Hullo. As you know, I'm VG GRL 2000! Here's a little bit about me.I really like art. Any kind, I could care less. I love to see other people's art, It makes me get the urge to become a better artist.I love to draw, if I'm not in my room, with my HUNDREDS of skecth pads, I'm down on the computer, practicing on paint, or school, go figure. I love hearing people's comments, I like to hear that people really actually like me art, and I'm not wasting my time for nothing becasue no one likes my art.Hint hint, COMMENT! Even in my worlds, I like to hear from people.I aboslutly HATE, people who are mean, rude and disrespctful to other people's art. It gets me mad when I see flammers. I WILL give you the whole, "If you don't have anything nice to say, shut the hell up" thing If you do be compleatly mean to someone. I don't care if it matters to you, even though it should.CONSTRUTIVE critisime, totally diffrent, I like to hear it when people give others tips, I think it's nice. You can find me on DeviantART Add me if your on there or leave me a message, "Hey VG I'm so and so from Otaku, just came to say hi." You don't have to add me. And another thing I hate! People who add others, just to get a subscription! I HAD 44, now I have 43, someone was going around just getting some extra people just to look better. IT'S NOT A GOOD IDEA! No trust for you. Even though you shouldn't trust the internet. So no real personal stuff from me, thank you very much.Someone already asked me something like that. *shivers* As you can tell, my spelling sucks.Don't be too bad about it please. Thank you. As you can tell from my name, I love Video Games, if you've heard of it, I've probobly played it. so hope you enjoy your stay and don't be afraid to comment.


I'MALIVEEEEE(somewhat) yeah... I'm sorry for a ll my in-active-ness, but I got a lot going on latly...and I'm not even gonna be on until after then new year....Visiting and everything~♥ so uhh... I'm REALLY sorry.... -waves- Bye-bye~


lol, I spelt that wrong, anywho~ Hey guys~! How's life? :D well, I'm going to be offline for a while, so see ya in a couple days!


It's been a long time eh? well~ This is what I'm doing right now, it's a picture of my Vocaloid Mizu, as Black Rock Shooter. :x Well, this is it so far. xD with the knowledge I leared for Arctic Wulf. *w* I can now take screen shots Tell me what you think kay~ and It's in the challengde Vocaloid covers.

Alice Human Sacrifice

GRAHH! I'm so boared. D:

Hikari is back!

Anyone remember her? from little secret? Well, I'm in the middle of redoing her comic, as for Kiyumi's, It's on hold. >3> comments plz. :D