I just thought I'd share meh work...

'o nail art~! :

I finally tried out my new nail art brushes~! :D So I did a design that I've been wanting to do for a while which isss lace!

I wasn't sure which picture was the clearest in showing what I did so I took several! XD

This Valentine's day I'm going to do Ash Crimson's nails (since it's his birthday)! I will post the outcome of that!

I'm still waiting for Fire Emblem Awakening to arrive in the mail.

My brother bought the new Sonic and All Star's racing game. It looks really cool and he says it's a very well made game.

I'll end this post with the song I'm currently obsessed with:

Minamoto no Hikaru composed by the same guy who did the Death Note OST~! :D I really love the feeling of this song. The basic melody is INCREDIBLY addicting.