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A Taco Navidad

As I sit on my bed and I play Portal 2 It occurs to me my Christmas options are few This time of year, all of us like to give things To remind our friends each of the joy they all bring I was going to draw, maybe g...

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Dear Princess Celestia,

Concerning what I guess for lack of a better term I'll call the "Lyndy Situation". Friendship is all at once the best and worst thing ever. Friends understand each other, give each other moral support, have fun together, and always have eac...

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This ain't a quiz, foo's.

It's a survey. Favorite Trio Pokémon in......Kanto? Articuno - [] Zapdos - [X] Moltres - [] Johto? Raikou - [] Entei - [X] Suicune - [] Hoenn? Regirock - [] Regice - [X]...

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Okay, so this weird Canadian guy has forced me into a bit of an interrogation or something here. All I have to say to that is: ...

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I can't find RT's comment button, so...

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Guy named Gene Siskel, Bryan. That's who.

But no, I also disagree with Roeper here.

In other news, it may have come to the attention of some of you that I've been somewhat ill lately. I was recovering pretty well yesterday, then I almost vomited this morning. Please stop taunting me, body. It is unkind.