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Challenges...creepy things...

Okay, so I've been reading about creepy folklores. Like about this black dog with red eyes...and apparently terrorizes villagers or something...I didn't read it all because it didn't seem scary enough for me. Then there was Black Annis, who is basically like the bogeyman, and eats children, which is really creepy!! Then Jenny Greenteeth who pulls the elderly and children underwater and drowns them. And red caps, which are murderers who are famous for making people's hats red with their blood or something like that...

Now I'm reading about Elizabeth Bathory and Vlad Ţepeş. If ya don' know about them! Let me explain...>:)

Elizabeth Bathory was a Hungarian countess who is know as the "Blood Countess" because is probably the most famous female serial killer in history, and killed the most people, I think. She thought that blood would make her younger and more beautiful, and particularly blood of poor female girls. She was lure them into her castle by y'know saying that's a good place and all, and then she would kill them, or have the other kills kill the others and then had their blood drained into a bath for her to soak in everyday, and the women were treated as her slaves, and if they didn't do what she said she would bathe in their blood. Yeesh, very very creepy isn't she? She's sometimes thought of as a vampire, but I just thinking she's a really messed up lady (serial killer). Serial killers are really creepy...O.O

Oi...okay...that's just a legend, but still, that story is creepy!! But, she abused and killed the women anyway.

THEN Vlad Ţepeş!! Also known as Dracula. He's also known as Vlad the Impaler. He was just a prince/ruler person...thing...who impaled and tortured captured war criminal people, and led the country (was it a country) to victory. Now, he's not as messed up as Elizabeth Bathory. He just impaled lots of people and watched...but for a realistic purpose. He hated the other guys in the war as much to kill them in a very painful way. How he's known as Dracula, I don't really know. Basically, the enemies in whatever war he was in told stories of how evil and terrible he was, though he was just torturing them. I'm not saying torturing is good, just that it's not incredibly creepy and not worthy of calling the guy Dracula. He wasn't bloody enough, though he killed many people, but he wasn't as serial killer...not really...

OH! And never read creepy folklores on wiki while listening to Aural Vampire music, I got scared A LOT when I was reading this stuff...I hope I don't get nightmares...

Anyways, I want to join that one challenge Bloody Nursery Rhymes, but I don't want to use some kinda nursery rhyme that is just randomly picked and made bloody, like hot crossed buns...why would I make that bloody!? It has nothing to do with anything. So I was looking through nursery rhymes with creepy meanings...and I've found some:

Rock-a-bye Baby (I thought this was based off of something that is common in Native American culture, to hang you baby in a cradle up high in a tree, and then it would fall over, or there was some significance to it, but wiki didn't say anything about it): Well, at the end the baby falls out of the cradle, and is probably dead...But I don't like drawing babies...-.-;

Ladybird Ladybird: I LOVE this nursery rhyme! I don't know why. It's a really grim nursery rhyme, at least one rendition is. It's the shortest rendition of the nursery rhyme:

Ladybird, Ladybird
Your house is on fire
Your children shall burn

NYAHAAAHAAAAAHHHH!! So I was thinking of doing this one, but I don't know how to do it...yet...

Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater: Okay, so this is VERY creepy nursery rhyme. Peter didn't like his wife, but he liked pumpkins, so he chopped her up and put her in a pumpkin...sooo...ummm...I think that'd be WAAAY to violent to draw...I don't wanna draw that.

London Bridge is Falling Down: Okay, so I was reading on wiki that it may be related to some kinda story about children being buried under the bridge alive. See, read this rendition, the earliest:

London Bridge is broken down.
Then we must build it up again.
What shall we build it up withal?
Build it up with iron and steel,
Iron and steel will bend and break.
Build it up with wood and stone,
Wood and stone will fall away.
Then we must set a man to watch,
Suppose the man should fall asleep?
Then we must put a pipe in his mouth,
Suppose the pipe should fall and break?
Then we must set a dog to watch,
Suppose the dog should run away?
Then we must chain him to a post. may sound like they are going to use iron, stell, and wood, but they never say what they're going to use. So the "Then we must set a man to watch," is probably leading to that theory. So I'll probably make my picture based off of London Bridge...though the theory of this is kinda complicated, I think I can get it...It is broken, so they must fix it again, but using human bodies, and their ghosts shall watch to make sure it doesn't fall again...Yep, pretteh creepy...but I'm not sure if I want to join just yet...

Oi! So, enjoy ze creepiness! ^ ^

Gosh, I wanna join so many challenges, but I don't have time (and I can't draw during school because the classes end very fast and I haven't had any free time yet)...

OI! Bye-bye now! I'ma gonna go have an everything bagel for dinner! ^ ^


Hehehe...>.> I'm just reading about English folklore, and there's a term called flibbertigibbet that just sounded funny! ^ ^; Though it sounds very familiar...

Today I had me first day of high school! Let's homeroom is filled with people I don't like...-.-; I mean, I REALLY don't like. Then after that we went into the hot creaky gym and I couldn't breathe and now it's really hard to swallow, I dunno why. I thinks it's claustrophobia, and it makes my mind think that I'm about to get sick, so it was terrible, and they kept on stalling. It was hot, there were tons of people, and some girl behind me kept shaking her leg which was shaking me up and down because her leg was on my backpack...-.-; Then first period, which was art, was really interesting, I can't wait until first period tomorrow! ^ ^ Our assignment tomorrow is to draw what we're best at and like to draw. I'ma draw me a lolita!! ^ ^

Then second period was weird since EVERYONE was in the special honors thing class that I had last year except a few. It was really weird, and it was really crowded. We had to write a page long report about our impression of the first day, but it hadn't even started yet!! >:( Then third period was kinda boring...I forgot what we did...-.-; The teacher was nice though. Then there was PE/Health, which was TERRIBLE!! Well, the teacher was scary...I don't know how to explain it, but he's just scary...>.> And he said that if he can't hear his music then we're going to be in big trouble, now what does that sound like? -.-;

Fifth period, which was math, was fun, the teacher was really nice. Why are all my math teachers nice!? Then sixth period was strange, because there were tons of older kids, well, I kinda skipped a science class, so I was in the older kid's science class. Then in seventh period, it was fun, but my friend and I were surround by the huge black guys who looked like they were 30!! One of them had a beard! And we're these small little girls just sitting in the middle of their conversations. They kept asking really stupid questions, too. Like how do you say Wal-mart in Spanish? It's not different...-.-; I think they were seniors...I knew the most Spanish in the class, MUAHAHAHAAHAAAA!! Why am I taking the class? For college credit and because I don't remember that much of my Spanish...but it's coming back. I already taught my friend dias de la semana, days of the week. It took her a while to understand, and she can't say "y", she just skips over it when she tries to say it. Like in trienta y uno, she says trienta uno...>.> It's no longer 31!!

Oi! So I've been reading about this English folklore, and IT'S SOOO INTERESTING!!! I love fairy-tales, european folklores, and magical things like that. It's so fun! ^ ^ I have no clue why I like reading this kinda stuff...O.o I just read about the Legend of the Mistletoe Bough, which was creepy, but I'm thinking of using it in Clockwork! It kinda reminded me of Hell Girl. In case you're not familiar, it's about a girl who goes and plays hide-and-seek and hides in a box, but it locks and she can't get out and they never find her so she dies in the in Hell Girl, nobody cared about _____ so she died in her apartment...-.-;

Yes, yes, yes....lots of folklore references are going to be in Clockwork, yes, yes, yes...MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAAAAAHHAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! I wanna start it now, but I don't have time! TT.TT Maybe tomorrow or something...

Oooh! 'nother creepy story! The story of May Day celebrations, a girl dresses up with a tiara and flowers who is selected to ride at the front of some parade, and it is said that at the end of the parade she is then put to death. Eeee!! So much inspiration! ^ ^ Oooh! And Petrifying wells!! It's about some kinda water, and if you put something there it turns to stone!! O.O

Ooooh! And the Wild Hunt! Ummm...I kinda lost meself reading it, but I kinda get it. There are these packs of hunters who are dead, or something, and the sight of them makes mortals be sent to the world of the dead...O.O OooOOOooohh!! Scary!! O.O now I'm tired...-.-; And thirsty...inspired, but thirsty....Hrmmm...

Oi! Bye-bye!!

Omigosh! Yes!!

Ummm....well...ummmm....the title is kinda just random...>.>

Okay, so I start school tomorrow, I'm not happy about that, I dislike the feeling of me school, plus I'm kinda afraid of going into a 60-year-old or older school that has hardly been cleaned...they NEED a new school. I'm really afraid if there'll be any tornadoes and I'll be in that very unsafe building, I'd rather be outside!!

Okay, so why I am saying Omigosh! Yes!! is kinda because I figured out more of how Clockwork is going to begin and everything...It's not like it's gonna start out really good, just really, really quick and right into the action. I've also decided to make all the characters who live in the Realm of Time (wait, did I tell you about that?) will be rich except for Vincent....because of a reason I will not tell you!! I thought of this because I've been wanting to have all these rich characters, but they wouldn't fit in the story, then I thought some more about since the people in the Realm of Time can change their biological time (not chronological) and everything's very enhanced and nobody really dies, everybody should be rich because they'd be working every day for years, wouldn't really get sick because you can't get sick in the Realm of Time because you can just reverse you getting sick, everybody should be rich, or richer than people in the normal world. Yep, yep!

I'll probably make it more gothic and have a LOT of metaphors 'n stuff, like relating to other mythical thins, like that. Yesh, yesh! I've been doing research...or actually I was bored so I started reading about folk-lores and famous fairy-tales like Snow White and stuff like that....I already kinda have a reference to Blue Beard, if you guys read a lot of my posts, read the one about the new villain, and are familiar with the Blue Beard story, well, then you know the reference, kinda. Well, I just told you, kinda.

So I have the strictly creepy, gothic, and stuff kinda manga, and then two that I can basically do anything I want. Because one's about music 'n stuff, and songs are pretty random and their music videos and all that kinda stuff can be like anything, and then my other story is slice-of-life so anything can happen, it's life. Y'know I'd call it Life...but I think there's a popular manga called Life...Also, I'm thinking of changing Mariko! to 360, since Mariko! is no longer the main theme anymore. It's no longer rivalry and strange things like that, it's just life as an idol where the characters are weird and just so happens the main characters have the same name.

Oh! Back to Clockwork! I'm thinking of making Alice look more like Exo-chika from Aural Vampire. Well, she basically has the same that's what I'm referring to. Like the same hair-do has Exo-chika, longer and wavy at the tips if I can. Hehe...I'm watching some video of her concert or music video or something, and she dancing and flailing around a chain-saw, it looks funny! ^ ^

What else to say? Umm, I'll try drawing it or something tommorrow, somehow....I might do it traditionally since it's a pain in the butt on the computer.

OH!! Today we got KFC, which my family NEVER does (we rarely eat fast-food)and my mom made brownies and we finally got the foods that we rarely get. Like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, I haven't gotten that in like two years, so I forgot what it tastes like...>.> And we also got muffins, other breakfast foods, and EVERYTHING BAGELS!! Yay! They're like the best bagels ever, they sound nasty and look nasty because it makes you think of an Ultimate pizza, and you think there'll be stuff like peppers and anything you can think to put on them, but it's just seeds, garlic, and a few other goodies to make it taste DELICIOUS! ^ ^

I'll try to draw a quickie picture of what I'm gonna try drawing my new idea for Alice...I also have somewhat of a new's like realistic and cute at the same time, why didn't I do this before!?

YAY! Revival!! 2

Here is a continuation of my last post:

ZYX α:

A little too much can hear it. It's good, I guess, but I hear no singles...-.-;

Zoku" v-u-den:

Yay! Sayumi and Junjun! ^ ^ They're really good, 'specially Sayumi. I never thought Sayumi had bad singing, I always that she was a good singer, and now a lot of people are comparing her to Koharu...but Koharu is really bad at singing. Junjun has a AWESOME voice! I'd love to hear solo...Risako is kinda annoying, I am no Risako fan.

Tanpopo #:

ERIIIIII!!! Holy crap!! Everyone sounds the same, but Eri sounds...different, she's definitely the best in H!P. She's me favorite Morning Musume member. She sounds a lot like Alan, except her high-pitched voice doesn't hurt your ears. Chisato is also AMAZING in this. Yurina and Aika sound the same. This is a very good group since everyone is REALLY good at singing!! ^ ^ (I'm very pleased as you can tell)

Yay! Solos:

I had to have one more video, so I found one with an Eri solo, Sayumi solo, and Reina solo. Sayumi is pretty good, but she can't go very low. Okay...I's gonna go watch this concert!

Bye-bye! ^ ^

YAY! Revival!!

Oi! So I was looking on wiki to see if anything has been changed on the H!P page, and there has! Some of the small groups that have been in H!P are going to be revived! YAY! ^ ^

Okay, so here are the ones that are gonna be revived:

Mini Moni (Now called Shin Mini Moni with Kanon Fukuda from S/milage, Linlin as captain from Morning Musume, Akari Takeuchi, and Karin Miyamoto)

High-King (I'm really happy about this one, I love the dancing and the songs to death)

Aa! (With Miyabi Natsuyaki, Airi Suzuki, and Saho Akari, Reina Tanaka will no longer be in this group) New song (preview):

Petitmoni (Now called Petitmoni V with Saki Nakajima, Mai Hagiwara, and Erina Mano)

ZYX (Now called ZYX-α with Risa Niigaki who is going to be leader, Erika Umeda, Momoko Tsugunage, Chinami Tokunaga, Maasa Sudou, Koharu Kusumi, Ayaka Wada, and Saki Ogawa. I'm not happy about this, because Maimi, Saki, and Mari won't be in it, so it's not fun anymore) Preview:

v-u-den(Now called Zoku" v-u-den now with Junjun, Sayumi Michishige, and Risako Sugaya. I don't really see it being much different, they all kind of sound alike to the original members)

Tanpopo (Now called Tanpopo # with Eri Kamei, Aika Mitsui, Yurina Kumai, and Chisato Okai. Sounds good because it has all me favorites! ^ ^ I just knew Eri would be in it!)

Yay! I'm so happy!

I'll post some of the previews of their songs in this post and in the next post:

Shin Mini Moni:

Cute, fast, cute, what else?

High King:

Why are all their songs so awesome!? Because they're good j-pop songs that you can dance to? Though, it's kinda too happy, next song better be deep 'n epic!!


I don't really like it...I never really liked Aa!, but I dislike how they say Yes yes yes....-.-;

Petitmoni V: just doesn't have that Petitmoni feel, their voices are too high-pitched...>.> The original had people like Goto Maki, Kei Yasuda, and Hitomi Yoshizawa (well, in the second generation)...they all had deep strong voices..-.-;

Until next time, bye-bye! (Why are all these songs hyper, high-pitched, and happy?)