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I think that means Japanese. I've watched anime ALL DAY LONG and it's 10:30 now and my head hurts and I was watching Skip-beat and S.A Special A, and right when they get to the good parts it ends!! TT.TT Or the video says that it's buffering or the video player thing says that I've watched too many videos and have to wait and hour.

Reason for title? I'm be "looking" at the computer screen all day so now when I'm not looking at it I see these dark and clearly visible objects, they're two boxes connected by two lines from the very bottom to a little bit on top. It looks really weird...O.o

ANYWAYS! Reviews of the anime I've seen so far:

Hyakko: Ehh...good I guess. The episode was really boring until the end, but I might want to watch more.

Kuroshitsuji: I don't really know...O.o It kept having that annoying 3D with 2D gets on my nerves! JUST MAKE A LOT OF FRAMES OF 2D...lazy bunch 'o animators...-.-; If I'm going to watch the anime, at least make it look good! But everyone was very pretty 'cept the guest, and that made me happy! ^ ^ Though...ummm...what's his name...I he the that a girl or a boy? I think it's a boy...looks like Chihaya from Harvest Moon! ^ ^ 'cept with blonde hair and not a cool personality like his.

Axis Powers Hetalia: I LOVED IT!! But are the episodes only 5 minutes!? I kinda cried inside when the episode ended so soon...I watched it twice! ^ ^;

Maria Holic: Hah, the main character actually reminded me of the perverted male characters in anime! ^ ^; It looks really interesting, though the other girl/boy looks a lot like Misa Amane...There are parts where they're on some kinda road with roses on the sides and because of the animation, it looks really beautiful and stylistic! I really like that! ^ ^ I really like the animation/looks of this anime and I want to watch more!!

Shigofumi: Ehhh...I like Hell Girl more...-.-;

Skip-beat so far: Well, maybe it's just that it stopped at the best part, but I really want to watch more!!!

S.A Special A so far: Same for Skip-Beat, it's really interesting so far and the characters are pretty original! I'm surprised!

Sushine Sketch: Okay, when I started watching this I thought ,"Is this some kind of joke!?" The animation was TERRIBLE!! It looked like it was fanmade!! TT.TT The opening wasn't even amazing either! I noticed they were trying to keep it in a plain style or whatever, then paint it with some pretty colors to make them stand out or whatever, but the animation....IT WAS SOOO BAD!! TT.TT

I should go to bed...but I want to watch the rest of Skip Beat and S.A Special A!! TT.TT Then I have...6 more anime shows to watch! Or make that 5 since I can't find Soul Eater anywhere...-.-;

Some down, way more to go!

Okay, that list of anime I was going to watch in my last post? Well, I tried to find them on youtube, sadly I only found a few, but I'll tell you what I thought of the ones so far:

H2O ~Footprints in the sand~: Okay, I guess...I might watch more, but I'm not very sure.

Darker than Black: Well, I could only find the English dubbed version...that probably made me dislike it it, but I really don't like it. It's boring and it plays out very badly (I have no clue what's going on, and not a kind of I wanna find out, the kind of I don't know and I don't care).

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: OMIGOSH! This has probably gotta be one of my favorite anime shows EVER (and I've only seen the first episode). It's hilarious, and I really like the style! ^ ^

Kanamemo:'s okay, I've seen characters like that in several different anime shows...I might watch more...I like it better than H2O, at least.

Kamen no Maid Guy: It's supposed to be a comedy, but there's nothing funny about. The story is bad, it's boring, and I couldn't watch any more...-.-;

Mnemosyne: I like this very much, the action, animation, style, it's all very good, but it's...well...not for my age group at all. O.O It's hard to watch I kept hugging myself because of all the painful things they did to the characters...It's not supposed to be some kinda torturing anime (I don't think those exist), but it's like an action, and the way they get hit is so painful. It's like that one part in Akire where Tetsuo steps on the glass times ten! TT.TT

Nabari no Ou: Well, I'd much rather read the manga...this is one anime that I've seen that shouldn't have been an anime, or at least, the directing or whatever was bad. Random things kept happening and it was really hard to follow (but I LOVE the style! ^ ^;).

Rosario + Vampire: OH!! This was soo cute! I really like it! ^ ^ All the reactions were perfect! And Nana Mizuki sings the songs for it (and voice acts)! ^ ^

Toradora! : My second favorite out of all of the ones I watched. IT'S SOO CUTE and HILARIOUS! ^ ^ I really like the style! ^ ^

Toshokan Senso (Library Wars): Ahh! This was also very good (that or I just really liked the corn bread I was eating). Well, it's about books 'n stuff, but it's interesting. Like a shoujo/shounen anime...O.o I don't know how to explain why I liked it, maybe just the feeling of it was really comforting.

Now I still have...a lot more anime to watch. TT.TT I went to some website and NONE of the anime I searched for had their first episodes working!! TT.TT

Well...I'm off to go find a good website to find more of the anime that I wanted to watch...OH! I forgot about Shakugan no Shana....hrmmm...I'll watch that last (since I've seen it so many times, the first episode).

'imma do it!

I'm gonna write a light novel! Yesh! Apparently I have a talent at writing...or so everybody who reads me stuff says...I don't think so at all (I posted some kinda short story on DA and a lotta my friends liked it for some reason even though it was really quickly written with a lotta dialogue). And I have a ton of ideas for manga, so why not write a light novel?

Hey! You guys should do this, too! I'm sure you guys have really good manga ideas, but don't really feel like having so many manga on your hands. Just write it...

The only problem is that I don't know if you could get it published in countries outside of Japan...O.O

And how come there aren't any visual novels here in America!? I mean, maybe one or two, but still!! Who cares if they're erotic! Still bring them to America! Y'know America has a LOT of erotic stuff, why can't they just take stuff from other countries here so that we can all experience them!? I wanna play a visual novel!! TT.TT Also, why doesn't America make their own, anyways!? There are a lot of very talented people here who can make stuff like that, maybe even better!

Also! I'm gonna watch a whole lotta anime tomorrow! I've made a list of the ones I'm going to try and watch. I'll watch the first episode of each to see if I like it, I might not even watch the rest of the episode if I don't like it...that's what I did with some anime...was it Air? I can't remember:

Hyakko | Slice of life comedy I think? I can't remember
H2O ~Footprints in the sand~ | No, it's not about mermaids, it's about some blind guy, I think...
Kuroshitsuji | Well, a lotta people like it, so why not try it? (But I'm staring at this picture of Sebastian, he's wearing a tux-ish thing, and he doesn't seem very pretty to me...O.o)
Hetalia: Axis Power | A lot of people seem to like it, and the idea seems really good, and I really like stuff about World War I/II for some reason...O.o
Maria Holic | I really wanna watch this for some reason. It's about this lesbian girl who goes to a all girls school to find a partner, and the one she falls for turns out to be a boy
Darker than Black | I dunno what it's about, I just wanna watch it!
The Familiar of Zero | I've always wanted to see this, and I don't know why.
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei | Another I've always wanted to see.
Kanamemo | A yuri/slice of life anime...I just wanna try watching a yuri besides Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl...I don't know why, but I don't like yaoi, but I do like yuri...or will watch that kind of anime, maybe because yaoi is, too common.
Hatsukoi Limited | I don't even know if I spelled this right. I can't remember what it's about...
Shakugan no Shana | I'VE TRIED TO WATCH THIS SEVERAL TIMES!! So I've seen the first episode about like...ten times...I don't know what's stopping me from going to the next episode...?
Kamen no Maid Guy | Well...I was just listening to the song Berryz Kamen...and if you name a character Maid Guy, and it's a comedy, then it must be interesting...
Kannagi | I can't remember what this is...
Mnemosyme | Dunno if I spelled it right...It's like a horror or mysterious, it sounds interesting!
Moryon no Hako | I think this is also a mystery or horror.
Nabari no Ou | I was going to buy the manga...but I can't remember what happened.
Rosario + Vampire | It sounds interesting, I like the music, the opening, the story. I should watch this. I also almost bought the manga, but I was stopped by my annoying friend (or enemy...we don't like eachother, but we're nice to eachother).
Special A | I just liked the look of the picture of it on wiki! ^ ^;
Shigofumi | It sounds like Hell Girl, so I wanted to watch it.
Soul Eater | I hear it's a really good anime, but I don't know anything about it. It still sounds really good.
Skip-Beat | I think I may have read this manga at one time...but I don't remember it, I just remember the art and the name and such and such...and what the pages and style looked like...
Sushine Sketch | OMIGOSH!! I have to watch this! It's a slice of life comedy about ART!! I've been looking for an anime like this for years!
Toradora! | Well, the style is probably my favorite style ever, next to the art style in Pandora Hearts (love that anime because of Girubatou), and I really liked this one AMV that somebody made with scenes from it, and it looked funny.
Toshokan Senso | Umm...well...I just noticed that the plot explanation was very complicated, so it must be good.

Also! I just watched the Boy in the Striped Pajamas...and it as...ehhh...I didn't really like it. The directing was bad...and you could tell. And the story ended at the wrong time and it basically fell apart. I compared this to Life is Beautiful (one of my favorite movies) since it is also about children during the Holocaust. Life is Beautiful is about a Jewish man who has a wonderful family and life, until they're taken to the concentration camps and he makes the camps seem like a game to his son so he doesn't know what's going on. IT'S SOO SAD!! It's like a dark comedy, though. And the Boy in the Striped Pajamas is about a German boy who's father is Nazi who befriends a jew who in a concentration camp that is a few miles away from their didn't seem very realistic. I mean, they spoke the same language, and it wasn't even in German (well, the actors were British, but still). There was this one blonde Nazi guy who looked so familiar...I think it was because he looked like Barry Pepper (one of my favorite actors)...but the guy in the striped pajamas movie was really scary...O.O He was like the villain or something...and the main character's sister was all over was really creepy...O.O She was only 12 and he was like...20 or 30 (I'm not good at determining ages).

Well, the movie wasn't as sad as Life is Beautiful...that movie made me cry. I mean, it's all happy at first, and even in the concentration camps it's happy, but then bad stuff starts to happen and then it gets really sad and the little boy is so adorable and the parents are so kind...and the bad things happen....TT.TT I'm not telling you what happens...partially because I can't remember what happens....O.o

So if you want to watch a good and sad holocaust movie watch Life is Beautiful and Schindler's List (which I still haven't seen TT.TT). I also am proud of myself for being right about how the actor in the striped pajamas movie, the Nazi father guy, that he was only in Harry Potter and the Prison of Azkaban, and was not Ron Weasley's father!! >:( Both my dad and my brother thought that! He looks nothing like his father! He was the werewolf professor!'s 11:42 right now...I should go to bed...Eeee! Then wake up to anime! ^ ^

OI! Bye-bye peoples!!

How Many Anime Series are there (part 2):

I'M DONE! Geez, why didn't people do this instead, it was really easy. Well, actually I just went on wiki and counted all the anime they listed from '60's to 2010...I'm not sure if that counts, but there were a lot of repeats and any anime that isn't on wiki would be those that I counted more than once or are movies, so my number is just a rough estimate kinda:

So how many are there?: 3243

WOOOOW!! Isn't that a lot!? Anime turns out not to be very old...O.O

After looking at all of these, I've decided to watch the most recent anime shows! ^ ^ This was I can catch up with the popular anime and whatever, and then I could say if it's good or not and have a deep opinion! And I can say that I saw such and such anime when it first appeared on the internet! ^ ^ Haha! Nuuu!! Don't steal meh plan peoples!! Why did I tell you!?

Anyways...that's about it...I'm probably going to go have dinner and then go watch a movie or whatever...OH! How many are there in the 2000's?:


YEP! Okay, so....I'm gonna go check out what anime shows are new and see if I wanna watch any of them...

How Many Anime Series are there (part 1):

How many series are there that I've counted so far? head hurts now...That's from '70's to '90's...O.O

'70's: 208
'80's: 592
'90's: 992

I'm very dizzy right now and it's almost hard to type...Gah! I don't want to count the ones in 2000's!! TT.TT But I guess I'll have to....-.- There's gonna be a lot, I don't think it'll take me that long, though. Just another 9 years, I think I can handle it!