"dear god, I've turned into some sort of hipster-otaku hybrid!"

welcome, it's nice to see you!

I really feel like crying...

so my school decided "LETS JUST NOT HAVE FINALS!"
seemed cool at first. i think "wow, now i won't have to study so hard."
so I have 4 tests tomorow. the only class I get a break in is choir. uggh. my teacher must have all decided that having large do-or-die unit tests the last day of the trimester is a good idea. i am dying. i feel pretty prepared for History and math. but that Bio Test. uwuuug. i will fail it.
my grades slipped in History B and Geometry B to B+'s....i am a streight A student.
help me.
help me.
i am crying now.
i am so unprepared and stressed out for my tests tomorow.
it doesn't help that this is the only free time I have had all day. i got loaded with homework today on top of studying.

well. i think i will go now. i am sure you don't really want to hear about my school issues anyway.
have a good one!
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i was looking forward to going to school today.
well, i am at school.
but I am going home
because I am sick.
lkfajoducjmnre i blame doctor who. he made me stay up all night.
:( but then again...how can I blame him?

Drivers education

I started driver's ed on tuesday. so far it has been pretty boring. it is useful though, so it makes it worth it. fortunatally for me, i have a friend in the class too (not really a close friend that comes over to my house and whatnot;but still a friend.)Lisa Timm is a pretty cool instructior, but nothing can change the fact that this is in the middle of my summer vacation. I have to get up a 7 o'clock because I am in the morining class. :( ...but dispite all this grumpy-ness, i am extreamly excited about getting my licence!(we're getting our pink slips on Monday <3~)
But here's the thing: my first drive with an instructior is tomorow!I hope I do good. but right now i am super frustrated by all the homework we just got. plus, there's a sign test tomorrow also: so i need to study for that too. kdsjaklfjdfkldjafk when will this end? D:
I reallllly hope that I do okay in town! I have drove quite a lot with my dad (illigally though it may be)--but only in the country! T^T town is different!
D: I hope the instructor, tim goes easy on me!!! *plus Riley is going to be in the car, so I might bring show tunes to play while our other partner Alexandria, is driving. hehhehehe chior girls are funny!^^
but that's beside the point!
>///< please wish me luck tomorow (and them my next drive's on Monday)

by the way, the DeLorian has always been my dream car...*_* (sigh)


My appologies for the long-ness of this!
wow, i have no school spirit...wildcats....whoo *said sarcastically while waving around a flag of green and white with bullet holes in it*
Well...today was my 2nd day of highschool...and to tell you the truth, i am not-so-enthused...i kinda wish it was the weekend already! already!?!?!
so yeah, the only class of the day I have been super psyked about is chior, and unfortunatly it is my last hour (damn, why 5th hour?!!)
the reason I have not had so much fun is because I have been quite rudely been put in strangely timed hours...I don't have many of my friends in my classes, so if you aren't in my classes, i will probably not see you that day. plus, only one of my close friends has my lunch hour *the high school here is HUGE!!* I heard a bunch of preps that got lost the first day of school, and I couldn't help but laugh...i think one of them heard me, because she tured around and scoweled...i stuck my tounge out at her as her posse' ran off down the hall
also, I got my hair cut a few days before school started. My cousin cut it for me at the salon, but I had no clue what I would do with it...so I told her to do whatever would look nice...my main is now 7 inches shorter than it was to begin with...(´・ω・`)
it's really weird. try taking a shower while you forget that your hair is 7 in. shorter.. :< if anyone really wants to see it, ill post a picture if you tell me to..
on a brighter note I AM FINALLY GETING A DSi XL!!!!! *so happyyyyy!!* (^o^)/
i am getting it from my friend, who's selling me his for 50$!!!!
all hail hatena! you better be ready for me!

oh, by the way..I AM SOPRANO 1, BABY!! ♪( ´θ`)ノ *now cassi won't kill me!*
here's to a better year of highschool, and actually...you know...seeing my friends... (;3;) ima gonna go watch a ton of anime...see if that gets me iin a better mood!

oh, by-the-way...i finally beat crisis core!!!! (*^-^*)
~with love, kks~