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Sketch Dump Goodbyes

Today's my last day here....

UNTIL I GO TO ART CAMP. Then I'll prance on back here~! :D I'ma be there until Tuesday drawin' for 6 hours a day~! Eeee~! So excited~! X3 I also get to see some 'o meh buddies again which is also quite fun! And for the first time in my life I am drawing nude figures from life! *3* IN PERSON! Holy crap am I exciteeddddd....Gonna try paintin' 'em with oils. I am bringing a lot of canvases/boards with me, and also markers, pencils, giant sketch books, charcoal, and coloured pencil I dunno what medium I'll do them in...but on 'o them....


I also have a sketchdump to dump on joo gaiz~! :D MORE DOODLEHSSS

External Image

Trying to figure out how to draw Seiichi. I think I might learn better if I just drew the comic already....>3>

External Image

I drew some more Seiichi and then I decided to draw Tadao. And I drew the top right pic of Tadao, thought he looked like Isidro, so then I drew Isidro. And then I drew Griffith just for hell of it and then drew him in my style~! X3

External Image

Tadao without his jacket and Seiichi. I don't like how Tadao looks here...I mean, le anatomy is correct, but his face looks weird. I also drewww.....

MOAR GABE~! I wonder if I got him right thisss tiiiimmmeeee??? He still doesn't look like Gabe, but he doesn't look scary this time. Then I drew Alex from Street Fighter...'cause why not? And Guts from Berserk.

The guy with the split hair is a medieval dark fantasy OC. He's a pirate who has been searching for his family for his entire life after being split from them when he was a child. He used to be a noble, but his kingdom was conquered and his family was broken.

The girl is somebody with a similar fate. She was born to war slaves and saw terrible and gruesome things, but because she grew up with this she slowly began to think of terrible death and pain to be something normal and fine. She is extremely lucky and somehow escaped one day. To make money she steals and charms/seduces people into giving her more money. She isn't afraid of anything, including murdering another person.

External Image

More of my two new OCS in the top left corner. Then I just drew from meh Berserk mangoes! XD The scratched out pic was an attempt to exemplify foreshortening....drawing moar Isidro...but it didn't turn out right.

External Image

I didn't like the girl OCs hairstyle (I think I named her Felicity or somethinggg???) so I tried something different. I also trying redrawing Ana because I re-wrote the next chap so it works better with the story...I dunno if I will do it though...

External Image

I wanted to practice drawing anatomy instead of faces all the I tried drawing nude Griffith...didn't work there are a lot of nude Griffith's on this page. Then what is Griffith without Guts? So I drew some Guts, too. 18-year-old Guts to be more specific. Also there's some Sanada Yukimura in there....'cause why not?

Also Griffith sex scene...but I felt too embarrassed to draw Princess Charlotte...;orz 'tis what the scratches are at the bottom! XD

External Image

I dunno why the pages I like I keep taking blurry pics offf....;3; I liked the pic I did of Griffith and Guts. I keep drawing those twoo...>3> I can't stop...they be easy to draw...sortakinda. Guts is hella hard.

I drew some Yukiko with skirt blowing...dunno a skirt blowing mood...

Some more Isidro, some Serpico, and PUCK! 'cause why not?

Also Ephraim's in the top right corner. I tried drawing him in a slight Kentaro Miura style...XD Oh yeah, I tried drawing a little Eirika...but only half her face...XD

Okiedoke! I gotta go to bed so I can wake up early for ART CAAAAAMMMMMPPPPPP!! So excited~


If I made a tutorial, what would you want it to be about?

I was thinking of doing a super tutorial...but that takes waaaayyy too much work. Maybe let's start tiny and see what you guys would rather like to see.

I can't do photoshop or SAI tutorials, sorry...;m; I don't have those programs on my computer, despite having pretty good knowledge about both programs, I would have no way of demonstrating it.

Anything you might have questions about ask and I will try my best to provide answers in a tutorial format~! :D

And don't be shy about asking for help. I will be more than happy to help, more than ecstatic...PLEASE LET ME HELP YOU!

Manga Artist Progression

I found this video series of mangaka art progression. I think it's fascinating because you can see how the greats became the iconic greats that we remember. Looking back on how they were when they started out. It's amazing~!

Commen Spree: This Friday~

moonlitdream's has created a wonderful way of livening up the community on theO with a comment spree~!

This is a day to comment all over the place!

Comment on everything in your backroom.
Comment on as many fanart pics as you can!
Comment on as many wallpapers as you can!
Comment on as many fancomics as you can!
Comment on as many e-cards as you can!

Of course, all of this can tire you out mentally (I've been there, there was a time period in my life I thought it was a good idea to comment on as many things as possible, but then I realized my brain couldn't handle it).

Here are some things to help you comment:

Look at the lines. How do they look to you?
Look at the characters. How are the portrayed?
Look at the coloring. How well did they use colors?
Look at the shading. How effective is the shading?

React to the picture if it's funny, sad, etc. It's most helpful to read the artist's comments. You can even comment on the things they said in their own comments.

Look at the effects. How nicely done are the effects?
What sort of mood does it give?
How/When would you use this as a wallpaper?
Would you set this as your wallpaper? How would it change the looks to your desktop?


Is it funny? Is it sad?
How is the story told?
How do you feel about the subject?


How would you use this?
What sorts of feelings does this it give off?
How well are the effects used for the mood.
Do you like the quote or text?

I hope those will at least get some ideas flowing so that when you start commenting on something.

Here's moonlitdream's post for more information.

Scratch Dampe and Mangos

Sketch Dump and Manga~! :D

I will only do sketch dumps of pictures and sketches poorly taken with my camera~! ;D

I have been reading Berserk....obsessively...

My brother gave me all his berserk scans from his computer and they are from vol 1 to vol 33. He also gave me all of his physical Berserk mangas~!

External Image

Lookit meh mango collection nowww~! 2 shelvvveeessss

I think I would've read Berserk more, but reading manga on the internet slows me internet and my internet has been in and out recently (I feel like blaming the heat). The times when my internet is out or I have nothing to do I read Berserk. That moved in with my usual pleasure time so now I read Berserk all the time. It is just sooooooo so good. The art is AMAZING!!!

And because of that my art style might have changed a taddddd

External Image

Trying to draw Gabe and Stefan again. Stefan, I feel like I have down, but Gabe....Gabe Gabe Gabe....I just can't draw you. Or it's just that moonlitdream draws him so adorably and whenever I draw him he looks like a creep....>3>

You can also draw my failed attempts at trying to draw one my characters looking creepy. I mean, yeah he looks creepy, but not in the way I was going for...>3> The bottom right one was going well and then I tried to fix his chin and for some reason I drew the line way too close to his mouth...;3;

External Image

I was practising lineart and where to place tones. I drew some pics from DOGs and Death Note. The both have my favourite style of lineart. Also the top part is from the beginning of this summer-ish when I was trying to redesign Rin Hatoshi.

External Image

The bottom corner of that page~! It was in bright light so you couldn't see that part of it.

I really like how these turned out~! Yukiko and Tadao~! :D Drawn while watching the Man Bear Pig episode of South Park...yes...I remember it like it was yesterday...because it WAS yesterday! Gosh, memory, you doin' well.

External Image

This is quite old. Not really, but it feels old. I was trying to work on facial structure, when I ended up drawing one of the characters for a story I've been working on for about a thousand years now. And also came up with a new character! I like him, very unlike any other character I have designed. I think I want to make him a introspective executioner.

External Image

This was also yesterday while watching the Man Bear Pig episode. Trying to work on expressions...not meeee...;m; I need to try more and more until I feel satisfied.

External Image

I got inspired by Berserk to create a medieval fantasy character. Actually I think he's just a redesign of an old Fire Emblem OC. He is a shaman~! His name is Emil or Emilian I can't decide. He is usually very reserved, but when upset he can be very dangerous. I am not sure if I will make his scars self inflicted or not....I kinda want to, but meh.

Welp that is it~!