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I'm hungry, and just typing this while I'm waiting for my brother to finish making the cinnamon rolls.

Today I woke up and drew an adorable sheep which I tried coloring in that one rainbow style I was talking about with the koi fish and all, and it turned out pretty good, but if I hadn't put in blue then it would've looked better. The guy who did the rainbow stuff had really light colors and colors that were a few shades under that, but I didn't so the blue was REALLY dark...-.-; Anyway, at least the sheep looks cute! ^ ^

And then I tried that kimono kinda coloring, that didn't work because I don't have very light colors...-.-; I need more copics....and I need some ink refilling stuff because most of my inks are running out, I just wonder how much they cost, I can't seem to find them anywhere on the internet.

After drawing a cute wittle sheepy (I loves sheep, 'specially in anime because they're sooo adorable) I've decided on how I can change my style. I can make it a mixture of cute and beautiful, how? Well...ummm...wait, why did I type that? I don't care I'm leaving it because I'm too lazy to figure out how to continue this post without putting in random things, 'cause that's who I am!

Anyways, the background in this world is from Tukiji Nao, and notice how it isn't very detailed at all, that's the kinda style I'm shooting for. I also wanna try those shiny red tip kinda coloring with the skin. Like with the fingers, shoulders, elbows, knees, and stuff like that.

What else to talk about? Oh yeah! I'm probably gonna draw a lot today...I wanna make a cute picture! ^ ^ I'm going to finally draw those two pictures that Haruka Kanata asked me to draw, after all, she won my contest....I feel really bad...TT.TT;

Oh! Also I've been reading in my books and stuff, reading interviews with traditional manga artists and everything. And most of them said they first started coloring with copics a few years ago and such and such, and then I just thought to myself ,"Haha! I started when I was 11/12 so hah! I'm bettah than you!!" But that's just my weird me speaking in my head. Yes, I try to find mistakes in drawings and stuff, and try to figure out who's better and everything, but I usually think people are much better than me and then try to get better...

I keep telling myself I'm better at copics than a lot of people, but whenever I scan them I notice how bad they look, now I don't know if it's my scanner, and I think it probably is. It messes with the coloring and makes my strokes more defining than what they look like in real life....I think I need a new scanner, I can't get any better, at least my art won't look any better if I keep using that scanner. What kinda scanners do you guys recommend? I'm not buying one right now or anything, I just wanna know what a good scanner is. I used to have a really good scanner, but then it died...and then my other one which I'm using can only be used for lineart, and I don't like showing people my line art, it's a waste of time to scan it, post it, and then go back and color it. If I post it, I'm not messing with it again, that usually happens...-.-;

Anyways, I think the cinnamon rolls are almost ready...I'm gonna go get some, and then go back to drawing a lot! ^ ^; I have enough manga to keep me company (umm....not for talking, I'm kinda using a metaphor here, more manga to look at and get inspiration) so I don't think I'll have to keep rushing back to the computer to figure out what to do (like an FAQ for a video game, but it's just a picture)....

Bye-bye! ^ ^


Not talking about Vietnam, it's eating something good sound! Nam nam nam...Mmm! ^ ^

Well, it's just that three things happening today have to do with food....kind of...

Today I watched Paprika! It was....weird...I didn't really like that the beautiful girl and the fat guy liked eachother...I mean, I know, pretty people falling in love is too much of the same, but I REALLY don't like fat people! I don't know why...maybe because all of the stupid kids at school are fat...hmm...lazy and such...-.-; Anyways, it was a really hard movie to understand and I can't explain it to you at all...something about dreams...that's all I understood...O.o;

And then today I renamed Serenity Falls as Loli-pop because Serenity Falls sounds corny and I just named it that for like a test to see how a world would work, but I forgot to change it. So now I named is Loli-pop and I changed the background! ^ ^

(Wow this song is really bad quality...deleting time!)

Then the last thing that has to do with food is that I'm having pizza for dinner! YAY! ^ ^ I like pizza, 'specially Digorno, but I don't get their slogan: It's not delivery, it's Digorno....but Digorno doesn't taste ANYTHING like delivery, they both have their own kindsa pizza tastes, delivery tastes more buttery and salty, while with Digorno, you can taste the sauce, cheese, and everything like that, and the crusts are definitely different. Delivery's soft, and Digorno's chewy...OMIGOSH! Chewy! Nuuuu!! I can't eat it!! TT.TT It's gonna hurt because my teeth still hurt, and one tooth feels loose, I could push it up and down...I dunno if that's bad or not....

So onto a new topic! ART! Wee!! ^ ^ I've been looking at artist's with cute 'n adorable styles (I'm sick of most of them, like Koge Donbo's, but there are three that I never get tired of...I don't really need to tell you, do I?). Anyways, this one artist named Nao Goto (strange thing is that the name is like a mixture of my favorite artist, Tukiji Nao, and favorite singer, Maki Goto's names) has probably the cutest and THE best style I've ever seen!! It's so clean and beautiful!! Here's one picture that I can't stop loving, it's not my favorite, but every time I see it I'm like, "That's the cutest picture in the whole world!!":

I don't know why I like it, maybe the hands, the angle, and the kittehs!! They're so cute! I pet my cat for a REALLY long time today, but I couldn't help it! She was soooo cute! ^ ^

I'd have to say Nao Goto's my second favorite artist. Okay! Okay! New list of favorites:

6. Haruhiko Mikimoto

5. Keichi Sumi

4. Rain

3. Kouyu Shurei

2. Nao Goto

1. Tukiji Nao/Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

Yes, I know, a tie on first place, but I LOVE Yoshiyuki Sadamoto's art TO DEATH!! Yoshiyuki Sadamoto is the person who does most of the art for Gainax. All of it is like a grown up version of Nao Goto's art, that's how I see it....strange way of thinking....O.o;

Hmm....but does anybody know if Nao Goto has done a manga or anything? I can't anything on...them....see, I don't even know what their gender is!! TT.TT Yes, that's right, Nao's a unisex name...-.-;

I really wonder what Yoshiyuki Sadamoto uses to color? I can't tell...Colored Pencils? I can't tell...-.-

Woops! I'm neglectin' meh work! I WAS going to work on Clockwork, but...umm...yeah...I don't know what's already 7:30 here...O.o;

Yeah, I was going to draw the pages and color the cover and everything, but I kinda strayed away from that...

Rrrggghhhh!!! I keep wanting to make a slice-of-life manga!! TT.TT All of my other tries failed and I don't know what to do...I keep thinking there has to be a story!! Plus I really don't know how one should play out...-.-; I just want a more green manga, 'cause Mariko is pink and silver, and Clockwork is black and white! Yes, I think of my mangas as colors, actually, I think of everything as colors, I usually use them as examples in many ways...

Looking at all these artist's work keeps putting this idea into my head. If they were at an anime convention doing commissions, what would I commission...would I stay there and watch...Hmm, that would actually be fun, watching somebody really good at drawing...draw...^ ^;

Hrrmmm...I should get to work after pizza. I'll draw a picture comparing my two works: Adorable and Beautiful, because I really don't know which one is better. I can't decide, I'll probably do both since I saw an artist on Aethereality do that same...though their adorable version was really poorly draw, I mean, sorry for saying so, but they eyes were in the wrong place, sometimes not the same size, and the head wasn't shaped it just looked like a triangle instead of an organic shaped head!

'nyways...I should be drawing something, but I'm REALLY bored...-.-; I want to stay on the computer, but I don't want to draw on any computer program (unless it's Sai, but I don't have that program)...OH! Youtube videos! Perfect idea! ^ ^

What are they called?

Okay, sorry guys, another post, but to make up for it I drew a cute little picture of some random girl (who looks like Hotaru from Sailor Moon) in a kimono:

Anyways, I was thinking of trying a new coloring style that I've seen in my book. I now have enough knowledge of the way of the marker to do this! There was some guy who was showing how he colored and he had this picture of a guy with a koi fish that he was going to color. The koi fish turn out to be beautifully rainbow with scales and such, and it didn't even look like it was done with markers!! O.O So I wanna try doing that!

Also! I saw this picture by Tukiji Nao of a girl in a kimono with tons of flowers in her hair and her kimono looked so realistic even though it was just because of the colors Tukiji used that the girl's kimono looked realistic...O.O I'm still thinking of how to do it though.

And another thing, that gets to the main topic is that, I CAN NOT draw flowers, or a least don't know how, so I'm going to attempt drawing several flowers. And I'll try that new coloring technique and have a girl with a kimono in the picture! ^ ^ So I'm been researching flowers and staring at them, but there's this one kind of flower that I keep seeing everywhere, but I want to know what it looks like in real life!! TT.TT

Umm, that kind of flower is in Jigoku Shoujo, y'know the kind that looks like it's made out of strings? Let me try and find a it called a chrysanthemum? WAIT! I figured it out! Yes! ^ ^

It IS a chrysanthemum! Wow...figuring things out on my own, I have to stop asking people first...Well, actually I just was trying to figure out how to find a picture and then I remember that in the Curse of the Golden Flower Empress Phoenix's symbol thing for her revolt against the Emperor was that kind of flower...then I remembered that it's based off of the Chrysanthemum festival! So then I look up a chrysanthemum on google and I found a picture that looks like the kind of flower I was thinking of! ^ ^

Also, it said on wiki that Kuki, or Chrysanthemum's are Enma Ai's flower...thing...I forgot the rest...-.-;

Well, I drew the cover for Clockwork! I drew a clock!! YAY! ^ ^ I'm so proud of myself because every time it doesn't look like a clock when I draw it out...-.-; And I gave the clock roman numerals...though I'm not sure if they're IX 9 or is XI 9?

Another thing about the picture, the inking seems to be pretty good! I'm proud on the inking also, though this time I inked it on the same paper...I was tired of wasting paper to make bad inking lines. I'd rather have them slightly lighter than usual black than wavy bad lines....-.-;

I've started to watch this anime called Moetan, I've only seen the first few minutes of the first episode, though. It's really cute! I'm mostly admiring the art and trying to learn japanese by watching it. Moetan is a anime/video game for japanese otakus who want to learn English, or something like that, so since it's in Japanese, I was thinking maybe I'll be able to learn Japanese this way! ^ ^ Cute and otaku way to learn japanese! ^ ^ Anyways, look how cute it is!!:

External Image

I keep talking about Aethereality, but I really like that website!! !.! Today I looked at really cute drawings by several different artists, and a lot of them were...umm...showing underwear and the likes? But it looks soo fun to draw (neh, I's a pervert), so now I wanna draw a picture like that, or draw characters in swimsuits in a cute style, but I dunno...

Lately I've been very confused (I usually am) because I can't tell which style I like better the adorably cute style, or the beautifully realistic style!! TT.TT What do you guys think? Cute or beautiful? I can't decide at all!! TT.TT The cute style seems really easy, but it's pretty hard for that's the thing....but it looks fun to try...

Ummm...Should I Change Something? O.o

Well, since today I can't think of anything to draw and I want to draw the cover for Clockwork, I started looking more on Aethereality for some ideas...well, I haven't found an idea yet, but....this picture!!:

What the heck!? Should I change something!? Look, there's Smith R., Resora L., AND Vincent!! O.O Well, the only difference is that Smith R. is shorter, has curly hair, and has a more innocent face, and Vicent has dark brown hair....But this is REALLY creepy! Well, I dunno if creepy is the word...but still...should I change something to make them look more different from them or something? Well, I already listed the things that make them different and all, but....Resora L.....!!! TT.TT The weirdest thing is that Resora L. has the same exact expression as I'd give him, same hair, cat ears, and SAME EYES!! 'cept Resora L. wears punk/gothic lolita clothes....still!! TT.TT

I'm probably going to post something else on here today...but I'm not gonna wait all day just to post this, so sorry, there'll probably be more than one post today since this post is soooo short!


Sorry that I keep posting so many times per day on's just that I type something really long, then I get another idea and type another post, and then it repeats over and over!! SORRY!! The strange thing is that I don't even remember doing what I said in those posts today! It seemed so long ago!

Well...after staring at more of Tukiji Nao's art I noticed a constant style of the characters being dolls, the same for many other artists I looked at. And this picture right here REALLY inspired me.

You just see some kimono girl and another girl with a kimono without one leg and you can tell that she's a doll, but at the bottom, you can see kid...or something...with doll body parts around him.

And then I keep seeing guys with stitched cloth over their face and leathery clothes with long white hair. So that gave me an idea! Why don't I finally make a villain for Clockwork!? I mean, I still haven't thought of one...-.-;

So what I have as a villain is a guy who works in a clock shop, but on the side he draws dolls, a LOT of dolls. He can also make them seem alive by using them as puppets, but he put some kinda special device in his glove so that he can...what do you call it...make them alive? from a far distance without strings. But he has really low confidence when it comes to making his dolls, which is why he owns a clock shop instead of a doll shop. He doesn't think his dolls are beautiful enough, so he searches for beautiful people to create dolls out of.

Ummm...if you didn't think he was such a villain, think about it, SEARCHES FOR BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE TO CREATE DOLLS OUT OF....What kinda idea does it give you? It shouldn't give you a pretty picture.

Anyways! I feel like making really detailed and weird! So I've decided to give him LOOOONG black nails (as long as I got mine before I cut them to stubs, I shoulda taken a picture to show you guys....O.o;), long white hair (maybe), leathery cloth over his face, leathery clothes, and some kinda weird looking gloves...I might make them look like spider webs...I dunno...Hmm...I'll probably try drawing him tomorrow. What color eyes...? Hmmm...let's just go with red-ish brown with golden rings around them....And with a feminine face! ^ ^ Ah! Sounds fun...the only problem is...would you buy clocks from him? Maybe I could make him look nicer when he buys a super villain! By day he's a nice ol' clock shop owner, by nightfall he is an evil puppeteer! ^ ^ MUAHAHAHAHAAAHAAAAAAHHH!!

But my only issue is, should he have long white hair or not? Or I could give him nicer hair...or what? See, I don't want him to look like Sephiroth or anything, because the way I'm thinking right now, he does...>.< I'll give him black lip-stick and colorful earrings...that'll fix it, right? AND GLASSES! Yes! I need a person with glasses!! Yes, yes....

Oh! I was also thinking of giving him a really nice personality that makes him seem more like a nut. He'd be kind, generous, smart, all positive things, but he kinda changes when it comes to dolls, he seems kinda creepy when it comes to dolls. And yeah, think back to what I said before, there's more than enough reasons for him to be a villain, I mean, who wouldn't want Alice?

OH! Examples of cloth on their face:

I'm not sure if I want that much on his face...

I'd probably make it stitched to his face, or more like the last picture, and I don't know if I'd wanna put it over his eye or not...