I finally got my results up!

I apologize in advance for a few things.
I am sorry it took me so long to judge this. I have been busier than I thought, and I found myself with little to no time with schoolwork *excuses,excuses*

I am also so sorry if you didn't like how I judged this! All of the entries were so amazing, I spent hours going over them! *ngghhAH!*
and I am not eggegerateing when I say all the entries were amazing, you guys are the best!
I do feel bad, there were many people who did so well, but I couldn't have everyone win! ^^' judging's a buzz-kill.

but onto the reasons!

1st place:
In first Place we have King-sama with his beautiful drawing for aragorn1014
1st place
you guys voted, and King respectively won first place! King made a wonderful work of art with this piece; it is romantic, soft, and delightful.
it is very emotional and it's easy to see the time put into this piece. not only this, every entries was as well crafted as the last, you never dissapoint!

2nd place:
In second I chose 2nd place by MangaKid, this picture was for a wonderful member who goes by the name yumei hearts u
by drawing her it not only shows you two trust each other enough to exchange a photo/info, it also shows the skill you have to transform yumei into your art style!
You had many entries and went far beyond the call of duty in this challenge! way to go, Mangakid! each piece you entered was well crafted and round. congrats!

3rd Place
and finally, if 3rd place we have Aishia's artwork for the member chibi-anna-chan.
3rd place
I really couldn't resist choosing something from you. you had such heartwarming reasons to choose each of the people you chose, it was a perfect representation of the idea of "Pay it Forward" you also wowed me by making your entry an animation! the textures turned out wonderful!
it is always important to find those people online that make you smile; I am delighted that you found some!

so, like I said before, please PM me with the requests you want, and your address if you so wish to receive a Pay it forward wristband. c:

ha, you thought I was done, didn't you? >//<

I would also like to acknowledge some honorable mentions!
for making that helpful world post and helping me out!
15385bic- for your amazing and breathtaking entries.
Zuzu Uchiha- for the reasons behind your art.

to honorable mentions:
If you each send me your address in my PM box, I will send you a bracelet. you deserve them!

and to everyone, if you find there is a member who also went beyond my asking, and you think they deserve praise, shoot me a PM, and I'll send them a bracelet as well! ^^

I hope I was fair with my judging! <3
I love you all, and thank you so much for paying it forward.