song for joo gaiz (to end this post!):


Special A - Idolling Parody

From this screenshot.

External Image

I was reading not Special A, but some manga called Last Game (which did not catch my interest in the end...'orz) and that reminded me of Special A which reminded me of Idolling.

I think Sachie and Ana's relationship is similar to that of those two mangas.

If you haven't read them it's basically like this:

Character 1 is always #1 in everything and they're just all around awesome, loved by the class, etc.
Character 2 comes into the picture and beats Character 1 in being #1 in everything.
Character 1 hates Character 2/is their rival even though Character 2 doesn't really care or want to be their rival.
Character 2 has a crush on Character 1.

In Idolling's case, Ana is Character 1, Sachie is Character 2.

I think based on those stories they'd make a cute couple! :D I like to imagine as if they were in those other two mangas...XD It doesn't exactly work, though...'orz

In case those readers of Idolling haven't figured it out...there are 4 possible pairings of the characters (for right now...;D I mean...I guess just 4 with Ana):


Who will end up with Ana?! I'm rooting for SachiexAna! >;D I don't know why, I just really like them as a couple...I really want to draw a more romantic picture of the two, but something tells me Ana would never let that happen.

I wonder if I should actually push on the romance of SachiexAna instead of just friendship...but then again, if you're would you get a crush on somebody of the same sex?

I also need to work on more YoxAna.

I'm on leik chapter 12 in writing this and there's a lot of IkuyaxAna going on and a lot less of there isn't really a clear end couple...'orz

I have suddenly come up with two romance one shots that I'd like to do...I probably will never do them...but I guess it doesn't hurt to write them out. One of them I will handle like a mystery sort of and it will be completely in one character's perspective because in real life you can't see everyone's perspective, only your own.

I'll tell you about my planned plots for both~! :D

One which...I'm kinda wary about writing because it could possibly offensive, maybe...I dunno...people get offended INCREDIBLY easy...

Well one of my ideas was to have a romance about this girl who likes this guy who is incredibly beautiful, but is autistic so she can't get close to him like she wants, but they both happen to be obsessed with music. I just got this idea from reading Temple Grandin's book when she mentioned austistic children growing up to be musical geniuses and that made me think of several anime and autistic personalities are just so interesting and beautiful to me so I wanted to write something like that...But I don't feel like it would be right for me to write that story...

The other idea is very simple, but I plan on writing it in a more complex way with lots of layers. It's just a simple story of a girl with a crush on some guy, but I don't think either of them really stand out particularly...I'm still trying to decide on the personalities of both characters, but I hope to write this soon because I've always wanted to write a romance like this only because I've experienced a similar situation where you start of as good friends and then suddenly never talk to each other again...'orz

Alright, this post is getting to long...

I haven't read any manga too great...I read Horimiya, which is alright...that's all just alright...O.o;


Haircuts and other fabulous things


Not really fabulous things...

But since I showed you guys my hair cut last time, I decided I'd do it again! They look the same and not the same at the same time (same same same)! O.O

You don't know how hard it was to take these pics...I tried my best to show the hair, but it was really hard...I had to look at my camera's navigator (or whatever it's called) through the mirror...;3; And for some reason I kept cutting off the top of meh head...'orz

Oh the lulz, meh eyes look creeptastic....My pupils are crayzeh large...'orz

Now onto moar fabulusss things...:D

SHOUJO! After reading Orange and Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan...I sought after manga from different artists that was just as good...;3; I came across the manhwa Cheese in the Trap which I spent most of meh day reading only for me to run out of chaps to read...'orz UGHH BUGGG...I wanna know about senpai! I mean...I mean...what's the word for it in Korean?...

Haha...after listening to so much Japanese when I read a manhwa with a lot of korean in it, when I would read some of the words I would translate them into japanese in my any korean I may have learned from that manhwa has failed to entire my brain...'orz

Right nowww....right noww...I have 16 tabs of different manga up...:D Doesn't that scary the living day lights outta you?

Yeah, I scare many people with the amount of tabs I have open...but...I'm the type to open a tab and not look at it until leik a week later...'orz I don't want to delete it because I might not remember what that page was...

I'm like a tab hoarder, it's crayzeh.

I've been watching more Pewdiepie videos....I-I can't help it...he's the only person I can watch horror let's plays of and nice feel 100% terrified. I watch some other guys playing Amnesia and I couldn't get past the first 5 minutes...I mean, he was making jokes and all, but his voice was rather quiet and he didn't talk and scream like Pewdie, so I was totes screaming the entire time...

But I don't subscribe to Pewdiepie...mainly because...he only uploads something I want to watch leik every month and is constantly uploading boring 'see me say stupid things/do stupid things' videos and I only watch his videos because I'm too much of a wimp to play horror games on my own...or watch somebody else's channel.

Occasionally I come across some Let's Players that are completely hilarious, have lovely voice, and are great a playing the games that they are playing and are informative at the same time....but they aren't famous AT.ALL. In fact, this one guy used his friend's account so I don't know if he even has his own youtube account. I don't like the videos on his friend's account, plus the guy was annoying...>3>


But watching Let's Plays makes me want to do one. I think my brother should do one because my friend says he has a nice voice and my brother is sooo freakan' hilarious. My brother did want to record me playing Dead Space and post it, but that'd be a very annoying video because all I did was scream and move the mouse like crazy...'orz

I also don't have the equipment for Let's Plays...unless we're talking about playing tetris...;D prevent myself from ranting further...let's move to listening format!


Let's Plays!
-If I did do Let's Plays I dunno what kind of persona I'd want...hrmm...or what kinds of games I'd play. Honestly, I think it's better when the Let's Players stick to a certain theme because it just makes things much more organized and I also have something to look forward to from the Let's Player.
-I thought about the future...if I become really good at speaking Japanese and live in Japan, that I would do Let's Plays of Japanese only games and translate into English (or Spanish...?) so that others can enjoy and give the games more publicity so that there would be a better chance of them being licensed in Western countries (???) But this is more for the far future...XD

Anime Reviews!
-I-I want to do them...but I only have a few weeks of school left and I'm not the greatest writer...I guess I'm okay, but I get into rants a lot when I write (as I'm sure you can tell) and I'm not sure of the format for reviews
-If I do I will probably post them on tumblr just...just ' seems like a good place to write 'BLOGS' about animoo/manga...

Tutties~! (Tutorials)
-I've always wanted to do a tutorial! ;3; On...on anything...there have just been so many tutorials that have helped me, so I want to combine that knowledge and make one.
-But I'm not skilled enough to give tutorials. Plus, whenever I start I get bored and stop...'orz

Dance Videos!
-I said this previously...or just all summer...I think I might be able to do this during college! :D This is because I lucked out and got a dancing class...
-I know it takes a while to learn dances, but learning them a little bit at a time and then recording them shouldn't take up too much of my making a maskk...hrmm...

Visual Novel/Simple Game
-Those games like IB that are all simple with the twists and all...I WANNA DO ONE! ;3;
-I watched Pewdie playing Mad Father and Misao and both were quite crappy in my opinion...I want to out do those! >:o
-But I don't have the skill or equipment to do either of those. Linux does not like vidya games


Those are just small dreams I'd like to do in the future...

What I plan on doing noww....

Haha....finishing chap 3 of Idolling...I'll draw it tonight, I'm just lazy right now...XD

Besides that I had this idea for practicing with screen tones and drawing manga pages and all, story telling...I want to do little 'shoujo moments' which would each be a page long and use events from my own life and friends' lives that seemed like 'shoujo moments' with recurring characters and all that jazz, but no story...XD


So that's the end of meh rantings... fabulousness, right?

Okie dokie, here you go here's some fab:

External Image







Wait...this may only be funny if you know who this guy is...'orz