heey everyone !(:

well for anyone who happens to read ... please sub ! i always sub back(: and comment any suggestions or anything you have to say .

now heres about me :

likes : basketball , competitive swim , waterpolo , sports , anime/manga , music , sleeping ^___^ , drawing and water color(:

dislikes : haters , people who try to hard to change .

favorite anime/ mangas : deathnote , ouran high school host club and anohana .

favorite colors : neon green , neon pink , neon yellow and black(x

favorite songs : viva la vida , by chance(you & i) , best friend , dont let me ffall and ill be in the sky .

favorite NBA team : currently the clippers(: subject to change though .

well i hope that wasnt boring !
thanks for stopping by(:

cosplay help ?

to anyonee who reads this .. PLEASE COMMENT .
my friend would like some suggestions for an easy cosplay .(: thanks . she likes animes / mangas like .. vocaloid , ouran high school host club and such ..

designing a dress :3

well ... ive decided to sew / design my band concert dress for this year and i was wondering if anyone has any tips or suggestions for me ? :3 its my first time sewing something that ive designed so im a little nervous (x .

any suggestions ?(:

Well , i haven't been on here in awhile . And i'll be ALOT more active now (: . I need some ideas for fanart . And if you have any suggestions for me please comment (x .
thanks <3 .

i got a ukulele ! ^.^

hahah i got a ukelele ! so happy but idk how to play it ! does anyone know how to ?!(:


why do some animes make life look so simple, so real, so easily achieveable?! when sometimes it really isnt tht simple....?