Introduction - About me

Hi fellow friends here
just trying out how this 'WORLDS' work

For my first post i'm here introducing myself

I am LonelyArtist (it is not that i am lonely ^^) some artist needs to be alone
to do their work. (explanation to follow). I am also known as Nelo or Loneicon.

I've been here since year 2005 and im thinking when i can be an 'OTAKU LEGEND' ^^
I am an Asian from Philippines, there are a lot of great artist here but i dont know them personally ^^

The first Anime that caught my attention was Dragon Ball it was early 1990's.
I been hooked with Son Gokou fighting against The Red Ribbon Army.

More animation followed after DBZ like Voltez 5, Astro Boy, Daimos,
Mazzinger Z and G Force. But ive never been amazed until i saw 'Ghost Fighter'
it was year 1998 or something (cant remember).
Time goes by and im been busy for many reasons that i seldom watch Anime on our local channel.
Youtube and other streaming sites is not yet introduced that time.

Until now there are Animes out there which i think its interesting(thanks to spoilers hehehe)

My All time Favourite Animes that inspires me:
Great Teacher Onizuka
Golden Boy,
Hunter X Hunter,
Princess Mononoke,
Project Arms,
Slam Dunk,
Dragon Ball Z,
Cowboy Beebop.

and my current obsession Anime are School Rumble, Naruto and One Piece.

that's it! thank you for reading! ^___^