OHIMIGOSH Im so sorry I didn't post the news earlier, but my cat Luna had her kittens last month. :) they are so cute.
she had

5 of them
on my bed.
but you know what. I am over it.
because Luna's kittens are SOOO CUTE!!! (^._.^)/

then today i got home from school. i messed aroud a bit on "eternal darkness" upstairs, then I went into my room, where luna's kittens are, in a box.
Jupiter had her kittens too!
she had

6 of them. :D
also on my bed.
I whipped together a picture for anyone who should stumble upon this, i hope you find the newborns' rat faces as cute as I do.
(they will also be staying in my room)
the two mother cats seem to get along well with them, so it's all good,she even helped Jupiter clean them. so cute. any chance any of you want a kitten?
i have to find them all homes...T^T
~sammi nishikiori~