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Vampiro!! NYAN-NYAN!!

Well...I'm listening to music by Aural Vampire...and I really like the way she looks! ^ ^ She looks like Misa Misa 'cept with vampire teeth! ^ ^

Okay! So yesterday my mom dragged me and my brother to some...uhhh...meeting thing where we talk about helping out the community. It was really boring, she wants me to join the club or whatever, and I just want to do the clean ups, not any of those social things (I'm not social, 'cept on the internet, and still not very social). And my old science teacher was there and EVERYTHING she mentioned had to do with her church or just church in general!! Gosh! We're trying to think of OTHER things than church...-.-; It was also kinda funny because my brother, who's an atheist, is sitting next to her! ^ ^; So, you have the church worshiper and the atheist sitting next to eachother. It's really sad, though, that she was actually my SCIENCE teacher...>.> She wasn't very good either...-.-;

And then after that we went and got stuff for dessert and I got MUFFINS! ^ ^ Chocolate chip, to be more specific! ^ ^ I got to get two, so had one last night, and on for breakfast! ^ ^ But I'm sad that it's gone...TT.TT

OH! I can't remember when this was, but I was eating a chocolate bar while watching Food Network, and it just so happens that whatever I was watching was about chocolate! That's never happened before!!

So I've finished meh Squee picture! ^ ^ I actually edited the coloring, which I shouldn't have done. So now you can't see the highlights in his hair..-.-; I just like the background, which is why I kept it the way it was. It was really hard to see though, on my computer, at least. Because it's...LCD? So I had to look at it at some angle to see it, since the hair and clothes were supposed to be black, but not pitch black, it was really hard to shade and highlight...-.-;

OH! Wanna hear what I'm listening to? It's really catchy! ^ ^ Still by the same Aural Vampire person/girl

I was planning to listen to some new K-pop (Korean-pop) artists, but they were all hip-hop and I decided not to. The only K-pop artist I like is BoA...and I don't know why...So, instead, I just started listening to some Avex Trax artists (since Goto Maki and Alan are in there, there's bound to be some good singers) so I've found a bunch, which I will list right now:

AAA (this one I was surprised! I've never heard of a group with a mix of girls and boys who aren't in a band, and just sing and dance, it's really cool)

Aural Vampire (VAMPIYA! Really catchy songs)

BeForU (I've always loved this group, their songs are on DDR)

Genki Rockets (this group was just really interesting)

Hitomi (I dunno, just popular and has good music, but nothing amazing and outstanding)

Aiko Kayo (Another normal singer)

Hatsune Okumura (BEAUTIFUL voice)

OLIVIA (japanese, American, AND German)

Sifow (she's...ummm...those kindsa girls with the really dark skin and white make-up...I think that one manga Super Gals, is based off of them)

Sowelu (really cool music, she's Irish-Japanese)

Ami Suzuki (probably my favorite, she's like a solo Perfume, and has really good music and singing)

Vanilla Mood (listening to one of their songs right now. They have a really unique style. They're like classical and jpop put together. Their music is really soothing)

Gosh...I was gonna say something else....but I forgot...ehhhhrmmm...what was I doing?

Work, work, work...>.<

I've been working like crazy these day...>.> Well, I said I'd do about four challenges. And they're all driving me insane ('cept the squee challenge, that one's fun). For the Royalty challenge I'm making an Empress, but I can't get the hair right...what does it look like from the side!? But I'm pretty fine with coloring the clothes and putting the design. For the draw a lolita challenge...well, I've been thinking about this all night long (heh, inside joke)...and I still have no idea. I wanted to make it like a flowery lolita dress, but then I keep thinking of Kirakishou's now I'm thinking of making it like a futuristic lolita kinda thing...but I can't think of anything! And then the screenshot challenge thing...well, I had this idea for a long time, but it's really hard because it involves people riding bicycles (I already drew two, so I'm fine right now when it comes to bicycles) with a detailed background and JUMPING. I have no clue how to draw jumping!! Especially the kind that I'm drawing in meh it'll probably take me a while to draw it, because I can't figure it out...same for the the person riding the bike...-.-;

Oh! Listen to this song that has been stuck in my head for days:

It's so catchy! ^ ^ But it doesn't really sound Perfume-ish....O.o

OH! OH! And then this song, I love it to death (heh):

Ehem, it's very, very violent, though, which is not really like me. But it's sooo cool sounding! There's not music video of that song, and only some Black Lagoon AMV and iDOLM@STER video based off of that AMV, which is this video. I don't like the Black Lagoon AMV, the song may be longer, but it's very violent...

OH!! OH!! My mom finally bought Microsoft Word! It was very stressful buying it, though because my mom put in all the stuff and then it didn't work, so she tried it again, and thankfully it did work! So now I can type whatever I want! Though it said that it's not for commercial use...I dunno what that means, it could mean anything. Like you can't use it to write books, but then what would be the point of it, or the program cannot be copied and sold...or something....O.o

Oh...and wanna see my WIPs now?:

I did the lineart for the squee challenge, and I'm gonna color it some time today or tomorrow, and then I'll be done! ^ ^. The girl is for the draw a lolita challenge, that's just her pose (not showing you it when it has the dress), and then the bicycles and part of the rider for the challenge I was talking about back thing. Wonder what's gonna happen!

Okay! Soo....ummmm....I'm gonna go type stuff on microsoft word now! ^ ^ YAY!!


Yes, let me show ya meh WIP. They're all very detailed, so I dont't really want to do the lineart or anything, yet...maybe tomorrow:

The person with the green ball of squiggles? 'tis for the squee challenge. The woman thing, is for the royalty challenge. And the other girl is supposed to be Koharu Kusumi, but I'm not done (all the members are actually in the picture).

Also, I've been looking for ideas on how I should draw the cover for Mariko! I looked at music manga, but the site I was using also had the manga's summaries. A LOT of them were pretty crappy sounding. Let me show you some of the crappiest:

Ami is a normal school girl. One day with her friends, she got stopped for an interview by a camera crew who thought Ami was really cute.

Shortly afterwards, Ami meets a blond boy who goes to her school named Nozomu. He seems to show some interest in her too. However, after she went to the 'Darwin', a group of two boy singers, concert, she met another Nozomu.

Very soon after the encounter with Darwin, she then got roped into the entertainment world as there were many people already interested in her from her live interview, who she later also became interested in.

(Actually, this sounds a lot like Mariko!, just kinda opposite and doesn't sound right)

"When you can play this tune, play it for me..." Suzuno has always been searching for the boy who told her that, whom she met at a piano recital when she was small. After entering high school, she was chosen to play the piano to accompany a chorus competition. Suzuno started practicing with Aiba-kun and Fujisawa-kun from her class, but Fujisawa-kun told her that they used to meet when they were small...!?

(Sounds like practically every shoujo manga...>.>)

Kirari Tsukishima is a beautiful yet gluttonous 14-year-old girl. While those around her are worshiping the popular idol duo, SHIPS, she only devotes herself to food. One day, however, Kirari, who is dense when it comes to the matters of the heart, encounters Seiji Hiwatari of SHIPS and falls in love with him at first sight. In order to be with him, she aspires to become an idol herself. With the help of SHIPS - the gentle Seiji and the bad-mouth Hiroto Kazama – and her cat mascot Naa-san, Kirari pursues the entertainment world, where she discovers that being an idol is not all fun and games, and that in order to persevere in both her love and her career, she must overcome any challenges that fortune has in store.

(Eheh...>.> Well, I've seen the anime, Koharu Kusumi voices Kirari...Anyways, I guess it's good enough. It's where I got my idea for Mariko!, actually the anime did. Unfortunately, at the time I didn't know about the boys, I just saw clips. And then my male characters turn out sorta the same...'cept more extreme)

I really want to get started on Mariko! But I need to draw the cover and chapter cover...and my mom wants me to watch this movie I ordered, that I don't want to watch anymore....-.-; I did, until I watched this episode of Myth I don't anymore. And I need to take a shower.

I'd explain my new idea for the beginning and everything...but unfortunately I can't explain it at ALL! Sorry about that. I just tried to, and I couldn't think of anyway to explain it, I can just see it play in my head.

I'm really clueless right now...I forgot what I was talking about....>.< I really want to start on meh manga!! TT.TT It's tearing me apart!! All of them except Clockwork...I don't know how to start Clockwork, and I'm not even going to attempt trying. I just drew the cover because I was really into Ali Project at the time and listened to all their songs and everything. Well, I'm kinda tired of I'm listening to happy funny songs right now, which is why I need to start my happy funny manga!!

Alright! I think that's enough! Bye-bye!

Tones! ^ ^

I figured out how to make my own tones on photoshop and I'm having a lot of fun! Maybe I'll make a tutorial...neh...

But I can use photoshop as a substitute for manga studio now! ^ ^ Yush! Now I don't have to save up any money. Always go the inexpensive way! Oh! Did I ever tell you guys how good I am with money (unless manga or copics are involved). Yep, on Monopoly and everything! Like in Harvest Moon, I usually have a lot of money, and I mean A LOT, to where I can just spend it all willy nilly. And in Tales of games I usually have a ton and I buy as much stuff as I want mostly because I'm grinding to get me to a level and I get a lot of money from monters).

Oh! Oh! One of my bigger fears has been...lifted? My fear of sharks! I'm not as afraid of them anymore! Why? Because I watched a special on them on Discovery. Well, normally they have shows about how sharks are killing people and all, but this one thing was about this one guy trying to hypnotize them or was soooo peaceful, 'cept when the guy accidentally got hit by this bull shark. But besides that, the sharks seemed so peaceful, almot like dolphins. And they didn't look dangerous at all, and the guy was PETTING them the whole time! So I'm not that afraid of them, now that I know that they aren't all about killing, they're also very peaceful animals.

Onto another topic...well, I keep finding myself promising people I'll join their challenges, when I probably won't, and I'm feeling really bad. So I should stop commenting on people's challenges unless I'm really going to do them. So to make up for it, I HAVE to draw a really good picture and enter it into a challenge that I promised I'd enter...-.-; It's kinda sad.

Eeeek!! Listening to the instrumental of that one song I's too beautiful:

It sounds a lot different, and that's why I like it. It's more orchestral than the other one.

Wouldn't it be nice to go to an actual ball, and everyone would dress up and there'd be nobody who's complaining? Like if we were at that same time...IT'D BE BEAUTIFUL! See, if we did it in real life in schools, everyone would be complaining and there'd be bullying. I'd rather just go to dance to the beautiful music....ahhh....OH! I like waltz-ish music, and I don't know why. Maybe because I love dancing especially ball room dancing, but it doesn't fit in this time anymore...-.-; I wouldn't really want to go to a ball if it were in this time...I'd rather go to another realm like in Clockwork...*fantasizes*

Anyways! I have to go draw now...for those challenges...and so I'd get to work...>.> I have to force myself to do things that I don't want to do, but only if nobody bothers me. I could live a lovely life everything alone. My only problem is my fears ('tis why I need lots of animals, but then they might hurt me).....>.>

Now I'm just talking to meself.....Okay, I'm going now.

Nyan^ >:)

Yush! This lil' emoticon is adorable: >:) (:< ^ ^;

'nyways! 'tis another update before I go downstairs to watch [adultswim]. Watchin' Moribito! Why am I watching it on TV while I COULD be done watching the entire series on the internet? Because I gots meh a high def. TV! >:) With surround sound. And an HD TV service! >:) Though, I may just go watch BBC America...if I don't like the Moribito episode...-.-; Unfortunately BBC doesn't have HD on my TV...-.-;

'nyways! I've named my manga that doesn't have a name! It's called Imagine....ummm...yeah...there's no manga called Imagine, but there's a lot of companies and other stuff like that called Imagine....actually, it kinda sounds maybe that's a bad name.

OI! Quick thing to show y'guys! LOOKIES!! Ali Project and Nana Mizuki singing Seishoujo Ryouiki in loli outfits:

Their voices are sooo beautiful! (Lookies how shinies Nana's hair is)

Just saying that until I forget!

Umm, I finally drew the cover for Clockwork, unfortunately I messed up on it...and it's too bright...but who really cares? Of course if I'd get it published I wouldn't have a cover like that, but this is kinda like preview, y'know....nehe...preview...>.< By duh way, I dunno how to start it...>.>

For Mariko! I've done some thinking, I've decided to have the boy's group something different than (HOLY CRAP!! I gotta mosquito bite...or what's that bug on the screen) the angel and devil. They'll just be punk. Well, I've decided how it's gonna start out, so I'm happy about that. I just need to figure out what everybody's motivation is...or whatever it's called...why they want to be in the music business.

OMIGOSH! I FORGOT! I've been worrying about this for a while now, about Clockwork's setting, and how it's gonna be in London, but it has to look like London and all...I figured out how to do it accurately. Google Earth!! If they still have that....or I could just zoom in a lot on some map thing...My mom did it, and we went to our old house in El Paso (yush, I'll tell you now since I don't live there anymore...I could be anyone...still...)and we went to our house, and then tried looking at other people's houses, but we couldn't remember the exact addresses of their houses...-.-;

Okay...I'm getting attacked by bugs...maybe I should go downstairs now...>.>

OHH! Ali Project! I forgot! For about an hour or so, I was obsessed with Ali Project today. And y'know why? It's this song that I love to death(I especially like the instrumental version, though):

Ali Project is like Gothic-gothic Lolita music...I really like it! ^ ^ It makes me think of dancing. I'd love to dance to this song (with somebody in a tux...I'd be wearin' Hime-lolita clothes :3)

I'm trying to use that song to get ideas for Clockwork...but it doesn't really work because it's such a golden song (or it's just the picture)...and Clockwork is a cool gray...or white.

OMIGOSH!! I just read the lyrics!! I love Ali Project's song because of the beautifully poetic lyrics!! It was like reading a really famous poem. I should draw a picture of it...They're SOOOO beautiful!! And it's about dancing just as I thought. may work for like an ending to Clockwork which I haven't even thought of....Like one of those endings that doesn't make any sense, or is randomly poetic and slightly sad...Yush, it'd work...but I dunno how far away that'd be. I don't know how long I'd want Clockwork to be.

I know the first boss (yes, I think of everything like video games), not the second boss, and the final there'll be three bosses, I'm planning. Sailor Moon had...a boss every season. So it may be long...but I don't know. I haven't put much thought into the plot, but more into the side stuff and interesting things about the character...I still have no clue what the plot is...Plot idea so far;

It's about a girl who is kidnapped and sent to another realm that revolves around clocks and time. She is given a watch by the kidnapper and is entrusted to never allow anybody else to use it. The person who gave her the watch decides to look over her to make sure she doesn't do anything wrong like the ones in the past.

That's all I got...I have no clue how to put the villains in...-.-; Nor about the conflicts or how the story'll proceed. Well, I should go downstairs now...