Fellow humans and plants across America. If you are any of these two beings, please read this:

For too long have some people became lonely, wanting to make their dreams come true. Plants want to take over the world and eat people along the way.
It changed when the two of them met and in fact made their lives interesting.
That's where you all come in.

Welcome to

The Little Shop Of Horrors!

A place in New York City called Skid Row. Downtown, it might be full of sluts, druggies, and gangsters, but it's still Skid Row.
Create an OC (Original Character). Your OC can either be one of the following; a hungry plant or a miserable human... YOU DECIDE!!!

The Storyline:

Seymour was just your average blonde-loving nerd, working at The Little Florist Shop with his manager Mr. Mushnick. On September 23rd, strange eclipses from
the sun emerged and plants, including me, the Audrey II, start popping up from no where. Seymour buys all of them and other humans buy them.
But if humans want fame and fortune, they would have to choose whether or not to do what the plants asks.

So join. Sign up! The party is really just getting started.

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wolfdemonchild9's Profile

Human Info
Name: Sammie Jo
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Hair: blond with brown bangs, kept short and hidden under a baseball cap
Eyes: green-blue
Clothing: blue jeans, black T shirt, black jacket, black and white sneakers, neon colored ponytail holders/wrists
Personality: shy, clumsy, temperamental, protective of her friends and family, loves to fight, acts more like a guy than a girl
Dream or Goal: to find a better home for her seven younger siblings
Plant that you have: Risa (alien black rose)
Why did you come to the Little Flower Shop?: needed to find a new job
Your reaction to Seymour: "The dude's clumsier than me!"
Your Reaction to Twoey: slightly scared at first but comes to like him

Plant Info
Name: Risa
Supposed Gender: Male (though more feminine)
Species: Alien Black rose
Voice: sounds like an arrogant 16 year old
Powers: poisonous thorns
Color: black
Looks: small black rose (though tends to grow)
Eating Habits: blood, animals
What happens to you when your owner feeds you: tends to grow larger, and gets easily ticked off
Personality: arrogant, slightly (hardly) perverted, con be scary at times
What do you think about Planet Earth: "Meh, just another planet"
Owner: Sammie-Jo
Your reaction to Seymour: "The dude's an idiot!"
Your reaction to Twoey: "Freakin awesome!"

PlungerDevil7's Profile

Human Info
Name- Lock
Age- Around 14
Gender- Male
Hair- Bright red and handlebar style
Eyes- Yellow, with slit pupils
Clothing- Tattered red shirt and pants, devil cosplay mask. Complete with a devil's tail (There's no telling if it's real)
Personality- He has a big ego, and his pride would most likely be his weak points. He likes being in charge, and hates when others take over. Lock's a bit of a hypocrite, and likes cracking jokes about his cohorts (although he doesn't like when they do it to him). He's drastically insecure and usually resorts to bullying to increase his very low self esteem.
Dream or Goal- He wants Shock to be with him, and will stop at nearly nothing to have that come true.
Plant that you have- Diablo
Why did you come to the Little Flower Shop?- "Who doesn't love shops with giant carnivorous plants? It's like moths to a flame for me."
Your reaction to Seymour- "He needs to man up, and stop being such a clumsy dork."
Your Reaction to Twoey- "He's got an attitude. Wish he was my plant."

Plant Info
Name- Diablo
Supposed Gender- Male
Species- Alien Sundew
Voice- He talks smooth, like you'd expect a con artist to do. A bit high pitched
Powers- Persuasion, a smidge of hypnotism. Has a pollen he likes throwing at Lock, which gives him horrible allergies
Color- A pale green, with red tabby-like stripes
Looks- He has a bulbous venus fly-trap head, much like Twoey. His stem is very long and bendy, and usually is curled up inside of his pot. He has few leaves, and his vines are covered in sticky glue-like tendrils. His roots are clumped up in the pot, and are frequently used to pull himself around.
Eating Habits- Children, and small animals
What happens to you when your owner feeds you- He gets larger, and more demanding. More threatening as well, and his pollen gets much stronger.
Personality- He. can make you believe pigs fly. Ultra persuasive and uplifting. If he doesn't get what he wants, he resorts to death threats
What do you think about Planet Earth- "A very nice future crashpad for me and my man-eating friends. The water supply seems nearly endless."
Your reaction to Seymour- "He needs to buck up and stop fawning over that lady. Relationships won't get ya nowhere these days. Don't tell devil-boy I said that."
Your reaction to Twoey- "He'd make a nice partner in crime."

BlackLollipopBoy5's Profile

Name: Barrel
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Hair: Bright Green
Eyes: Black
Clothing: Black jeans, skeleton t-shirt, dark purple hoodie, skeleton cosplay mask
Personality: Quiet, shy, stubborn, childish
Dream or Goal: To be recognized and respected
Plant that you have: Alien FlyTrap
Why did you come to the Little Flower Shop?: Was lost away from his hometown and friends; was discovered by Seymour and took care of him
Your reaction to Seymour: Too meek, but makes sense
Your Reaction to Twoey: Creepy, yet cool at the same time

Plant Info
Name: NightShade
Supposed Gender: Male
Species: Alien FlyTrap (Like Twoey)
Voice: Smooth and Deep, yet sounds like a teenager
Powers: Vines, Thorns, Leaves
Color: Black with orange swirls and Dark blue-green leaves
Looks: A small flytrap with a smooth bulb of a mouth, sharp teeth, long stem, and thorn-like vines
Eating Habits: Blood, Candy, and Chocolates (Great Combination)
What happens to you when your owner feeds you: Grows larger and bossier. Starts to be more moody
Personality: Impatient, rude, Gluttonous, persistant
What do you think about Planet Earth: Mostly a buffet with only a few exceptions
Owner: Barrel
Your reaction to Seymour: Needs to lighten up
Your reaction to Twoey: A master of skills

SarkkuKarosu96's Profile

Human Info
Name: Carlos Ramos
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Hair: Dark Black
Eyes: Blue
Clothing: Black Hoodie, Black Pants, Black and Red Sneakers, Dark Glasses
Personality: Kind, A little shady, out-going
Dream or Goal: To become rich, famous, and respected
Plant that you have: Karosu the Fly trap
Why did you come to the Little Flower Shop?: I was living on the streets and close to starvation, but Seymour helped me get off the street and into a job.
Your reaction to Seymour: A nice guy, kinda nerdy, though
Your reaction to Twoey: Only interesting when he sings

Plant Info
Name: Karosu
Supposed Gender: Male
Species: Alien Fly Trap (like Twoey)
Voice: Deep, Smooth, But Silent
Powers: Thorns, Long Tongue
Color: Dark Green with Red Highlights and Blue Leaves
Looks: A bulbous trap with massive serrated teeth, very long vines, spiny stem and leaves
Eating Habits: Anything with a pulse (excluding Seymour and Carlos)
What happens when your owner feeds you: Grows Larger and Colors become more vivid with Patterns, Gains more teeth and thorns grow, Speech becomes more Sophisticated
Personality: Dog-Eat-Dog, slightly vicious
What do you think about Planet Earth: All you can eat buffet
Owner: Carlos Ramos
Your reaction to Seymour: Too thin to eat
Your reaction to Twoey: An inspiriation, I hope he can teach the ways of the man-eater

SandLover13's Profile

Human Info
Name: Angel Anderson
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Hair: Dyed Blue
Eyes: Green
Clothing: White sweater hoodie, black jeans, yellow sneakers
Personality: Strong, independent, friendly, nice
Dream or Goal: To have a better life on Skid Row
Plant that you have: MistleToe the christmas flower
Why did you come to the Little Flower Shop?: I wanted to work there for a living since my family died in a fire on Christmas Eve
Your reaction to Seymour: He's a very nice man, although he needs pointers on women
Your Reaction to Twoey: Cool, a talking plant

Plant Info
Name: MistleToe AKA "Missy"
Supposed Gender: Female
Species (What kind of plant you are): Alien Poinsettias
Voice: Shy 5 year old voice
Powers: being cute, fire, lighting the darkness
Color: Red with green dress
Looks: A red and green girl with four yellow eyes and tendril like hair
Eating Habits: Snow, Fire, light bulbs
What happens to you when your owner feeds you: getting fatter and change colors
Personality: shy, unprotected, wants to make friends
What do you think about Planet Earth: It's beautiful!
Owner: Angel Anderson
Your reaction to Seymour: He's too clusmy
Your reaction to Twoey: He's like a big brother to me^^

Our first member... is actually my friend who introduced me on TheO... -_-' I hope we get new members...