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Opposite of Procrastination

Gaiz...I think I have a serious problem...

It's like the opposite of procrastination...

I keep worrying and freaking out about assignments and finishing them when they are due weeks from now...'orz

It's probably a very good thing, but it makes me feel very worrisome and like there is something I'm missing because that means a lot less homework...'orz

I feel like I should be doing homework all the time right now....but apparently that's not how it is...right now...It's slightly annoying because I've been prepared to have nothing but homework and now this is no longer the reality.

Maybe it's just really light for now...

I'll go back to study then...(those tests are what really scare me...not so much the papers if I have so many people to go to to perfect my papers).


Maybe this means more time for drawing? :D

Omigosh! It's Nana-kun!

External Image

Seriously looks just like how I imagine Nana-kun from Idolling to look! CRAYZEHHH...Except that Nana-kun looks more like a magician.

I'm waiting for my next class (which is dance) right now and am bored...Shouldn't I be studying? If I study anymore than I won't have anything to do over the weekends since my friends and I don't have any plans except studying (they all have to study).


In otha newsss...

Meh brother finally decided to start writing a visual novel, but to practice he wants me to draw some characters and he'll do something with them...

Makes me so excited~! <333

You guys seriously do not know how talented my brother is at writing. I mean, he writes some intensely deep stuff and does it well. I look forward to seeing how it would all turn out! :D


I'm wondering if I have some characters already drawn in a similar Visual Novel format so I don't have to go out of my way to draw a bunch of new characters if it's just for practice.

I've got about three down (of different sizes) but one of them (little boy) looks uglehh....;3;

Okay...I'll go back to that now.



Second day of classes and I don't have any homework right now~! :D I accidentally did my Japanese homework for today yesterday and what I thought was homework isn't exactly homework (and I can't decipher the instructions anyways) so I'm bored right now...

Postan' postan'~! :D

I haven't had my Humanities or Dance classes yet, but I've had the rest.

My Japanese class is really easy right now because we're only learning the basics of writing systems, though I have been learning a little bit here and there. It feels so great to speak Japanese! ;3;

I'm thinking of even doing one of those online speaking things...I have an account on one, but I never did anything. I'll wait until I know how to make sentences...'orz

My History class looks a bit hard, especially since I've never had World History, but hopefully if I study enough it won't be so bad. The teacher, at the beginning of class, was very quiet and in the corner. Then he started the class by screaming! It was hilarious! XD He reminds me of Stephen Colbert...'cause of his satirical way of talking. So I will surely enjoy the class.

Also, I'm used to taking notes from lectures so that won't be a problem. The way I take notes only makes sense for me, but I do plan on organizing them a little bit after writing them because in AP US History my notes were just all over the place. Just glancing over them reminded me of everything that happened, so I do think they work well.

I will try and organize my notes like with important terms and things to remember and stuff...

The history class is supposed to be less about memorizing and recording things, but arguing what happened. I like that better as a class. It allows for a more creative and abstract way of thinking about history.

I also have extended orientation which is almost exactly like a normal high school class, thus it is incredibly boring. It's only based on participation. It is helpful 'cause I know nothing about citing my work...but still...>3>

My Spanish I am trying to switch, but I'm a bit confused because I have to fill out this paper work and find out if a class is full etc....I'm not sure how to do all that, but my friend is also switching out of her Spanish class so I'll try and see if she can help me. Apparently the Spanish test I'm taking is for students who've only taken a few years of Spanish. It seemed like another high school Spanish class to me...

I just worry about grammar rules because I always seem to forget them...But then I wonder if that is because I don't understand them or that I am just the person who always forgets grammar rules...I feel like it is (look at my writings in English, they don't represent a good handle on grammar rules...).

Those are my classes so far. I'm worried about my Humanities class. My friends were really worried about theirs and it didn't turn out so bad, but they are taking a different Humanities course...>3>

In other newssss....

Tagaini Jisho

DOWNLOAD IT! Don't even hesitate for a moment!

Now I don't really know where to download it to send you guys the link (because I downloaded it from Linux's downloading place).

I was studying with it and it works SO FREAKING WELL. I just now learned some Japanese bad words~! :D Just so many things you can do in that...holy crap...

You can tag the words etc. and some of them are already tagged.

It'll show you how to write each kanji.

It will show you each radical in each kanji

What each individual kanji reads as.

Any other words using that kanji.

It categorizes words based on tags for dialect, part of speech, field, and other things (like if it's a bad word).

You can use a small hiragana and katakana cheat sheet.

And so much more that I'm still trying to figure out.

You can use flash cards, too.

I also found out the 'vocabulary reading' practicing where you can just read the kanji and figure out what it means 'n stuffs, but you type in the romaji! *3*

The only problem with is just on a few words it doesn't seem to recognize that the romaji is right. For instance, 'migi' which is 'right'...for some reason it always tells me it's wrong, but it's definitely right...O.o; How is 右 not migi?! ;m;

Welp...that's all I can think of about how great Tagaini Jisho is...

It doesn't really help me so much for my Japanese class but for my Japanese learning.


One day I will return with art~! :D

Cauliflower...I mean, COLLEGE~! :D

I ran out of things to do might as well post on theO~!

No home sickness while I have theO~!

But I'd honestly really like to start my classes because I greatly look forward to the challenging homework~! >:D Very masochistic of me, but I like learning things and putting effort into things.

I agree with moonlitdream, it feels like a camp! 'orz We have to stay with our Orientation group...which isn't entirely a bad thing since I like my group and we're all relatively friends now. I've been over to some of their rooms and exchanged phone numbers with some people.

All around everyone is very nice~! :D

All this group hanging out, assembly type stuff is really boring to me, though...I mean, it gives me something to do, but meh...classes...please start...

I've been looking over my textbooks for the past couple of days when I've had free time...

I haven't been able to meet my teachers...I'd like to...but how am I supposed to if they aren't in their rooms and I don't know what they look like! >3>

Also with classes and clubs and everything settled then I can figure out any sort of free time, though I do plan on studying the majority of the time and apparently the work load is really tough.

I'm the type of person to find more comfort in studying rather than other people...

When I'm with other people it's okay, nice for talking and all, but sort of awkward. When I'm studying I'm in my head the majority of the time so it's so comfortable.

My school has a lot of over-achievers so I don't feel out of place here...but then at the same time I do because there are so many different types of over-achievers...

Okay...I can't do this...

It's so hard to talk about how it feels when I am truly just in my 'waiting' mode. When I'm in my 'waiting' mode I don't have a brain! XD I just go with the flow half-heartedly...I don't have a plan and what I know I want to do is days from now...

In other newsss...

Skip Beat~! :D I have had this tab open for Skip Beat since maybe's killing me...I want to read it, but I know if I start now then I can't stop...'orz

That's all I can say, yo~! :D I wish I could do more art...maybe I should...but I'm not feelin' it right now...maybe I can force it?

I dislike it when I organize everything because then I don't want to use it because then I will organize it in an unattractive fashion...XD

ADIOSS~! (Not moozix...;3; Haven't listened to anything in a while...I need to do that now to become more of myself! >:0)

Side-ways Smiley Faces

I accidentally just drew one. I don't know why I did. I mean, I think side-way expressions are cute, too, but they don't make much sense. It makes sense when I type an emoticon that it might only fit sideways, but why would I draw it side-ways when it doesn't matter?

I felt like commenting 'cause...I haven't been very active on here...and I'm a few days away from my first time in college...;3;

My brother is starting his classes tomorrow, but I actually don't start my classes until next week, but this Wednesday I get to move into my dorm.

I'm gonna fail everything so hard...'orz Ugh buggg...

In otha newsss...SKIP BEAT!

You have stolen my heart once again~! <333

I kept looking at it on lists of 'best shoujo manga' and being all like 'Pshh, it's not that great' 'it's too boring'...then I started thinking 'Wait a minute, why do I dislike this manga? I loved the anime to death, but for some reason I stopped watching it...why?'

So I decided to go and read the manga...and...I am glued to it...

I read 100 chapters in two nights...sooo...incredibly...great...;3;

It makes me want to write Idolling all over again (I mean, not redo it, but just the original spirit of writing it) so I'm writing in-depth analyses of my own characters and their relationships and what sorts of characters they are because I feel like they're very ambiguous...>3> I want them to be realistic and believable, but catchy.

'cause humans like to label things they need to have the capability, I feel like they are lacking in that respect.

Skip Beat is so strange in it's humor with the mix of supernatural that anything supernatural that actually affects the story doesn't seem shocking in the slightest. That takes some skill...;3;

I also saved this page into my 'inspiration' folder on meh computer:


There was another page...but I think it was just a panel that's probably why I didn't save it, but I can't find it and every time I think of it I crack up! Holy crap...the comedy in this...the flow is so perfect...*dies from laughter*

I think the only thing that...well, it's not that I don't like's just not something that has been diving in and drowning for air then dying from not having more chapters......

The fact that I don't particularly like the love interests...It's not that I don't like them, they just don't...I dunno, they don't do something for me that makes me think 'OMAIGAHH! SO FREAKING ADORABLE' like some other manga has done for me.

I mean guys like this:

External Image

External Image

External Image

Rather than somebody who looks like this:

External Image

It might just be the art style...Kyoko looks adorable, though! ;m;

Now that I think about it...I think my preferences have changed...

When I was younger I liked guys like Lantis from Magic Knight Rayearth:

External Image

Who is quite similar to Ren Tsuruga in the fact that they are both the cool, mysterious, dark kind of character.

Or maybe it's just that I've evolved as a person as the anime characters changed? XD I still like characters that remind me of Helios, though~! :D

I guess I will end this post here, since I've run out of things to say (that or I just want to read more Skip Beat...which one do you think it is?).