"dear god, I've turned into some sort of hipster-otaku hybrid!"

welcome, it's nice to see you!


i was looking forward to going to school today.
well, i am at school.
but I am going home
because I am sick.
lkfajoducjmnre i blame doctor who. he made me stay up all night.
:( but then again...how can I blame him?

A Tribute To Another Fallen Comrade...

yesterday... I am very sad to announce...My family lost another comrade....our cat, Polar Bear died yesterday of an unknown sickness....i felt so bad for him... and I wish I could have done something for him. The last few days he has been looking so bad, he wouldn't eat or drink, he couldn't walk without falling over, and all he practically did was sleep...maybe it was better that he died, but I still think he had plenty of time left here.

to my fallen friend, i hope you have gained your wings


man, i don't know wheather i'm really lucky, or not lucky at all..
I got sick yesterday, the day before that i was at cedar point (the world's most kick-butt amusement park of all time)
today i'm staying home, because i am sick..

and on top of that, im tired..
see you guys around!!