Hi minna-sama! thank you for visiting my world

Just call me Nelo instead LonelyArtist ^^

Why when we get bored...

Why when we get bored we can drew exceptional piece of art
didnt you notice it? is it always happened?

I view arts and read their drawing details it said that they are bored ^__^
so i constantly replied to their art I hope you get bored everyday ^__^

A friend told me atleast you have the good mood to draw(maybe its not true x) )

Collaboration anyone?

yes! collaboration im going to try it once in a while. Em i bored in coloring my own lineart ^^ OR maybe i want to test myself on other art.
Im not that good in colors but i'll try my best to make it good.

What im going to provide is a photoshop color to your art.
If you have any extra drawing that you feel like needed a color.

First collaboration with XxI wuv PockyxX it was year 2007 ^^

a little consideration
1. I can't draw you a fanart ^^ 'coz my scanner is down
2. One(1) art per request XD
3. Colors to put in your art(if its OC)
4. Lastly i will not upload it in my account^^(its an honor to color ur art)^^

This is effective for the whole month of February,2009 only ^^

My WORLD rank # is 2000/8000 ^^ with this kind of ratio
this post might be neglected, XD lol

thank you for reading it.


The Fanart Process

Hello minna! first of all i would like to thanks everyone, ive reach 1k points ^_^ thank u thank u

to my post

I would like to share to every otakus here on how i do my fanart.
Maybe my way of working a fanart is similar to other otakus here.

its not a tutorial ^__^ maybe next post i'll post a tutorial

I mentioned it before that my scanner is broke X(
what i do is photo shot them in cellphone and save it in computer ^^

this is my tools pencil,eraser and black pen
External Image

here is my sketch, messy isnt?
External Image

i used Adobe Photoshop version CS1 and using 'pentool' i traced it
External Image

here is the clear view of traced lines, this part is eating to much time x(
click me

and lineart without the face. i draw the face seperately here
click me

In rendering the colors think first were the lights headed.
Imagine the lights is flashing in this way.
click me
note: It's not the actual representation of lights and shadows.

Coloring the flesh, i put 3 types of colors here light mid and dark only same with the hair
click me

here is the complete color (still messy)
click me

still dont forget the seperation of dark and lights ^^
click me
this is optional if i wanna darken it more.

clean version

for the background i draw a doodle pattern a guide.
I imagine a perspective like this (although it's not accurate please bare with it) ^_^
click me

final image
External Image

full image

thank u for reading =)

Introduction - About me

Hi fellow friends here
just trying out how this 'WORLDS' work

For my first post i'm here introducing myself

I am LonelyArtist (it is not that i am lonely ^^) some artist needs to be alone
to do their work. (explanation to follow). I am also known as Nelo or Loneicon.

I've been here since year 2005 and im thinking when i can be an 'OTAKU LEGEND' ^^
I am an Asian from Philippines, there are a lot of great artist here but i dont know them personally ^^

The first Anime that caught my attention was Dragon Ball it was early 1990's.
I been hooked with Son Gokou fighting against The Red Ribbon Army.

More animation followed after DBZ like Voltez 5, Astro Boy, Daimos,
Mazzinger Z and G Force. But ive never been amazed until i saw 'Ghost Fighter'
it was year 1998 or something (cant remember).
Time goes by and im been busy for many reasons that i seldom watch Anime on our local channel.
Youtube and other streaming sites is not yet introduced that time.

Until now there are Animes out there which i think its interesting(thanks to spoilers hehehe)

My All time Favourite Animes that inspires me:
Great Teacher Onizuka
Golden Boy,
Hunter X Hunter,
Princess Mononoke,
Project Arms,
Slam Dunk,
Dragon Ball Z,
Cowboy Beebop.

and my current obsession Anime are School Rumble, Naruto and One Piece.

that's it! thank you for reading! ^___^