Birthday Birthday~! :D


It means so much to me! ;w;

I spent the first part of my birthday taking tests for Academic Team. I placed 3rd, but it's no big deal. I'm very happy that I got 34 points, though. Last year first place only had about 27 points, so this is very surprising...unfortunately somebody who was on my team didn't get first so I was a bit disappointed about that.

I did get to talk to my best friend from the rival school, though~! :D She was with her Jesus friend...He apparently looks like Jesus, but I think he looked more like a young brown haired version of Saruman (can't believe the kinds of people that are only 17-18...O.o;).

For meh birthday dinner my family had an Asian styled dinner: Spring rolls, Udon Noodles, Miso Soup Glazed Cod, Asian Lettuce Wraps, and Fried Rice

For meh cake my mom didn't want to have another chocolate cake so instead I had a Spice Cake with Green Tea Frosting and Chopped Pistachios.

(Why am I capitalizing the food?)

I got everything I asked for and more (in money)~! :D I got Harvest Moon 3DS which I will tell you gaiz about later in this post. I got nail art brushes, dotting tool, and stickers (not sure how the stickers work...they don't even look like anything, just rolls of something....O.o;). I also got the Skillful Huntsman:

External Image

It takes the Grimm Fairytale story of The Skillful Huntsman and shows the process of designing concept art for it. It's REALLY REALLY good. I highly recommend it for anybody interested in concept art, or, like me, having a really hard time designing full body characters...'orz

I also got a tripod for meh camera that can hook onto ANYTHING...Well, not exactly anything, but a lot of things.

Onto Harvest Moon 3DS talk~! :D

What can I tell you about this game?

It's pretty much like every other Harvest Moon game.

I'm not saying this like it's a disappointment or that it really is a repeat of the previous games, that's definitely not it.

The basic character modeling, character actions, movement, sounds, etc. are the same like the previous Harvest Moon games (and of course, terrible translating), but there are a TON of new things (besides new characters and new places).

YOU GET TO JUMP! I don't know why all the places I've read hadn't mentioned it, or maybe I skipped over it. I know it's not new to the game series, but HOLY CRAP is it fun! I love jumping onto rocks to get to the other side of a stream or jumping into stumps or jumping on mushrooms~! <333

There are different ways of foraging items, you catch bugs, and you can fish with a net (but you have to make the net and it will break depending on how long you leave it in the water). You have to clean up after your animals! XD I accidentally sold my pitchfork so my barn got REALLY dirty...;orz The places are also very lovely to look at! You can move around the camera, which is also very nice (for looking at character designs)

The whole construction and blueprinting is LOVELY~! So many things I want to do....but then I know I have to collect the materials or buy it.

It's REALLY REALLY easy to get money and most of the prices for things are very cheap. I've just started I already have 50,000...O.o; Something I only wished I had in the other games....;orz How is it easy to get this much? Besides foraging, which you actually don't get as much money for, the crops grow REALLY REALLY fast. I remember being really bothered about how slow crops were in other games, and then here I'm so surprised by how quickly I have fully grown crops.

There are sooo many things to do and I like that the game sorta reminds you. Half the time I've already done something and then the Harvest Sprite Aaron comes in and tells me that I should be doing whatever I'm already doinggggg...>3>

Customization is lovely~! <333 I already have an adorable girl and adorable boy character. I made my boy character look like Chihaya! XD And my girl is pink with short hair and gold eyes.

My only problems with this game arreeee:

It's much easier than the previous games (maybe this is a good thing?)
It's very very slow in the beginning
Translation is bad
There isn't that much variety of music. You just get remixed versions of the same songs...>3> I mean, it's not like it was that much better in the other games, but it's still rather annoying.
I don't even know why it's on the 3DS because the attempts at 3D are pretteh bad. I could turn off the 3D and there isn't that much difference. It doesn't have the 3D WOW of the FE game.

That's what I think of the game so far! Right now I'm taking a break to read more of The Skillful Huntsman because too much gameplay (especially on the 3DS) is bad for the eyes~! :D