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I have so much stuff to do...-.-; Well, kinda.

I want to draw my characters from me group 360...but I have to finish the rest of the characters...-.-; I can't think of anything!

My mom wants me to make some poster.

I need to gather up school supplies and whatever.

I need to finish some other pictures.

And I want to enter two other challenges, but then that means more drawing...-.-;

And that's a lot, and I only have TWO days left until school! TT.TT I don't want to go!! But I do want to see my friends, but I just hate the experience of school, and everyone besides my friends.

So this is just a short rant about all the stuff I have to do that I don't want to do and the things I want to do, but I don't have time to do...-.-;


Lately I've had not idea of what I should title things...>.>

So, I'm here to talk about art in this post! ^ ^ Kinda...mostly challenges/contests...

Okay, so my mom keeps forcing me and my brother into doing contests so that we can get more recognition and everything, though I don't want to do anything like that. She keeps annoying me to work on this one adopt a high way contest thing...-.-; It has to be a poster. My idea was to make mother-nature's hair turn into roads with people picking up trash on it, and then words somewhere...but my mom doesn't like it...-.-; Or, she kinda just stares at me for a really long time (she does it all the time, it's so scary)...So I dunno what to do and I really don't want to work on it because it has to be traditional and stuff and stuff.

Then my mom wants to join this one contest where you make a short video about...national parks I think. And the people who've posted so far, except like two people, have incredibly terrible videos. They're bad quality, boring, and all it is, is them sitting there telling you about themselves and what they like about national parks...-.-; Stupid...My mom has tons of ideas, way better than those. And the prize is like 4 thousand bucks, camera stuff, and a stay at a really high class hotel with a pass or whatever you call it to go to whatever national park of choice. I really think that's too much! I mean, if you see the videos and then thinking about how better the videos will get, there's not much better since the majority is TERRIBLE...I was telling my mom how the challenges on theO are much more intense, draw your best to win, and then you don't even get money (but a nice picture! ^ ^) or any luxuries...too much, indeed.

OH! OH! I finally figured out the name for the big huge 60 person group in Mariko!. It'll be called 360! ^ ^ Because it started with 3 members and ended up with 60 (or so they wanted). Doesn't it make sense? Like AKB48...kinda...Akihabara 48...started with 18...who knows the exact amount of members, because it's probably no 48.

OH! Speaking of AKB48, I found two pictures of some of the members as anime:

External Image

I can't tell who ANYBODY is!!

External Image
This one's a bit easier to tell. The girl in the top left corner is Tomomi Itano. The girl who is the second last in the top right row is Atsuko Maeda...I think...The girl next to her is...Haruno Kojima...I think...And then under her is I think Sae Miyazawa...Now, I'm not really sure, but these are the only people I think I can tell....everyone else I still have no clue, except for the girl at the very bottom on the far left, I forgot her name, but I found a picture where she has the EXACT same pose, so I think that's where the artist based her expression off of, because I haven't seen anybody else...But in the picture nobody had the same hair-dos except the people I've listed.

Hrmmm...I just remembered that I found them in a magazine I have, but I haven't looked at it since! I should go and look at it again to see if I recognize the picture! ^ ^

I just finished giving my characters went by really quickly...O.O I love me characters! ^ ^ I'll probably draw them some time tomorrow...or something...But I need to make the boy I'm off to go do that! ^ ^

OI! Video for you! Happy Birthday! ^ ^:

Oh! Have a happy birthday if it is, indeed your birthday! ^ ^

And let's check out the next new AKB48 video...:

'tis got bad sound...but I guess it's good...Love their outfits! ^ ^

OH! One more video:

I love this song! ^ ^ It's so....umm...I dunno, I just love it. Umm, the long opening part in the beginning...umm...obviously you can tell they're reflecting back to when they were young or whatever. Very nice PV...but the opening is too long for me to pay attention...-.-; Plus the music reminds me of the music my family listens to while meditating....and I don't like it...

Stuff to talk about...O.o idea for the title, since the things I'm going to talk about practically have nothing in common.

I've been watching Shark Week! ^ ^; But it's so weird how I only found ONE nice show about sharks where they explained how smart and gentle they are ('cept bull sharks, it hit the guy with it's tail). And then I watched several documentaries about the shark attacks of 1916...well, there was one really good one where they had kinda reenacted the scenes, but they made it look old and everything, but then I watched another one that was 2 hours long and all it was was reenactments!! And then they kept going back and showing something from before or going underwater...-.-; It was very annoying. And I also watched Dangerous Waters with Les Stroud...and it was kinda like a rip-off...-.-; The most dangerous waters are America's...why? Because there have been more than 600 attacks there a year...-.-; Why? Because TONS of people swim there...I don't think that counts at all. And I noticed that they went to heavily populated places, instead of ACTUALLY dangerous waters. I was watching something like last Shark Week, last year or something, where they went to probably the most dangerous shark-infested waters and it was by some island and they called it Shark Island or something like that because the Great White Sharks there were HUGE. The smallest were probably like 17 feet long and the largest were probably like 30 feet long...they were HUGE. But the show wasn't about how dangerous the waters were, it was about how they should protect these giants....

Okay, so this Shark Week was a rip-off except for that one nice show about them...

I finally finished meh lolita picture! ^ ^ Now the only one left is that fake screenshot picture. I finally got the poses right, but now I can't decide who I want the picture because it's from my one manga where the characters are like animals or something...I was thinking of putting in Monkey and Mouse...but I draw them too much, so need to put in somebody else, but I don't know people who'd fit the part of what they're doing...hrmmm...

Also! I'm almost finished creating those characters for Mariko! I just need to make the boys, I've made all the girls. I may draw them some time in their little groups. There are 8 sub-groups from the big 60 person group. There's a lolita group, so I made all the girls a style of lolita, which was really fun. Then there was the rock, metal, r&b, dance, j-pop/techno-pop, j-pop, and the main group. My only problem is that I love all me characters (except for like two) meaning, I want focus on each of them, but I don't know how I'd do that and still have my story that I wanted to go on with...-.-; I need to look at some anime for the kinds where they help people or something introduce each character little by little or something like that...

OH! I've been listening to more Aural Vampire, I found ONE PV, and I really love it!:

It's so cool! Like how she flings her hair and it's all stringy, and then when the guy is taking off his mask and it never ends. The song kinda reminds me of...umm...Pico's theme(?) from F-Zero GX (love that game). Then again...maybe it was that skeleton guy that I never pay attention to....hrmmm...or Spade...I can't remember, one of the character has practically the same kinda background music.

Oh! I was really surprised that me lolita picture got so many hugs so fast! O.O I mean, my other pictures which I worked harder on only got like 8 hugs, and the lolita picture got 13!!! Wow! Do people just like lolita, or do they actually like my lolita style?

Neh, I gotta get famous to share my ideas and everything....I gotta lot of them. From fashion styles to how to run the country....yep, lots of opinions and ideas....My mom wants me to become an Enviromental Scientist or something like that, and a fashion designer, but mostly a bio engineer, or something like that...I just want to become a manga artist or have some anime-related job like singing or voice acting, or acting...-.-;

Oh! Another song!! I really like this song, and I have no clue why:

It's like rave music....well, I like loud dance songs, so I guess this could do. It's also kinda creepy, but that's Aural Vampire's style. But I really like it! ^ ^

You guys should listen to more Aural Vampire music, it's really good...well, if you like techno-pop...

There was another song that I liked, but I can't remember what it was called....

I need to go have breakfast...-.-...Hungry....-.-;I just woke up, so I'm not sure if I should have breakfast just yet...

I just thought of something! I wonder if Aural Vampire songs are on DDR, they should be!! They're good! I'd dance to them....on DDR, I don't really think I could make up a dance for them...

OH! I found the song I really like:

I love the part where she sings ,"Hey Mr. Animal..." it's so funny! ^ ^; It's really catchy also! ^ ^

Well, bye-bye! I'm gonna go have breakfast! ^ ^

Eeeeee!! Happy! Happy! ^ ^

Okay, so last night...I think...or some time before then, I had no internet connection and I couldn't fix it at all. And finally my brother fixed it! I didn't think there was any way to get it because he was being so negative, and now it works!! Yay! ^ ^ I'm so happy!!

And yay! A lot of people updated! And Sisero posted her manga (which I've been reading on DA, and whatever, but it looks much better on theO)! ^ ^ YAY! I'm very happy! Now I can finally go back to listening to AAA music! I don't have any of their music yet, so I can only listen to them on youtube...-.-;

And...and...I don't really know what else. I'm just really happy to have the internet back!! TT.TT I dunno what I'll do during school...I guess that's when I can concentrate, because there's nothing else to do.

School for me starts on Wednesday!! TT.TT

Oh! Also, me dad wants me to type some guy's name and my mom suggested to write it in Chinese, but the man's Japanese (because his name is Honda, y'know, like Tohru Honda), but he's coming from Hong Kong, so my mom thinks he's from China...anyways, I have to do that some time before five o' clock...-.-; I dun wanna....-.-; And I can't type on adobe photoshop with japanese characters...I need a Japanese keyboard or something, it just won't take it...-.-;

Well...I'm gonna go do meh daily internet things now, bye-byes!!

OH! OH! I was watching Metalocalypse and I've noticed that Toki is always the cool one who's never really as bad and everything. And I saw the episode where the guys endorse products and Toki endorses candy! ^ ^ YAY! ^ ^ Okay, just saying how much I LOVE Toki!

NOW! Bye-bye!


At least, I think that's how you spell it. Today I went to go get my schedule and then go talk to the teachers and whatever and talk to my friends and stuff at my school. Next Wednesday I have my first day of High School...-.- Ugghhhh...I don't want to go, but I do wanna talk to meh anime-loving friends. Unfortunately, I couldn't talk to my extreme anime-loving friend (or, my friend who likes anime as much as I do, I think she may know more anime than me). I talked to only two of my friends...and that's about it.

So the teachers seem kinda nice, but I'll have to wait for the actual school. I'm really afraid that I might get classes with people I hate (like I did last year), but thankfully, I have a lot of classes with my friend who loves Code Geass, we were talking really really fast about it before she left. It was kinda funny! ^ ^

Hrmm....what else to say? Hrmmm...well, I wish that I had school on theO! ^ ^; There's nobody I dislike! Or...I don't think I dislike anybody...And it's easier to learn things when it's not face to face (at least I think).

Well, I should go eat dinner now, because I'm hungry (yes, a good reason to eat).

I'm very sleepy right now, but I got a little bit done on meh's tiring...figuring out ways to draw something or designing clothes (I keep giving the girl REALLY puffy sleeves, and it looks really weird). And the screenshot picture, my idea is really hard! I was trying to tell my friend that, but she kept saying ,"And this is coming from the girl who can draw a picture in one day." Because apparently she can't...-.-; She drew a comic and something else really quickly (but it was terrible, I'm sorry), and she also drew a really good picture of a girl with guns, she used a reference from some Final Fantasy picture or something.

Umm...well, now I'm just rambling! Bye-bye!