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Yet Another Post

Yar, sorry...Well, I was going to start drawing the pages for Clockwork, but then I realized that it was almost 9:00, and I hadn't eaten my dinner, so I went to go eat my dinner, and then I forgot what I was going to do, and now I remembered and I don't feel like doing it...-.-;

So, I just wanted to show you this AWESOME song that I love to death. It's so energetic and awesome!:

I think it's from a videogame, or something. I have no clue who does this or anything! TT.TT I tried looking up a live or a pv of this song, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Is it from an anime!? Well, it'd still have a live, at least (unless it's Kukui). This is the only video I know of with this song. I don't really like the dancing, though. It seems like a more jumpy song than just twists and stuff that go along with the music. Of course, I know, iDOLM@STER doesn't have any jumpy dancing songs.

Hah! I keep posting posts with videos! ^ ^ I'd do that from now on...but...hrmmm...

I have no clue what to do right now. Dress up games? Staring at art? Dunno...-.-;

I get annoyed a lot of times when it seems like hardly any art is being posted on here especially when I'm bored like right now. I like looking at people's art on here! ^ ^ I look at every picture that's been posted...well, recently, kinda. Like since the beginning of summer or something...

Borrrreeeeddddd!!! TT.TT

AHAH! Found something to do! Listen to fandubs of jpop songs! ^ ^

Yay! Okay! Bye-be! ^ ^

Sweet Performance! ^ ^

Okay, so I was comparing famous jpop singers to eachother to see who had the best live. I compared Ayumi Hamasaki, BoA, and Utada Hikaru (because I think they're the most famous), and here's my listing:

Last- Ayumi Hamasaki (terrible singing! I'm sorry Ayu fans, but the shaky singing sounds terrible, and there's too much in her singing)
Second- BoA (she's really good, but maybe that's because the lyrics she sang were really easy.)

And first HAS to be Utada Hikaru! She has excellent singing, so much emotion (to the point where she almost cries), and can sing better than she can talk sometimes (like her voice would sound all cracky when talking). The one that took my was definitely this performance:

She's so sweet! ^ ^ The parts where she's just talking, she's kinda just talking, and I find that really funny and it kinda shows how honest and kind she is! ^ ^

This is why Utada Hikaru is my third favorite singer! ^ ^ Second is Alan, first is Goto Maki (though I'm kinda leaning towards Alan). OH! I also compared Alan and Goto Maki's to them, I forgot so the listings are:

5- Ayumi Hamasaki
4- BoA (well, she's good, but Goto Maki was better with the dance moves)
3- Goto Maki (she was out of breath the whole time, but maybe because she was doing some hard core dancing)
2- Alan (she has the perfect voice, but it doesn't always sound the same, sometimes it's deeper and sometimes it's higher)
1- Utada Hikaru (yes, she's still at this place. What she had better than Alan was that she sounds practically the same every performance, and that's a good thing. Meaning, she's never off-key)

Yay! So, I hope you enjoyed the video! I'm really bored and tired of coloring and drawing!! TT.TT

So I've just been doing random things...-.-; I haven't made any new characters for Mariko!, yet because I can't think of anything right now...-.-;

Okay, now! Bye-bye! ^ ^

Omigosh! Too Cool!

Okay, so this post should kinda be on my J-pop 101 World...but I just had to show it! ^ ^ Okay, so it's this song I really like from AAA live, and their outfits are AWESOME!!:

Aren't they awesome!? Gosh! This really inspired for Mariko! How the concerts will look, and how everyone will have basically the same clothes, but a little different (and there are 60 members).

Okay, I might start writing it soon. Hrmmm....OH! I've also decided to make every song have a theme and maybe I getting a little crazy with designing this new group and everything. I'm kinda imagining it in my head, and forgetting that it's a manga! ^ ^;

So most of it will probably how they do everything, like the practices and everything, then there's the actual story. I dunno what my thinking is going to do to it. Make it worse or better?

OH! Awesome, yet very sad song by AKB48, it's really good and my second favorite song by AKB48:

It's about bullying.

My friend went to a private school because of bullying, so I won't be able to see next year. I'd love to sing this song to her bully, I hate her, and I don't know anybody who doesn't. She's one of those popular girls, except she's like bipolar or something. She'll be nice to you at first but then go all ,"I hate you, you should die," a few minutes later. One time we were playing kick-ball and she was getting really mad and yelling at everyone, so I told her to calm down and that it's just a game and she got REALLY mad at me. Also she got hit by the ball or something and hurt he leg a little bit, and throughout the rest of the class she just laid(sp?) on the ground crying in pain, even though my leg was bleeding and I didn't care (my pants not have a stain on them, and it looks like syrup stain or something). ALSO (heh, a lot of bad times with her), she threw a ball at my teacher and started yelling at her. The ball was soft, and she missed, so no harm was done, but still. And she gets good grades and acts like she's the best thing in the world, and it very popular. I don't get it at all...-.-;

And since my friend changed schools and all because of that, I'm listening to this song and it makes me think that she caused suicide...eheh...^ ^; Well, I won't see her


Okay! Now off to go work/write. Bye-bye! ^ ^

(Not such an up-lifting post)

In Way Over You Head!

Is that a name of a song, because it sounds really good:

Hey! Hey!
Stop adding it on!
You're in way over your head!
Hey! Hey!
Yeah! Yeah!

Just thinking that'd how it'd go...y'know. I've started typing and all, and I've got all these ideas written down...but since I wanted the group (I'm talking about the last post) to have a lot of members and then I thought about how it would be throughout the auditions and all, and started thinking about AKB48...I ended up with 60 only problem is that I have to make them all now I have to design 60 characters!! O.O Umm...should I cut it down to 30? I've actually done this before with a school. But then I deleted the file...on purpose...

So I have to make 60 characters and come up with names for the whole group...-.-; What's something that has to do with 60? I was thinking of calling it 1-2-60...but that sounds weird. Like from the first member to 60, just like that. Oh! 60-Just Like doesn't sound good either. Has to do with 60, but I don't know. Heh....AKB60...>.> School's Out! No...that doesn't sound good either...-.-;

Though there will be 60, there will only be emphasis on a few members, like 15 of those 60...and mostly on the two Mariko's....But I don't know...>.>

I need your help!!

Inspiration! Thank you AAA!!

Umm...the title says it all, basically! I've been listening to AAA music! I really like the sound of the singing (but all the PVs/songs seem really dark) so it's given me a HUGE idea for Mariko!. I call it HUGE might make me change the whole name and everything...but probably not...

Okay, I must be annoying you by preparing to tell you, so I'll just tell you! Okay! My idea is this:

To make all the characters into one big girl/boy singing group! With acting like AKB48. And this makes it more original, because I don't think there's such thing as a girl/boy happy jpop group with acting videos...But because of this big change, I think I might need to change the name...And also since the group would be really big, there'd be sub-groups like Morning Musume's group....and solo singers, but they'd all still be in the same group.

Hrmmm...would that be a good idea? It sounds fun to do! ^ ^ And then it'd basically be a day in the life, behind the scenes, and all, but different, like with a little more story.

Eee!! Such a big idea! I MUST type this now....after dinner, I suppose...

(But I have stuff for challenges to draw....ehh, I've done enough today)

Bye-bye! ^ ^ Off to go write a LOT of stuff on Word! ^ ^