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Dear America...

I dislike you intensely.

I dislike that when I shop for clothes I have to go to the kid's section for my clothing.

I dislike that when I go to the kid's section for my clothing I have to get a SMALL.

I dislike that when I ask for a SMALL drink you give me something that I was pretty sure was a medium a few years ago.

I dislike that your people judge cars based on how fast they can go when there is no road that exists that can go that fast.

I dislike that your houses all look the same.

I dislike that your houses are all large and empty, yet your people complain its too small.

I dislike that you have unnecessary bits of religious reference in your pledge to the flag and on your coin that wasn't in there originally.

I dislike that your media discriminates and becomes hostile towards those who want the pledge to the flag and the words on the coin to be back to its original.

I dislike that your news isn't ever really news.

I dislike the Kardashians.

Who are they and how are they news?


End of a rant.

But seriously folks...

I think I may have previously complained about this...

I had to buy my clothes from the kid's section. I actually usually do that, but I never thought of it as a big deal until I was once again reminded that I have to buy my clothes there...Every time I go shopping for clothes I go to the women's section 'cause chya, I suppose I am a woman now. Alas, I can not buy from there because all of it is too big (some places I can, surprisingly, but definitely not at any of the chain stores).

Even though I shop there I still have a problem that all my clothes are too long or too baggy...I did not realize until just a few moments ago that...I NEED TO WEAR THE SMALL SIZE...


WHAT?! I'm not that thin and I'm only 5'1" why does a kid's medium not fit me? Ughhh Americaaa...

I complain about America because my lovely Chinese roommate has been laughing at me this whole time saying I should go to China because the clothes there are just my size.

Why America?! Why can't you be my size?!

This is mainly the reason why I have always liked Japan. I remember watching the videos talking about how small everything was in Japan and I always thought 'That place will fit me perfectly' and thus began my love for Japan.

Just kidding, I dunno why I like Japan, but I do remember thinking that way when I was little. I would look for countries that I would fit in, and since I'm a small person Japan really appealed to me.


I haven't talked to you guys for a sorry...

That means this post might be very long 'cause I'll tell you how I've been~! :D

I have been doing pretty well in my classes so there isn't much to say about those...XD

I went to the moon festival party with the Chinese and Japanese club and helped make dango and ate moon cakes and it was all yummilicious. I talked to a lot of people that I had been wanting to talk to.

I feel like I have special powers...the special powers of talking to the people I want to talk to! >LD This sounds like I probably just walked up and talked to them, but no, my special powers make it so they walk up to me and talk to me first! OH! LE GASP!

Although sometimes it's a hindrance.

You see there was this one person I saw when walking to my classes and they looked cool and all steampunk-ish and I was like 'I want to talk to that person one day.' Then later at this club presentation thingamadoo I was just wandering around looking at all the club's booths when he yelled at me to come to the booth and sign up for the club and yadda yadda...Ever since then he will not leave me alone and always talks my head off. He's not a mean person, but sheesh...

I see him everywhere at the most random of times. He's like a shark, if he sees me he will immediately come talk to me for an hour and then my hour is gone...;3; So I try to avoid him. I feel bad because he's not really a bad person and he's not mean, but...yeahh...too much talking. It's not even that I even get to say anything. It's him talking for an hour straight without me saying anything, just nodding...'orz

The painzz of meh life.

'nywayysss I did it again at the moon festival! >;D This time it wasn't such a bad thing. I talked to all the Japanese students (not very many) and some of the Chinese students I had been wanting to talk to and stuffs...

It was great to talk to so many people who have similar interests in anime and music 'n stuffs. Then I met this one person and holy crap is he awesome. I've never met anyone who knew everything that I was talking about except my brother! And even my brother doesn't know what I'm talking about (when it comes to music). This person was really awesome. He's also in some of my classes and I didn't even realize this! XD

Oh, also my Japanese friend and I spent a long time chatting about random celebrities and Kpop and then she gave me the nicest compliments EVARR!! She told me that my Japanese sounded so natural she kept thinking she was talking to a Japanese person. She also kept telling me that I was 'kawaii' (I have another thing to say about this later). Then I told her about my obsession with Tegoshi Yuya and she said we would make a good couple because were are both the 'cute' type of person...;3; *dies from kindness* Those compliments were out of this world. She is much too nice a person!! TT^TT

One last thing to say from all my ranting is this phenomena of cuteness, 'kawainess'...For some reason people keep calling me 'cute' and 'kawaii'...this wouldn't be significant except that they tell me this all the time and at the most random moments...O.o; It's nice at first, but now it's just confusing. Like, what is cute? My friend kept commenting about how I was 'selling my cuteness' (using a Chinese word here) at random. Like one time I was just looking out the window and she told me that I was 'selling my cuteness'...WHAT THE HECK?! What am I doing to get such compliments?! Or are they compliments?! I don't know anymore...


I've had a lot of homework, but it's dwindling now so maybe I'll be able to draw some stuff for joo gaiz! ;3; It feels terrible not posting anything...>3>

Just shoved a bunch of stuff in your face in the mind is completely elsewhere...So sorry if I may have offended you guys in some way...I've been writing papers all day and I really...ughh...sleep..


Stereotype Meme...

Because any meme True Story does I must do...

[x] you own at least 5 black shirts (I like the color black. <--- Agreed. Also the cut of the shirt/outfit stands out more...It's not emo, it's appreciating clothing design)
[y] you like skinny jeans (Depends on the outfit...I don't like the skinny jean mixed with converse look...Makes ya look like Goofy (big feet))
[x] you're listening to music right now
[x] you have painted your fingernails black before (With silver and white~! :D)
[x] You have more than 300 songs on your ipod/mp3 (Why wouldn't you?)
[ ] Have attempted suicide
[x] Like the color black
[y] hate girly girls (Not really hate and not exactly girly girls...but I find it hard to get along with girls who like chick flicks)
[ ] have kissed the same sex before.
[x] Like to be alone (Again, how does this make me emo? <--- Agree, it means you're introverted. This IS a stereotype meme, though)
[ ] hate popular music (Pshh...noo...Although perhaps disliking mainly American music, which is popular in my country of the USA perhaps means I hate 'popular music'...but I can't say that if I like Jpop)
[ ] keep hair in front of your face (I used to do that when I was little)
[ ] give people evil stares (Apparently not since some people think they are 'puppy eyes'...O.o; )
[ ] Hate your parents or one of them
[ ] Life sucks for you right now (Life does not have an adjective attached. My feels change my the second)
[x] have been called emo (Just because I was not happy. <--- Agreed, and because I was wearing all black and my hair was accidentally in me face)
[ ] Dislike the colors pink, green, teal and baby blue (No, wai?! I love those colours, except baby blue, sorta...I feel like Green and Pink are totes emo colours)
[ ] own thick-rimmed glasses (Sunglasses? :D)
[x] Complain a lot (Because it is fun and what I do)
[ ] own a studded belt
Total: 9

[ ] own more than 10 minishorts
[ ] own more than 10 miniskirts
[ ] have kissed more than 7 people
[ ] have been called a slut/gigolo/male-whore
[ ] drink a lot
[y] You wear dark eye makeup (Dark brown, but I don't cover my whole eye)
[ ] wear low cut shirts (If I did that would not be good)
[ ] have been called a tease
[ ] Flirt with everyone
[ ] love the opposite sex
[ ] Go to parties/sleepovers at least once a week
[ ] wear tight clothing (Psssh, not if I shop in America...sheesh...>3>)
[ ] own 5 tube tops
[ ] you've kissed more than 2 guys/girls
[x] Like wearing swimsuits (Yushh...)
[ ] Sit on the opposite sex's lap
[ ] People hate you (I dunno if they do or don't)
[ ] Its nice to be naughty
[ ] you cuss because you think its fun
Total: 1.5 (I feel like a lot of people I know fit a lot of these descriptions..)

[ ] own at least 5 jerseys
[x] Have 10 or more trophies (You didn't say they had to be sports trophies~! :D)
[ ] Wear hair up almost every day (Never wear hair up)
[ ] Own 5 or more sweatpants (I did, and now they are all skinny jeans or bell bottoms...:D Or pants that need more descriptions)
[ ] Dont wear makeup
[x] Have/had played lacrosse (Not seriously)
[x] Play/played more than 2 sports
[ ] Play sports
[ ] Can play a sport if you've never played it before
[ ] On first string
[ ] You play/played Tennis
[x] You play/played Basketball
[x] You play/played baseball-softball (not on a team, just a lot with me dad)
[x] You play/played soccer
[ ] You run/ran track
[x] You play/played football (not on a team...gaiz, gaiz, the schools I went to did not have sports teams so if I wanted to be on one I'd have to join some sort of city club thing...and pay money)
[ ] Been called a jock
[ ] Have set a record
[ ] Are friends with your coach
[ ] Love watching sports
[ ]can do 17 push-ups in 20 seconds
Total: 7

PART FOUR (Doesn't apply to guys)Burps loudly:
[ ] Own at least 5 polos (What are polos...*looks up* I have 1)
[x] Own at least 5 pink shirts ('cause piiink and blaaack)
[ ] Own at least 5 designer bags (Why would somebody own more than one bag, I don't get it)
[x] Wear ribbons in you hair sometimes ('cause riboonnsss!!)
[ ] Love pearls
[ ] Only like popular music
[ ] Read tons of magazines
[ ] Love shopping
[ ] Go shopping usually once a week
[ ] Voted prom queen
[ ] Have dated a jock
[x] Like attention (Doesn't everyone...though sometimes I want to just not exist and just watch everything)
[x] Always have your cellphone with you ( I have to, or else my parents get mad, but trust me, I rarely use it personally. <--- Agreed.)
[ ] Have more than 50 contacts on your phone (If we were talking about e-mailll....)
[ ] More than 30 guy contacts
[y] Hate emo people (Not hate and also I don't know who to point out as emo, but I get annoyed by people who think they are cool for being all dark and stuff...)
[x] Wear make up
[ ] Is stupid ( Because only girly girls can be stupid. <--- Agreed! XD)
[x] Wear heels (Surprisingly comfortable if you have high arches like mine and find a shoe that fits those arches)
Total: 6.5

[x] Wear your pants above your belly button (How else are they supposed to stay on?!)
[ ] Wear glasses/contacts
[x] have/had braces
[x] In/have been in advanced classes
[y] On Math team (I was, but I failed...But I was on the Academic Team)
[x] Have all A's
[x] Have been called a nerd
[x] Is bullied
[x] LOVE to learn
[x] Like your teachers
[ ] Watch history channel (I think you are most certainly not a nerd if you watch the history channel because it is not history, but fantasy folklore stuff...>3>)
[y] Never go anywhere on the weekends (Never is a strong word. Actually, the weekends are the times to go places, but rarely.)
[x] Have been called weird (Because I like anime?)
[ ] Scared to talk to the opposite sex (Not really unless outsiders try to pair us up together because y'know manxwoman ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS happens...I'd like to live in a world where manxman and womanxwoman and nobody cares if you might be 'more than friends' just because of gender)
[x] Don’t have pictures of yourself on MySpace (Don't have a myspace)
[ ] Read a book a month in your leisure time (Pssshhh, I don't read! XD)
[x] You read on your last spring break (But what was a reading? I think it was homework...No wait, 1Q84! 'das a great book)
[ ] Have your own website (All about ME! But I might get one in the future...Wait, how does owning a website make you a nerd? My mom has one because she has a small business, is she a nerd?)
[ ] Wear pocket protectors (WHAT ARE THOSE?!)
[x] Done/does test corrections when you got above a 90 on it (Well, yeah, gotta get that 100)
[x] Did/does extra-credit when average is over an 85
[x] Take notes on what the teachers tell you not to worry about. (Not because I'm a nerd, but because I'm incredibly clumsy and have terrible memory so it will do me well to always take notes...Like for instance right now I took a ton of notes over an entire chapter in my textbook and we only had to read the blurb, but I'm afraid that I won't understand everything and the timeline so I read the whole thing)
Total: 14 (probably counted wrong)

[x] own baggy/ long clothing ('cause this is America, land of the S size that is actually a L size in every single thing from food to clothing...WHY CAN'T I JUST GET AN ACTUALLY SMALL DRINK!? I can never finish the drinks they give us and I feel like I wasted so much of that drink 'cause of the ridiculous size of a small)
[x] like to talk like a thug (Who doesn't? It's fun, try it! :D)
[ ] you own gold/ silver chains (Haha, noo..XD That'd look hilarious on me)
[x] have a flat brimmed hat (Only kind of hat I own)
[ ] like to wear a certain color because of a gang
[ ] you are in a gang
[ ] you mostly listen to rap music
[ ] you own clothes from lines such as ecko, sean john, g unit, 69, south pole, rasta, notorious
[ ] you have a nice sound system in your car
[ ] you never walk... you strut
[ ] you don’t like haters from rival gangs
[ ] you have a thug nickname
[y] you hate emo people
[ ] you hate punk kids
[ ] you have made a gang
[x] you can name more than 20 rappers (From all over the world)
[x] you can dance
[ ] you want to rap when you are older (That would be nice, but uhh...O.o;)
[ ] you love turntables
[ ] hate the punks that are in fake gangs.
Total: 5.5

If you haven't noticed The parts represent the 6 high school stereotypes
Part 1= Emo
Part 2= Slut/man whore
Part 3= Jock
Part 4= Girly (doesn't apply to guys)
Part 5= Nerd
Part 6= Thug
Multiply each number by 3 then repost as_ % Emo,_ % Slut, _ % Jock, _ % Girly, _ % Nerd, _ %Thug

Emo: 36%
Man-Whore: 4.5%
Jock: 21%
Girly: 19.5%
Thug: 16.5%

I'm a fairly well rounded individual if I do say so meself...Nerdy emo girly jock~! :D

Opposite of Procrastination

Gaiz...I think I have a serious problem...

It's like the opposite of procrastination...

I keep worrying and freaking out about assignments and finishing them when they are due weeks from now...'orz

It's probably a very good thing, but it makes me feel very worrisome and like there is something I'm missing because that means a lot less homework...'orz

I feel like I should be doing homework all the time right now....but apparently that's not how it is...right now...It's slightly annoying because I've been prepared to have nothing but homework and now this is no longer the reality.

Maybe it's just really light for now...

I'll go back to study then...(those tests are what really scare me...not so much the papers if I have so many people to go to to perfect my papers).


Maybe this means more time for drawing? :D

Omigosh! It's Nana-kun!

External Image

Seriously looks just like how I imagine Nana-kun from Idolling to look! CRAYZEHHH...Except that Nana-kun looks more like a magician.

I'm waiting for my next class (which is dance) right now and am bored...Shouldn't I be studying? If I study anymore than I won't have anything to do over the weekends since my friends and I don't have any plans except studying (they all have to study).


In otha newsss...

Meh brother finally decided to start writing a visual novel, but to practice he wants me to draw some characters and he'll do something with them...

Makes me so excited~! <333

You guys seriously do not know how talented my brother is at writing. I mean, he writes some intensely deep stuff and does it well. I look forward to seeing how it would all turn out! :D


I'm wondering if I have some characters already drawn in a similar Visual Novel format so I don't have to go out of my way to draw a bunch of new characters if it's just for practice.

I've got about three down (of different sizes) but one of them (little boy) looks uglehh....;3;

Okay...I'll go back to that now.



Second day of classes and I don't have any homework right now~! :D I accidentally did my Japanese homework for today yesterday and what I thought was homework isn't exactly homework (and I can't decipher the instructions anyways) so I'm bored right now...

Postan' postan'~! :D

I haven't had my Humanities or Dance classes yet, but I've had the rest.

My Japanese class is really easy right now because we're only learning the basics of writing systems, though I have been learning a little bit here and there. It feels so great to speak Japanese! ;3;

I'm thinking of even doing one of those online speaking things...I have an account on one, but I never did anything. I'll wait until I know how to make sentences...'orz

My History class looks a bit hard, especially since I've never had World History, but hopefully if I study enough it won't be so bad. The teacher, at the beginning of class, was very quiet and in the corner. Then he started the class by screaming! It was hilarious! XD He reminds me of Stephen Colbert...'cause of his satirical way of talking. So I will surely enjoy the class.

Also, I'm used to taking notes from lectures so that won't be a problem. The way I take notes only makes sense for me, but I do plan on organizing them a little bit after writing them because in AP US History my notes were just all over the place. Just glancing over them reminded me of everything that happened, so I do think they work well.

I will try and organize my notes like with important terms and things to remember and stuff...

The history class is supposed to be less about memorizing and recording things, but arguing what happened. I like that better as a class. It allows for a more creative and abstract way of thinking about history.

I also have extended orientation which is almost exactly like a normal high school class, thus it is incredibly boring. It's only based on participation. It is helpful 'cause I know nothing about citing my work...but still...>3>

My Spanish I am trying to switch, but I'm a bit confused because I have to fill out this paper work and find out if a class is full etc....I'm not sure how to do all that, but my friend is also switching out of her Spanish class so I'll try and see if she can help me. Apparently the Spanish test I'm taking is for students who've only taken a few years of Spanish. It seemed like another high school Spanish class to me...

I just worry about grammar rules because I always seem to forget them...But then I wonder if that is because I don't understand them or that I am just the person who always forgets grammar rules...I feel like it is (look at my writings in English, they don't represent a good handle on grammar rules...).

Those are my classes so far. I'm worried about my Humanities class. My friends were really worried about theirs and it didn't turn out so bad, but they are taking a different Humanities course...>3>

In other newssss....

Tagaini Jisho

DOWNLOAD IT! Don't even hesitate for a moment!

Now I don't really know where to download it to send you guys the link (because I downloaded it from Linux's downloading place).

I was studying with it and it works SO FREAKING WELL. I just now learned some Japanese bad words~! :D Just so many things you can do in that...holy crap...

You can tag the words etc. and some of them are already tagged.

It'll show you how to write each kanji.

It will show you each radical in each kanji

What each individual kanji reads as.

Any other words using that kanji.

It categorizes words based on tags for dialect, part of speech, field, and other things (like if it's a bad word).

You can use a small hiragana and katakana cheat sheet.

And so much more that I'm still trying to figure out.

You can use flash cards, too.

I also found out the 'vocabulary reading' practicing where you can just read the kanji and figure out what it means 'n stuffs, but you type in the romaji! *3*

The only problem with is just on a few words it doesn't seem to recognize that the romaji is right. For instance, 'migi' which is 'right'...for some reason it always tells me it's wrong, but it's definitely right...O.o; How is 右 not migi?! ;m;

Welp...that's all I can think of about how great Tagaini Jisho is...

It doesn't really help me so much for my Japanese class but for my Japanese learning.


One day I will return with art~! :D