"dear god, I've turned into some sort of hipster-otaku hybrid!"

welcome, it's nice to see you!

my first youtube video!

i would like some people to see my hard work on this amv!
it took me 4 days to finsh this! :DDDD
but it was completly worth it in the long run. i know it's not spactacular compared to some, but i like how it turned out. please watch it.
fullmetal alchemist and angels on the moon is a combonation that can't be beat.


@[email protected] a little part of me died and went to heven.
thank god it is super short.
it is the best 3 seconds of my LIFEEEEE!!!

watch it and be funtertained!

FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST FANS:look at this at least once in your life...:3

i found this on youtube....O_O i love it soooo much
it turned me into a laughing puddle...:3
if you like lucky star and fullmetal alchemist: watch it now!

I have an idea

I'm not exactly sure if it is even possible,
and if it can be done....
but i have an idea,
I think that it would be one of the most memorable things on this site if the creators of the Otaku could do this...
Turn the O pink for one whole week to show awareness for breast cancer.
because it is a horrible disease that has taken many people's friends and family away...and i want everyone to know about it's existence...
my former English teacher has a friend, who has breast cancer, so Mrs. M and her 2 friends teamed up to collect money to find the cure for breast cancer...they raised a LOT of money for a cure...they participated in the walk in Chicago...
let's hope for a better future with this awful disease...
have a nice day


first off, we found these at some weird website...they are fun to read... i haven't read them all yet!! *nya* If you have 3 quarters, 4 dimes, and 4 pennies, you have $1.19. You also have the largest amount of money in coins wit...

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