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YAY! ^ ^ Relief!!

Okay! This is relief for anybody like me who wants to make so many manga, but don't think we can do it, or it wouldn't be right if we did. Like, we wouldn't be able to publish any of them, or something like that. I found a manga artist who has SEVERAL successful manga that you've probably heard of.

Yuu Watase

She has done Fushigi Yūgi, Alice 19th, Ceres, The Celestial Legend, Fushigi Yūgi Genbu Kaiden and Absolute Boyfriend. They're all pretty successful, and they are all pretty long! O.O

So for those of you who keep getting more ideas and stories for your manga, don't worry! If you're a fast worker, I'm sure you can have as many manga as you want. And, isn't it harder to become a mangaka in Japan, than in America? 'cause apparently Tokyopop and company's like that will take tons of mangaka.

So just practice, practice, on your writing, manga style, drawing, coloring, just things that you'd need to practice on to write a good manga. And you can do anything! ^ ^

I hope you guys are as relieved as I am! ^ ^

Oi! Short post! >.<

Soooo borrrrreeeeddd!!!

I'm so bored! I'd be writing right now, but unfortunately, I don't have Microsoft Word, I can't use notepad or else my computer will restart (dunno why), and I have terrible handwriting (and that's definitely not a good thing)...-.-

Meh mommy's watchin' Bill Mar, and Rachel's on! She wears really weird glasses when she goes on other shows, though...they're bright blue....O.o

Anyways, so I'm just gonna tell you what I'm thinking about...OH! DREAMS!! YES!!

Okay, last night/this morning, I had an awesome dream....and it seemed too real for some reason, I couldn't believe that I was still in my room even though it was absolutely not realistic. I met Berryz Koubou and we started talking about movies and how they're making movies of themselves off of really famous movies like The Wizard of Oz and other family movies. And the most recent one...I can't remember the name....I wanted to see if any of you guys recognized the name, because I've heard it somewhere before...what was it...? Darn! I can't remember!! TT.TT It was a very strange title, like an interrupted sentence.

I've also been having dreams that are in the same places, like I keep coming to this one place where I had a dream about a school of magic, and this one student was getting bullied or something, and they dared her to go into some spooky place down the hill and across the river...I think it was a swamp, I can't remember.

Then another was where it was like a new Harvest Moon game and it was really interesting. I don't know how to explain it. There was a town hall that I kept going into, and then the building next to it was some kinda of musical theatre building thing....I don't know how to explain this at all...

And then something I've just been thinking of...I've been thinking a lot of Mariko! Since I've been watching Skip Beat A LOT (I wanna watch more) then I was thinking....Mariko and Mariko would start out as solo artists, and then after the new comer Mariko makes her first solo, then she'd get in a new group with Mariko which is just like another group in the company, so they're disbanding the other group, which is of males. Though, thinking that through....I'm not sure if I want to disband them...hrmmm...

Since the first Mariko is a gothic-lolita, and the second is...ummm...normal j-pop...white and blue, then they're be like devil girl and angel girl, but then I already had characters like that. One was a boy who was all punk and dark and mean (the main male of the story), and the other was the sweet blonde one who's always happy, but likes to wear punk clothes. Soooo.....hrmmmm....this is making me think, maybe I should may the boys change to a punk group, and the Marikos stay the way I wanted them to go....yesh...that may work...

OH! Speaking of music! I was thinking...if I ever want to be in the music business as a singer or something, I've decided what I'd want my kind of style to be. The cute, yet deadly kind. Like I'd have cute up-beat songs, calm song, sweet songs, and really violent creepy songs! ^ ^ Haha! I was just thinking and all....But that would be really fun!

Gosh...I really like the cute, yet deadly lolita kind of character! Like Alice! ^ ^; Hrmm...but she's not so cute, she's more creepy or beautiful....more doll-like.

And then that other manga...I still don't have a name for it...I might make a world of it, replacing my Rain of the Heavens world...I'm sorry for the people who actually like my Naruto fanfic, I just don't have the heart for Naruto anymore...I really dislike it now and I don't like thinking of it...-.-; Though I'm almost done....sorta...they got to the final place...

OH! I need some help with my other manga! I need to know of cute animals that would make somebody look cute if they dressed up as them, or cute animals that can look cute when drawn (actually, every animal can look cute when drawn cutely...can't think of one that can't). So far, these are the ones I have:

What other cute animals can you think of? Don't be too specific like Red Panda (sooo cute!!) or Great White Shark (soooo scary!!)....

Also, I've been thinking that I may make like a four panel comic strip for the chapter covers, the only problem, is that I can't think of something funny for a four panel comic strip! I mean, there was an episode of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei about them...with the fifth panel which is shadow...but it didn't really help, since most of it wasn't very funny four panel comics, like the yaoi one, that wasn't very....I mean, it was funny how they put it and all, but if I just randomly picked that up and read it, it wouldn't be funny. Like the story of them isn't very funny...

I'll try to make this comic VERY funny...and I'll use a whole lot of references to other stuff, which I'll make note of. I have thought of a lot of stuff to make reference to (like this one song I really like).

I'm gonna try working on it...tomorrow...but I cannot think of a cover for ANY of my manga!! TT.TT

OH! And my good friend invited me to some japanese-radio something something...but I dunno if I'd want to join because it has people's pictures all over it and apparently it's to make friends. I was really happy to see the invitation, but when I got to the website, it didn't seem very interesting...-.-; And the e-mail says that it's just a website to make friends, but I want to do more than make friends (like post meh art, RP, something)....of course I can do more than that...but one of the questions to register said ,"Who are you looking for." And then it has a scroll down bar of different ethnicities....I'm glad she likes the Japanese culture as much as I do, but...this website, I say she should join theO! I mean, she's pretty good at drawing!

OH! And I've finished the Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei first season series! I'm working on Skip Beat...but it's getting more romantic...It's fine, the characters are nice and all...but...THE GUYS ARE DRAWN SO UGLY! 'cept Ren's manager! ^ ^; Oddly, he looks much younger than Ren...O.o I like romance manga where the male characters are pretty, or all the characters are pretty...I mean, you have a beautiful girl, and some overly sized, big jawed guy, it just doesn't look right...-.-; And a lot of people would probably yell at me for saying so. Looks don't count, well, yeah, in real life most of the time, but if you're overweight and are always dirty and such and such, you're ugly and you should be ashamed because you're not maintaining yourself! >.< Doesn't matter if you're lazy! There's some girl at school that gets on my nerves because she thinks she's the most beautiful person in the world even though she stinks, is overweight, and is really ugly (also has a uni-brow)....maybe it's just the personality...>.>

Yah! Talking 'bout beauty! I'm making myself mad...-.-; Stop being so mean! But I have to! Sorry! Gah...-,- I think to myself to much. I share conversations with meself in meh head...

Hrmmmmmmm................................-.- I want brownies now....-.-; I don't want...HEY!! American Dad's on! Adios!!

Yo! >:)

I've been having a mischievous expression lately. I just HAVE to post on here!! Okay, so I've been watching Skip Beat every since I woke up and every single time Kyoko sees Fuwa Shou, or like he just so happens to be where she is, I start thinking exactly like Kyoko! ^ ^; I'm like ,"Grrrr!!! Fuwa Shou! He must get embarrassed, or something! KYOKO! HURT HIM IN SOME WAY!!" I dislike him greatly, and I wish I could get my revenge also...he's just a jerk, and I don't like Ren so much either, he keeps having devious plans! >:(

Heh...another one of those characters that everything they do I would do, too, and I support them all the way. Like Kyoko and Amu (from Shugo Chara!)....ummm....hrmmm....who else? Neh, I can't think of anybody else. Skip Beat is very interesting, every episode practically ends with a cliff hanger! >.>

Ah, I must say this now, because I just remembered! Y'know how Amu's name is...well, Amu? And she transforms into Amulet _______, well? I thought her name was based off of amulet in just makes sense, but then I read in the manga that they took it from the English word "am" and ended it in u, because it sounds Japanese sounds like that....that also kinda makes sense, because she's trying to be who she is and all...but still!! TT.TT Doesn't it work both ways!? Wouldn't it have been easier with the whole amulet thing!? Neh, I don't care anymore, I just thirsty.

I'm watching more Pandora Hearts and K-On today! ^ ^ But it's kinda hard to watch Pandora Hearts (it's interesting, though), just that I'm watching two comedies....soooo....and Pandora Hearts is....very depressing, and at times scary....and then later today, or sometime when I get bored of K-On and Skip Beat (maybe when I finish them), I'll watch Pandora Hearts and Red Garden (red garden is also serious and it looks really interesting and it has my favorite kinda coloring style being used).

Hrmm....turns out that K-On's manga only has two volumes, and it's still going and Skip Beat and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei have a lot...and they're still why does the anime keep on ending? I mean, I'm fine with them being short, but why does it end!? K-On ended with 12 episodes (probably'll be a second season), Skip Beat ended with 26, and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei's first season ended with why are they ending!? Most of these, since their manga is continuing, will probably have more seasons....but still, look at Ouran!! That only had a first season, and that ended before the good stuff actually happened!! TT.TT I cried when reading Ouran because it was getting too good!! OH! And Maria Holic, it ended with...13? episodes...and the manga is still ongoing!! I wonder how the manga will end!? I mean, there has to be SOME romance, I mean, it's a girl in the same room as a boy, and then they don't get a along at first, but then as they are together more, then they become friends and more...Nerherher....>:)

Anyways, I should get back to watchin' meh anime! I might draw something....but I doubt it...HOLY CRAP!! It's already 6:00!! I thought it was 1:00....

These are how my days go by....I watch anime all day long until midnight, but it still feels only like 6:00 or something, several hours before...I don't know why...Anime is too good!!

OH YEAH! And none of my friends are e-mailing me!! >:( They used to everyday, but not anymore....meaning, I don't get any e-mails except from youtube, and I don't really care for those e-mails....-.-;

Bure Bure...>:)

Ehehehe....^ ^; I is not twisted. Ah! I have a much different expression and feeling today:

Ehh...umm...yes? I've gone through like every character from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei's personality today. O.O Right now my happiness and random level is at Tarō Maria Sekiutsu...I gotta buy that manga! >:)

Well, yesterday and today, all I've been doing is watching anime. Yesterday I watched a lot of Toradora and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, today I watch a lot of Maria Holic, Rosario + Vampire, Skip Beat ( episode), and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. I'd say Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is my favorite anime...but what about Hell Girl, Sailor Moon, and Rozen Maiden...? They're all completely different...wait...take our Sailor Moon and Rozen Maiden..those were crap animes, I liked the manga WAAAY better. I would love Maria Holic a lot, but it's just a comedy in a romantic anime...-.-; Gosh! My paring, WHY WON'T YOU WORK!? Yes, I paired the main male character, and main character together, why? Because that's how I thought it'd work!! TT.TT I's just a comedy...Neeeehhhh..-.-;

And Toradora! is way too dramatic...but I do really like it...and then K-On...'tis too happy...O.o I'm listening to Toradora!, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, and Maria Holic music right now! ^ ^;

OH! And that who drama thing going on, on here? Yesh! I'm gonna talk about it since everybody else seems to be doing so (if everyone jumped off a cliff, would, but I'd be happy...O.o). YESH! When they first posted a little bit of art, I IMMEDIATELY realized the stole it (somehow I remember all the art that is posted on here). So, yeah...I forgot to do something...I just stared at their portfolio for a while...glaring at it...then I left. Umm...yeah...I forgot you could report people. I've searched many people's portfolios to see if they stole anything, yesh...>:) And then I noticed that this person actually stole, and then I forgot what to do! ^ ^; Like the boy who cried wolf, kinda.
And also, I don't know why, I always have a happy positive thinking whenever a lot of people are mad. I find the positive of things. Like a lot of people bonded! ^ ^ And also, I find it...gah! What's the word!! TT.TT Well, isn't it kinda nice to have somebody think you're such a good artist that they'd actually steal from you? I dunno...I just have that feeling, that's why I don't watermark my work, because I don't really care. Well, unless it's INCREDIBLY good...but then I'd probably forget.

Anyways, enough of that...UH! I was waiting all day to think up stuff to put in this post, but I forgot!! TT.TT I'll try to remember...Why am I listening to Vanilla Salt again!? HAH! I changed it! To Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei music! ^ ^

Okay, well, let's think...OH! Dat slice-of-life manga I've been thinking up. Well, I've been reading my funniest manga, Yotsuba&!, Ninja Nonsense, and Strawberry Marshmellow, and I've decided to make everything more random, and not have a particular story going, but they're still related...if you know what I mean. I think Yotsuba&! has the best writing, or whatever you'd call it, y'know with the panels and's really good with the pauses! ^ ^ Anyways, the ideas:

-They're in an all girls school!
-None of them look very old
-Everybody has problems (mostly this idea I got from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei)
-The main character sometimes makes documentaries about them, but then later decides to change them into something rather than a documentary, since her friends are exactly documentary material.
-Lots of references to other things (if I can, I usually relate things to stuff nobody knows...-.-;)
-I'll try not to make it a kiddy manga (they always turn out that wait since I don't put any bad stuff in them...I want to make older manga)

Errmmm...that's all I can think of...I wanna watch more Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei...I'll be sad when I finish all the series (thank god there' s third season that just came out this month!). But I have feeling that it may not Naruto...

AH! I've been thinking, I'd probably fit in with the people in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei....since I'm practically like a mixture of Kiri (as I stay inside a lot, and just like right now, I rap myself in my blanket at all times), Kafuka (because I'm positive a lot...or think positive, but act negative...or whatever), and Meru (I'm mostly like her since I don't like talking, I'm very shy at school, and I do most of my talking on the internet...but I don't think I'm mean and abusive). I love all the characters...except Kaere and Usui...-.-;

Nyaaahhh!!! I love that anime too much!!! TT.TT

I might draw some fanart of it, but I need to finish the pictures I promised people I'd draw!! >.<

OH!! This song sounds really weird, but it reminds me so much of Maria/Mataro from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei:

Also, the dancing in this video is adorable! ^ ^;

ALSO! I'm thinking of changing my avie to Meru Otonashi...OH! That episode where they kinda introduce her and everything, I LOVE THAT EPISODE!! It's soo hilarious! ^ ^;

NYA! O.O My teeth moving and I'm hearing this cracking sound...hrmmm...I wonder if they're loose...O.O That's not a good thing!! Dunno what to do...hrmmm...

Ummm...I think I talked enough, bye-bye!

Gah! I know, I know...-.-;

I seem to have ahabit of posting more than once per day...O.o; Well...I'm just here to say that...I CAN'T SLEEP!! TT.TT I'm not tired, just my head hurts, and usually I can't go to sleep unless my eyes feel heavy, which they don't feel heavy, so I don't know what to do...

I WAS going to watch more anime, but my internet is running slow...-.-;

Maybe I should type something...a story perhaps...but I don't have microsoft word...hrmmm....I've been trying to color some picture, but I have so little interest in it, that I doubt I'll get it finished...-.-;

Tomorrow I'm going to try and finish watching the list of anime I have to watch, and then watch the second episode of my favorites.

Ahh!! Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.... That may be my favorite anime...O.O Wow, that was quick! Well, this has only happened one other time and that was for Hell Girl. I remember I was screaming through the house how cool it was when I saw my first episode, which was the first episode of Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori...I loved it so much, it was sooo cool! And now Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei...the animation is beautiful, I love the style, it's hilarious, it's original, I love it! ^ ^

Then Toradora!, that's kinda like a definite thing for me (dunno why), 'cause I always knew I'd love that anime to death, maybe because of the style. The first time I read about it on wiki, I really liked it, but was hesitant to watch or read the manga or anime UNTIL NOW! ^ ^;

Hrmmm...maybe I should watch xxxHolic...but I don't know if that's a good idea...I don't like Clamp's style...-.-; They're either too skinny, too bony, have too big of shoulders, or are too much like stick figures...-.-;

OH! Have I never told any of you of the funny thing that Lelouch did in one episode? Y'know how there's always really big emphasis on his hands and he's always flailing them around? Well, in one episode he twirled his hand around and the pointed down! ^ ^ It was soo funny! I do it all the time now! ^ ^ If only I could remember what episode! It was HILARIOUS!! I think he was pointing at a map or something!! ^ ^

Now about that slice-of-life manga, I've decided to make everyone based off of a color and animal. There's bunny, sheep, cat, mouse, monkey, hippo, elephant, panda, dog, bird, fox, and I can't remember the others. Bunny is the main character, and then her best friend is sheep, and her older sister is bird. Here are my ideas for their personalities so far:

Bunny: A taking charge kind of girl, who is loud and clusmy, yet clever.
Sheep: She is always freaking out, talking non-stop about random things, crying, and screaming.
Cat: She's usually sleepy and demanding for attention, she's the youngest of all the characters.
Mouse: An older student. She's shy and conserved, yet kind and smart. Many people look up to her.
Monkey: Sportsy and loud, and finds herself in strange places that she is confused of how she even got there.
Hippo: The dark kind of character. She's tough and doesn't like a lot of people. She gives people glares most of the time.
Elephant: A very cheerful girl, but is very naive and clumsy.
Panda: Probably one of the only normal girls. She has a very soft voice which many find to be really cute.
Dog: Very energetic and really fast at talking (like that one girl from the Cosby Show)
Bird: Very sweet and smiles all the time, she almost seems like a robot because she's so perfect.
Fox: The pervert (there HAS to be one) who is very shy around people, but really loves being social. She's also a really good artist (wonder what she's drawing...>.>)

Oi! So those are my ideas so far! ^ ^; I've gotta kinda an idea of how it'll start, I just gotta read Yostuba&! and Strawberry Marshmellow some more and then I'll get a hang of it (and maybe some Ninja Nonsense).

OH! OH! What manga do you guys think is the funniest manga you've ever read? You don't just have to say one. Mine's Ninja Nonsense BY FAR! I can't stop screaming with laughter while reading it! ^ ^;

Oooh! Daddy's home! I never call him that, though...O.o

Hrrmmmm....what to do now that it's midnight...*smirk* N-no, I missed the time...darn...I could've gone Jigoku Tsuushin....but I heard that it's only really realistic when you live in Japan...-.-;

What to do now....I dun wanna go to sleep!! SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE MAN!! Wait...that's not what I'm trying to say...ummm...something about New York...the city that never sleeps! HAHA! ^ ^

I should go to bed, but I don't wanna!! TT.TT I wanna watch more anime, like Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei...but I have to go to bed now, and I've been repeating the same thing over and over again and now my mom's finally yelling at me to go to sleep...-.-;