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Lux: Hey there ladies and gents! My name is Lux and I'm a Luxray Gijinka if you couldn't tell already. Anyway, it's a pleasure to meet you ladies *winks*. Also to the other dudes out there, its nice to meet cha! Moving on, feel free to hang around here and look around since this is my own little world.

Xio: Did you forget that I am here as well Luxy-boy? Indeed you did, so let me introduce myself. *bows* My name is Xio and I am also a Luxray as well but a dark one. I am pleased to meet you and I hope you enjoy yourselves in "our" world.

Lux: Yeah yeah! "Our" world but nevertheless everyone, please make yourself at home since we both will be making frequent updates here. Later all!

-Xio & Lux-

~coming soon~

Both of the Luxrays

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Lux The Luxray: The Lovable Nerd Jock
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Xio The Dark Luxray: The Sadistic Conniving Gentleman
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Xio: How to RolePlay

Tch this is a waste of time but fine I will fucking do this for you trashes who can’t figure me out.

  • Everyone and I mean everyone is beneath me. No one compares to my power.
  • I believe everyone is a trash and I really don’t give a damn about any of their problems or whatever else they may be complaining about.
  • The only person that can beat me is myself, no one else compares.
  • I don’t have an ego, I just see everyone else as pathetic and trashes.
  • Tch, regardless of how others define me, they say I am an asshole, whatever like I give a damn. Just be an ass and insult others, sounds pretty damn good to me.
  • Hell yes I swear.
  • Kiki is my pawn and I do treasure her since she owe so dearly reminds me of the late Lydia.
  • Bring up Lux and you are asking for trouble.
  • I hate wasting my time with weaklings.
  • I enjoy fighting, what can’t you tell I love bloodlust and enjoy the taste of blood?
  • I’ll tease if need be to embarrass others.
  • I’ll do anything if the right amount of money is offered.
  • I am a class act and can be very sophisticated in certain circumstances.
  • Being a male, I enjoy sex….often.
  • I love the thought of a good kill.
  • Some of my pawns are three Electkids.
  • I can be a gentleman when I so desire, but that’s a drag.
  • Most times, I deadpan at the idiots here in PGR.
  • I am brilliant when it comes to the battle field and will guide my companions if need be, but if they die, its their own fault.
  • I’m a badass what more do you want from me?
  • Sometimes I enjoy letting my hair be down, although from behind I do get mistaken for a girl.
  • Favorite treat is cream puffs, don’t ask me why, but those damn things are delicious.
  • Sleeping, next to killing, is my favorite past time.

Lux: How To RolePlay

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Xio's Realtionship Chart

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Lux's Relationship Chart

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Lux's New Profile

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