Happy Valentines Day~! <333

As tradition, for me, I half way dressed up as Ash Crimson~! :D

I finally got to do my nails the right way:

Not as good as Ash Crimson's:

External Image

That is my holiday tradition~! >:D

My Valentines Day has just been escalated when I returned home today. Not only did I get tons of chocolate...FE HAS ARRIVED! But I can't play it until after Academic Team Regionals which is this Saturday 'cause I need to focus on studying...'orz

And thhennnnn SEIYUU KA-! HAS UPDATED! <333 Omigosh, soooo happy! I check it every time I come home! That's how much I love this manga...omigosh!!!

Also, long weekend...to play FE~! >:D

With that said, I'ma go read Seiyuu Ka-!