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Lux: Hey there ladies and gents! My name is Lux and I'm a Luxray Gijinka if you couldn't tell already. Anyway, it's a pleasure to meet you ladies *winks*. Also to the other dudes out there, its nice to meet cha! Moving on, feel free to hang around here and look around since this is my own little world.

Xio: Did you forget that I am here as well Luxy-boy? Indeed you did, so let me introduce myself. *bows* My name is Xio and I am also a Luxray as well but a dark one. I am pleased to meet you and I hope you enjoy yourselves in "our" world.

Lux: Yeah yeah! "Our" world but nevertheless everyone, please make yourself at home since we both will be making frequent updates here. Later all!

-Xio & Lux-

~coming soon~

Both of the Luxrays

Pictures of Lux & Xio

Nicknames of Fellow Gijinkas

Lux The Luxray: The Lovable Nerd Jock
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Xio The Dark Luxray: The Sadistic Conniving Gentleman
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Another Quiz

RULES 1. Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most. 2. Make them answer the following questions. 3. Tag three other people. -Lux How old are you? I am 21, man do I feel old already... What'...

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Lux's Bucket List

Lux: Yeah saw this on Lupe's site so I am borrowing it :P Haha oh well dumb bunny! *runs off* > Bucket List > > Hit forward and place an X by all the things you've done and remove the X > from the ones you have...

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New Outfit

Lux: Hey if you have seen my freaking new awesome outfit my creator Iruka designed well it is up. Sadly my lazy ass creator didn't draw it which is fine I guess....get off your ass Iruka!


Lux: Tsk whatever! Anywho,I finally finished my site too! How does it look? Moving on I also wanted to show you a picture that was drawn by the amazing Saccy who owns Gale. There are many others who have drawn amazing pictures like me before as well so I will posting them in here as soon as possible to in this world. I just wanted people to see the new outfit hehe! :D Even though I posted it in my portfolio...<_<"

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Lux's Quiz

Ok first celebrate it with a quiz!! xD Rules: 1. You must choose only ONE of your OCs. Do it again if you wanna use another OC. 2. Your OC must answer every question as truthfully as possible. 3. Title the journal as "OCs ...

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