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EVERYDAY Zekkouchou!

C-ute's new PV! It's really quiet, sorry for that(I didn't upload the video, I just found it on youtube):

I LOVE the feeling. I wish that the H!P groups would have more calming/serious PVs. Not that I don't like the cute ones, there's just way too many of them. They need more serious and beautiful PVs, like most jpop artists. I hope this is like another step into their more serious/happy PVs. I really like their clothes and the filming is really good, and think that's what I mean. Clearer filming of the PVs, yes that's it. H!P may be getting more and more money so I expect the PVs to get better and better! ^ ^


I was watching this PV:

A while back, if I haven't already told you, there was a contest thing for people to make a PV of this, and I was thinking of joining, but I never did and it ended a while ago...

Well, I finally had an idea on how to do it...-.-; My idea is to make it like different styles and rainbow-y, if you can understand what I'm saying. Like when they're just singing and everything, they're be switching styles being animated and everything, and then when it starts getting all epic, the style starts getting more realistic, and then it becomes them in real life, except their clothes are changing colors...and that was my idea...Like an artsy kinda PV....but I never did it, and even if I did I wouldn't have enough time and it would take forever...but then again, I had months to do it and enough time on the computer to do it...I'm just lazy. But I wish there's another contest like that again, I want to try making a PV again! TT.TT

And something else...I was making that character for ANC and whatever that I said in my last post, well, I need to fill in height and weight and so I looked up on google how much you should way at a certain weight, and it said for 4'10" if you're a female you should way 100 lbs....!?!?!?! What the heck!? When I was 4'10" I weighed like 64 lbs!!! Maybe 70 something (I may be thinking of what channel cartoonnetwork is on in El Paso...O.o)...and now I'm like 5'1" or something and I weigh less than 100 lbs., still...I'm fine!! So that thing must be lying, plus I went to several other websites and looked at different charts, and they all said the same thing. They're wrong, I say!! >:(

Also, for me character, I made it HETEROCHROMATIC!! YEY!! I love heterochromia! ^ ^; But I'm having trouble filling in the character sheet, here are the ones that are confusing me:

Eyes: I understand this part...but then below it is pupil, iris, and sclera, what am I supposed to put here!?
Race/Ethnicity: I know the bloodline, but aren't those three kinda the same thing? I don't know what to put for Race or's like race, right? This is so confusing!! >.<
Age: Well....I just don't know what age I want him/her to be....(or gender, it'll probably be a girl, or a girly boy)
Element/Alignment: Okay, so for Nature I chose dark, because I remember those being the choices. Light, Twilight, and Dark...but we're not allowed to choose Twilight or something...>.> It's like a RP and choosing overly cool things is against the rules, like no god-modding and whatever like that. But I really don't know what kinda dark elements there are...and I can't remember what the alignment was on a paper....and there was lists of the elements, alignments, and, this is very confusing...-.-;
Distinctive Markings: Well...this is more like I can't think of anything distinctive...but I guess heterochromia works.

Why are these so confusing? Because most of the members, or my brother and his friend are really smart honor students and aren't incredibly creative and free, so they put in all this really strict kinda stuff you have to put even if it doesn't make sense to fill it in...-.-;

I'll have to ask my brother for help, since he was in it last year, though I dunno if the story was the same, it probably was. Thought it was probably changed because they were saying how last year was too much like Naruto, with curse marks and crap (I think that was somebody's exact words...but I dunno, so I'm not putting quotation marks)

OH! What color are he/she's eyes? Since it's heterochromatic, it'll have one golden eye and one white eye. It was originally red and gold, but then I realized that Vincent Nightray from Pandora Hearts had those two I changed it to white...O.o Red and gold look really cool together though...-,- especially with a black sclera....

Anyways! Bye-bye! Just posting because I'm bored and I don't want to do my's reading 72 pages of some stupid teen awareness book....I hate being told about the drunk driving and how not to do blah blah's not that I hate being restricted or whatever, but it's that I'm tired of being told over and over again about it even though I will absolutely do NOTHING wrong and I have self-control over that!! >:( Makes me even more mad when people actually do wrong when they're teens, then we have to get lectured more on it. It's like talking about how to go to the bathroom, it's awkward, we know already, and it has been used too many times (in bathroom jokes)....-.-;

NOW! Bye!

African National Conference!!! have absolutely no news on that...I don't really know what that is, but I just joined this club called ANC, and my mom kept thinking it was the African National Conference, but it's Active Novel Creation.

It's the most geekiest club ever, but I love it! ^ ^; It's basically RPing...the story is like a JRPG, so it really weird. We're supposed to be creating a novel, but they've never done anything except make up stuff. So today we're supposed to created characters, but I haven't been done reading the papers yet, but I wrote down the character sheet before I left, so I'll probably make up my character, draw it, and then post it on here. Let me just show you the ridiculous character sheet (a lot of the information is useless, basically)

Hair color:
Hair style:
Hair length:
Skin Color:
Body Build:
Distinctive Markings:

Anybody who's done bio like this knows what is wrong. There doesn't need to be three things about hair, or eyes. Just say any extra stuff in the eyes/hair section! And then the rest is kinda strange...I'm probably going to add personality, because that was left out and that is very much needed.

I'm probably going to use my same character, the blonde hetero chromatic one...but I might change her and give her dark red hair....I don't know yet...I need to figure out which colors look good. And then there was the list of bloodlines, which I'm not going to type because....I dunno...just feels unsafe....>.> <.<

Basically everyone there loves anime, somebody brought a Furuba manga to it, so yeah, I can tell. If they don't love anime, then they know a whole lot about it, just don't like it, like my brother. He likes manga/anime like Berserk, Fist of the North Star, and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and he knows practically everything about most of the other famous anime.

When my brother's friend was explaining to me what the bloodlines looked like, he kept using references to anime, and one reference to Ben10....I don't like Ben10, and I don't know why. Maybe because it's really corny and crappy and America like...-.-; So I chose this one that he said was like Grimmjow...>.> I mean, the bloodline was like that, but I think he said that when the females are in battle mode they look like Ichigo with his Hollow mask mixed with Grimmjow's jaw...soooo...yeah....

Just saying how fun this club is, and it's the only club that gives me a happy warm feeling like theO does! ^ ^;

Okie! Bye-bye!

World's Best

Oi! Let's go see all the countries that are better than the US:

In healthcare:

Japan is number 10 (just wanted to point that out since it's such a high number out of 200 countries)
And France is number 1, of course! The rest are in Europe, of course...(Japan's the only one out of the top ten that is not in Europe)

The best place to be an immigrant:

Ireland! Spain, Canada, Israel, and New Zealand! ^ ^

Most peaceful countries:

1. New Zealand!
2. Denmark
3. Norway!
4. Iceland
5. Austria
6. Sweden
7. Japan? (But it has a history of, who cares about the past!)
8. Canada
9. Slovenia/Finland

Best countries to visit:

JAPAN!! I'm not kidding, that was really at the top! I mean, it has SOOO much stuff over there. It's like fun island...for travelers, at least. But it does have a lot of bad stuff, but apparently a lot of REALLY good stuff! I think it's been on about all of these lists (except immigration).

And okay, now this is really weird. My second favorite (I dunno what my favorite is, actually...) country, is England...and it's ranked number 2! O.O Maybe I just like popular places....

The rest:

South Korea
The Netherlands (maybe my favorite country...I don't know)

Having best democracy/government:

Sweden! Yay! More Europe!!

Best Healthy Life Expectancy:

JAPAN!! WOOOHHH!! The Australia...which doesn't make any sense...isn't their pollution really bad or something? And then France, because France is awesome!

Best Food:

Italy, duh. I mean, who doesn't like Italian food? I hate sausage, but I LOVE Italian sausage...O.o ENGLAND!! WOOOHH!! And then Mexico!! Yey!! And then India...okay...well....basically, these are just countries that are famous for their good food! ^ ^;

Best Cultural Countries:

South Korea...I dunno what this list is supposed to explain...I just clicked on it...O.o

Greenest Countries:

Finland....I think I had a friend move from there...maybe...I can't really remember...Iceland and NORWAY!! I lovezz Norway! ^ ^

Best Human Development (yeah, I dunno):

Iceland! Norway!!! And then Japan is 8...I didn't feel like listing the rest...^ ^; Below that The Netherlands!!

Most spoken language:

CHINESE!!! O.O I thought it was English! Actually, there are a TON of countries that speak English compared to Chinese, but there aren't as many people in all these countries. Then Spansih and Arabic.

Best country to be a woman in:


Best place for a child to live:

THE NETHERLANDS!! OH YEAH!!! The rest are European countries, except for the US...which is at the bottom, so it doesn't matter...>.>

Most Competitive:

This one's kinda obvious, USA!

Smartest Countries:

GERMANY!!! And then...THE NETHERLANDS!!! WOOOOHHH!! The rest are in Europe except for Turkey...

OH! And a map of peaceful places and not so peaceful places:

External Image

Now...I'll find the best country in the world....*drum roll* Hold...on this'll take a while...

Well, apparently these are the best countries based on kinda actual facts, maybe:

1. Sweden
2. Denmark
4. Finland
5. Germany
6. UK!! YES!!!
7. Canada
8. Switzerland
9. NORWAY!! YES!!!
10. Belgium

In 2006, Japan was number 7. Norway was the most peaceful, apparently. Sweden had the most gender equality. Japan had the best life expectancy. Best quality of life was Ireland. Most competitive economy was Finland. Best economic freedom China. Least obesity Japan. The US has probably the most obesity. Adults at high literacy goes to Sweden. Best environment Finland. Most recycled(worded wrong, but I don't know how to explain this) The Netherlands. Most open access to research Sweden. Most aid to developing countries goes to Norway. The least pirated computer software program percentage goes to...USA? WOW!! Okay, now this isn't right, USA is ranked third in the countries that think that religion is very important, and that's not supposed to be right because this country isn't supposed to be based on religion! >:(

And 'tis about it! WOOH!! Yay for The Netherlands!! I wanna move to The Netherlands, Sweden, or the UK...not that the UK was on the best country thing....I just really like the UK! ^ ^;

If you haven't noticed, I don't really like America...-.-; Too many ignorant people...who make up stuff. I mean, I LOVE our president...but then other people's views make me really mad....>.>

'nyways! Hope you enjoyed reading this, I was just wondering what countries were better than America, and a WHOLE lot who thinks America is the best country in the world is WAAAAAAAAAAAY off!

Stuff!! O.O

Okie, this is probably going to be another short post....or something...O.o

Tomorrow I am VERY busy. I have some meeting after school, then an Academic Team competition afterwards! >.< Too much stuff...and it takes a while to do these things....-.-; Also, today, in art, we had to draw CHAIRS! I tried drawing a throne...but I failed...I can't draw the arms!!

In other news, me Taiwanese friend sent me an e-mail, which I haven't heard from her in like 2 years...O.O But the e-mail is in Taiwanese, I translated it, of course, but I think she wanted to show me some pictures. So I tried to open up the attachments, but they're .ink files! I'm gonna save it until tomorrow to start trying to figure out a program to open up the pictures...But I really wanna see what they are. I know they're pictures because apparently .ink files are graphic tablet files, or something. They're very rare, or so I heard...

And YAY! New Maki Goto song:

I don't really like this one much, it's pretty boring...-.-; But I'm glad to see another one. But I really want to see a video with AMAZING dancing that I know Goto Maki can do, since she went to America to train for dancing, to start her new career, and we only get one video where she actually uses those new skills...-.-; The rest are just ballads...

There's also a new Girl Next Door song...but I don't like it and it sounds the same as all their other songs...-.-;

I have a cold and I am in pain from the running I did wasn't grueling, but if you don't do that kinda stuff every day it really gets you....And we had to do sit-ups on that HARD floor even with our poor bony backs so I couldn't do mine fast, and I had to fall onto my side, so it took forever....and does anybody else hate it when people cheer you on? I hate that! I don't need cheering!! I can do this on my own! Leave me be! It makes me feel inadequate, like I would never be able to get far...-,-

What else...? Oh yeah, lately I've been having a lot of dreams about Clockwork, and they're all in that Realm of Time place...mostly because I don't know what'll happen after that...>.>

Oh, and I already posted this one my J-pop 101 world, but I wanted to post it on here to point out other things that I didn't point out on there:

The PV is much better than the last one...but there's a lot of mistakes in dancing. And at one part where Saki is next to Miki and is staring at her like she's some weird stupid thing. Obviously she felt stupid looking at nothing, but they should've told her to look at the space like there's a cute little thing telling jokes! Also, Aika is the leader, and she's the shortest! ^ ^; Actually...she's the oldest...and everyone is much taller than her, especially Yurina! And I've noticed that Yurina doesn't look as giant in PVs as she does on stage (I remember in some live version, she was on the bottom step, and the others were on like three steps higher and she was as tall as them). Yurina's the second youngest...wonder if she stopped growing....or if she tall will she grow to be?

The video is very good, but everyone is very awkward except maybe Aika, because Aika's always happy, or seems that way! ^ ^; I don't care what anybody else says, Aika was a good choice. She's happy, sweet, good at singing, and pretty good at dancing (even with that acute appendicitis).

Okie, I think I'm done! ^ ^