I didn't get to do everything I wanted to do this weekend...because of video games...but I got the big things done.

I've drawn 3 pics! None of which I can post because they're for stuff like contests and things that could cause confusion if I posted them online.


I've been in a Harvest Moon mood so I decided to play Harvest Moon DS again (since I have a DS to play it with~! >:D FINALLY) and HOLY CRAP! I got SO MANY THINGS done.

I found 20+ sprites than I already had.
I got the sword to open up another place to cultivate.
Made Finest Rice and gave it to Keira for her first heart event.
Found two cursed items.
Increased my crop plantation area (before I only had the stuff in my house and the two patches outside, which I increased to about 12 patches...:D).
Bought even more accessory stuff so mining is A BREEZE~! :D
FINALLY GOT A FISHING POLE! Omigosh...I couldn't understand why I could never get that event to get the fishing pole until I realized every time I tried I had another tool equipped...'orz
I built two new bird coop thingies which means I'm definitely getting that red sprite! >:D
I bought 2 new cows and 4 new chickens and omigosh! The people I bought them from left them out in the rain! ;m; And now they're sick...those jerks....>3>

And that's all I can remember...that's a lot considering all I had been doing the entire time I had that I basically have all the normal girls' hearts maxed out (except for Nami for some reason....even though in the other file I'm trying to get her...XD Maybe I just got tired of giving her presents).

Not only thatttt...

But I just recently played the demo for Fire Emblem: The Awakening!


For those of you who are an FE fan like me, or not an FE fan, or don't have a 3DS and are thinking about buying it or are thinking about buying the new FE game but hate the character design (like me) or just don't want to spend the money...lemme tell you, lemme tell you the greatness of the game!! (As far as I could see the from the demo)

These are some of the things you will find/be amazed by:

-THE 3D GRAPHICS! Omigosh! The fire the birds looked like they were coming out of me. Le gasp, the atmosphere is like how it was in Avatar! ;w;
-It's more convenient than the older games (which for me is a downside because if you're new to the series and want to play the old games the old games won't seem as appealing just because this game is so much more convenient)
- The voice acting isn't as bad as Radiant Dawn's~! :D It's not like magical award winning's like any other anime voice acting, but yeah, at least it's not as bad as Radiant Dawn's.
- CUSTOMIZATION!! CUSTOMIZATION! You can customize your own character who will use swords and magic! :D You are the main character! You can choose your face, hair style, body style (?), and what-not. Basic things you'd expect..your name, your birthdate, yadda yadda. AND!! YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR VOICE! AND!!! Seriously, there is more greatness and this is even better! YOU CAN MAKE YOU CHOOSE YOUR STATS! Like what you're be weak with and what you'd be stonger with for instance. Weak in speed but strong in strength.
- SUPPORTS~! :D For me, what makes me love FE even more than RPGs that may have similar gameplay is the killer support system which was downgraded in Radiant Dawn. But it's back and even greater in this one! You are alerted (with hearts~! <333) when you supports have increased after a battle. On top of that I hear there can be romances, marriage, and children. Then you can play as those characters' children. On top of that on top of that you I hear your character can marry someone and do the same thing! CRAZZYY! (It was done in older games, but it's a bit cleaner in this one....I suppose...c-convenient)
- This one surprised me...If you put another unit next to the other BOTH go into battle. So if one unit misses their attack the other unit can finish the enemy. This is how the support works. And it's clearer how the supports help the two characters. You can't have more than two in battle, though....;m; But oh wellz, two characters is more than satisfactory!
- The cutscene graphics are amazing! They're pretty much the same as in Radiant Dawn and Path of Radiance...If you don't know what I'm talking about and have seen the short film before Wreck-it-Ralph it's pretty much that quality. It's a mixture of 2D and 3D graphics. Cell-shaded 3D. IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!
- Not many things have been changed from the previous games, rather they have been improved when it comes to gameplay.
- You can view the stat hexagon~! :D One of those hexagons you usually see when looking at the stats for...anything....I think that's pretty cool. It makes them seem more well rounded~! :D
- You can view your units AND enemies individually. By this I mean you can see their full design and zoom in and out sorta like with Super Smash Bros.'s trophies, except you can't move around them (as far as I know).

And those are just some of the many amazing things about this game!

I'm definitely going to buy this game! I hope you guys do too, so we can fangirl/boy about it~! <333