"dear god, I've turned into some sort of hipster-otaku hybrid!"

welcome, it's nice to see you!


so my choir has been invited to participate in possibly the coolest thing ever imaginable. SINGING WITH ONE OF MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE BANDS!~

unfortunatally, the contest is based of a vote. the 2 highest voted choirs get to participate, and sing with them in feburary. /dies a little//, but since we aren't locals in the UP *Michigan* (we are in northern michigan, about 4 hours away from the concert hall), we are having a hard time getting votes! D:
there are unlimited votes, but I would be more than delighted if you all voted once! please help us on the path to victory!

thank you so much!
link to us singin'here, my good person!

vote here!


i was looking forward to going to school today.
well, i am at school.
but I am going home
because I am sick.
lkfajoducjmnre i blame doctor who. he made me stay up all night.
:( but then again...how can I blame him?

That is slightly amazing.

I have exactly the same amount of subscribers here as I do on Hatena....oh wow...O_O that made my sick day...<3

i made a christmas MV!
it's to "jingle bells" by Michael Buble'
but the catch is--that I changed it from "sleighing song" to "SLAYING song"
I am odd.
happy holidays everyone!
I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL MY CHOIR SECRET SANTA ON THE 21ST! and the concert is one day before that! we'll be singing until the apparent end of the world!
which is a lie, but nontheless. my sis and I are having a party. don't judge. it will be fun.

oh yeah, and OBEY TIM MINCHIN!!
<3 I want to hug that man.

Secret santa 2012!

I am so excited to be a part of another secret santa!!
well, I suppose I should start! >:D

onto my wishlist~ :3
ermmm. i am not very good at these, i suppose! XD
*sits on your lap*
hi santa, I have been a good girl this year!
*grabs out list*

  • maybe A kamichama karin christmas scene, with the characters sharing a long scarf. like this!<3
  • something with a city! I love lights and snow together! maybe with vocaloids @[email protected]
  • hrmmm...maybe my OC Kaigee
  • something for my friend, Eryn. she moved to Flordia, and I won't be able to get her anything for christmas...T^T so maybe me giving her a huge hug! >u<

    and here is me.

thank you santa!
I love you!!

happy holidays!~~


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