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Omigosh! Too Cool!

Okay, so this post should kinda be on my J-pop 101 World...but I just had to show it! ^ ^ Okay, so it's this song I really like from AAA live, and their outfits are AWESOME!!:

Aren't they awesome!? Gosh! This really inspired for Mariko! How the concerts will look, and how everyone will have basically the same clothes, but a little different (and there are 60 members).

Okay, I might start writing it soon. Hrmmm....OH! I've also decided to make every song have a theme and maybe I getting a little crazy with designing this new group and everything. I'm kinda imagining it in my head, and forgetting that it's a manga! ^ ^;

So most of it will probably how they do everything, like the practices and everything, then there's the actual story. I dunno what my thinking is going to do to it. Make it worse or better?

OH! Awesome, yet very sad song by AKB48, it's really good and my second favorite song by AKB48:

It's about bullying.

My friend went to a private school because of bullying, so I won't be able to see next year. I'd love to sing this song to her bully, I hate her, and I don't know anybody who doesn't. She's one of those popular girls, except she's like bipolar or something. She'll be nice to you at first but then go all ,"I hate you, you should die," a few minutes later. One time we were playing kick-ball and she was getting really mad and yelling at everyone, so I told her to calm down and that it's just a game and she got REALLY mad at me. Also she got hit by the ball or something and hurt he leg a little bit, and throughout the rest of the class she just laid(sp?) on the ground crying in pain, even though my leg was bleeding and I didn't care (my pants not have a stain on them, and it looks like syrup stain or something). ALSO (heh, a lot of bad times with her), she threw a ball at my teacher and started yelling at her. The ball was soft, and she missed, so no harm was done, but still. And she gets good grades and acts like she's the best thing in the world, and it very popular. I don't get it at all...-.-;

And since my friend changed schools and all because of that, I'm listening to this song and it makes me think that she caused suicide...eheh...^ ^; Well, I won't see her


Okay! Now off to go work/write. Bye-bye! ^ ^

(Not such an up-lifting post)

In Way Over You Head!

Is that a name of a song, because it sounds really good:

Hey! Hey!
Stop adding it on!
You're in way over your head!
Hey! Hey!
Yeah! Yeah!

Just thinking that'd how it'd go...y'know. I've started typing and all, and I've got all these ideas written down...but since I wanted the group (I'm talking about the last post) to have a lot of members and then I thought about how it would be throughout the auditions and all, and started thinking about AKB48...I ended up with 60 only problem is that I have to make them all now I have to design 60 characters!! O.O Umm...should I cut it down to 30? I've actually done this before with a school. But then I deleted the file...on purpose...

So I have to make 60 characters and come up with names for the whole group...-.-; What's something that has to do with 60? I was thinking of calling it 1-2-60...but that sounds weird. Like from the first member to 60, just like that. Oh! 60-Just Like doesn't sound good either. Has to do with 60, but I don't know. Heh....AKB60...>.> School's Out! No...that doesn't sound good either...-.-;

Though there will be 60, there will only be emphasis on a few members, like 15 of those 60...and mostly on the two Mariko's....But I don't know...>.>

I need your help!!

Inspiration! Thank you AAA!!

Umm...the title says it all, basically! I've been listening to AAA music! I really like the sound of the singing (but all the PVs/songs seem really dark) so it's given me a HUGE idea for Mariko!. I call it HUGE might make me change the whole name and everything...but probably not...

Okay, I must be annoying you by preparing to tell you, so I'll just tell you! Okay! My idea is this:

To make all the characters into one big girl/boy singing group! With acting like AKB48. And this makes it more original, because I don't think there's such thing as a girl/boy happy jpop group with acting videos...But because of this big change, I think I might need to change the name...And also since the group would be really big, there'd be sub-groups like Morning Musume's group....and solo singers, but they'd all still be in the same group.

Hrmmm...would that be a good idea? It sounds fun to do! ^ ^ And then it'd basically be a day in the life, behind the scenes, and all, but different, like with a little more story.

Eee!! Such a big idea! I MUST type this now....after dinner, I suppose...

(But I have stuff for challenges to draw....ehh, I've done enough today)

Bye-bye! ^ ^ Off to go write a LOT of stuff on Word! ^ ^

Vampiro!! NYAN-NYAN!!

Well...I'm listening to music by Aural Vampire...and I really like the way she looks! ^ ^ She looks like Misa Misa 'cept with vampire teeth! ^ ^

Okay! So yesterday my mom dragged me and my brother to some...uhhh...meeting thing where we talk about helping out the community. It was really boring, she wants me to join the club or whatever, and I just want to do the clean ups, not any of those social things (I'm not social, 'cept on the internet, and still not very social). And my old science teacher was there and EVERYTHING she mentioned had to do with her church or just church in general!! Gosh! We're trying to think of OTHER things than church...-.-; It was also kinda funny because my brother, who's an atheist, is sitting next to her! ^ ^; So, you have the church worshiper and the atheist sitting next to eachother. It's really sad, though, that she was actually my SCIENCE teacher...>.> She wasn't very good either...-.-;

And then after that we went and got stuff for dessert and I got MUFFINS! ^ ^ Chocolate chip, to be more specific! ^ ^ I got to get two, so had one last night, and on for breakfast! ^ ^ But I'm sad that it's gone...TT.TT

OH! I can't remember when this was, but I was eating a chocolate bar while watching Food Network, and it just so happens that whatever I was watching was about chocolate! That's never happened before!!

So I've finished meh Squee picture! ^ ^ I actually edited the coloring, which I shouldn't have done. So now you can't see the highlights in his hair..-.-; I just like the background, which is why I kept it the way it was. It was really hard to see though, on my computer, at least. Because it's...LCD? So I had to look at it at some angle to see it, since the hair and clothes were supposed to be black, but not pitch black, it was really hard to shade and highlight...-.-;

OH! Wanna hear what I'm listening to? It's really catchy! ^ ^ Still by the same Aural Vampire person/girl

I was planning to listen to some new K-pop (Korean-pop) artists, but they were all hip-hop and I decided not to. The only K-pop artist I like is BoA...and I don't know why...So, instead, I just started listening to some Avex Trax artists (since Goto Maki and Alan are in there, there's bound to be some good singers) so I've found a bunch, which I will list right now:

AAA (this one I was surprised! I've never heard of a group with a mix of girls and boys who aren't in a band, and just sing and dance, it's really cool)

Aural Vampire (VAMPIYA! Really catchy songs)

BeForU (I've always loved this group, their songs are on DDR)

Genki Rockets (this group was just really interesting)

Hitomi (I dunno, just popular and has good music, but nothing amazing and outstanding)

Aiko Kayo (Another normal singer)

Hatsune Okumura (BEAUTIFUL voice)

OLIVIA (japanese, American, AND German)

Sifow (she's...ummm...those kindsa girls with the really dark skin and white make-up...I think that one manga Super Gals, is based off of them)

Sowelu (really cool music, she's Irish-Japanese)

Ami Suzuki (probably my favorite, she's like a solo Perfume, and has really good music and singing)

Vanilla Mood (listening to one of their songs right now. They have a really unique style. They're like classical and jpop put together. Their music is really soothing)

Gosh...I was gonna say something else....but I forgot...ehhhhrmmm...what was I doing?

Work, work, work...>.<

I've been working like crazy these day...>.> Well, I said I'd do about four challenges. And they're all driving me insane ('cept the squee challenge, that one's fun). For the Royalty challenge I'm making an Empress, but I can't get the hair right...what does it look like from the side!? But I'm pretty fine with coloring the clothes and putting the design. For the draw a lolita challenge...well, I've been thinking about this all night long (heh, inside joke)...and I still have no idea. I wanted to make it like a flowery lolita dress, but then I keep thinking of Kirakishou's now I'm thinking of making it like a futuristic lolita kinda thing...but I can't think of anything! And then the screenshot challenge thing...well, I had this idea for a long time, but it's really hard because it involves people riding bicycles (I already drew two, so I'm fine right now when it comes to bicycles) with a detailed background and JUMPING. I have no clue how to draw jumping!! Especially the kind that I'm drawing in meh it'll probably take me a while to draw it, because I can't figure it out...same for the the person riding the bike...-.-;

Oh! Listen to this song that has been stuck in my head for days:

It's so catchy! ^ ^ But it doesn't really sound Perfume-ish....O.o

OH! OH! And then this song, I love it to death (heh):

Ehem, it's very, very violent, though, which is not really like me. But it's sooo cool sounding! There's not music video of that song, and only some Black Lagoon AMV and iDOLM@STER video based off of that AMV, which is this video. I don't like the Black Lagoon AMV, the song may be longer, but it's very violent...

OH!! OH!! My mom finally bought Microsoft Word! It was very stressful buying it, though because my mom put in all the stuff and then it didn't work, so she tried it again, and thankfully it did work! So now I can type whatever I want! Though it said that it's not for commercial use...I dunno what that means, it could mean anything. Like you can't use it to write books, but then what would be the point of it, or the program cannot be copied and sold...or something....O.o

Oh...and wanna see my WIPs now?:

I did the lineart for the squee challenge, and I'm gonna color it some time today or tomorrow, and then I'll be done! ^ ^. The girl is for the draw a lolita challenge, that's just her pose (not showing you it when it has the dress), and then the bicycles and part of the rider for the challenge I was talking about back thing. Wonder what's gonna happen!

Okay! Soo....ummmm....I'm gonna go type stuff on microsoft word now! ^ ^ YAY!!