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Lux: Hey there ladies and gents! My name is Lux and I'm a Luxray Gijinka if you couldn't tell already. Anyway, it's a pleasure to meet you ladies *winks*. Also to the other dudes out there, its nice to meet cha! Moving on, feel free to hang around here and look around since this is my own little world.

Xio: Did you forget that I am here as well Luxy-boy? Indeed you did, so let me introduce myself. *bows* My name is Xio and I am also a Luxray as well but a dark one. I am pleased to meet you and I hope you enjoy yourselves in "our" world.

Lux: Yeah yeah! "Our" world but nevertheless everyone, please make yourself at home since we both will be making frequent updates here. Later all!

-Xio & Lux-

~coming soon~

Both of the Luxrays

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Lux The Luxray: The Lovable Nerd Jock
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Xio The Dark Luxray: The Sadistic Conniving Gentleman
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Well I am going to keep up dating this for a bit so if you see this updated now and again, your character might have been added to the list for a nickname by my Luxrays, mostly Xio! xD -Xio- Moyasu - Fleebag, prude Tanner - Ove...

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Pictures of Xio

All of the Following Are Artworks of Mine of Xio: Xio ...

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Pictures of Lux

All of the Following Are Artworks of Mine of Lux: NEW DRAWING COMING SOON L...

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Lux: NO MORE!! NO MORE!!! I refuse to wear glasses anymore, it was a god sent when they broke in that fight protecting Estelle. So from now on until my eyes are healed..I'm wearing contacts....to many nerdy jokes and people not taking me seriously...

Xio: I never did take you seriously...

Lux: SHUT UP!!!! *fuming*

Xio: *chuckles*

Lux: *coughs then composes himself* Anyway, I am no longer wearing glasses, I am sick of them PLUS I am putting my hair back up, I just prefer it up instead of letting it hang down, I was better looking with it up anyway.

Xio: It's just because you are single and need to find a women again....*scoffs*

Lux: *glares with death intent*

Xio: *waves it off* Shoo fly don't bother me....

Lux: You are bothering me....anyway, just had to announce that! It's official I am going back to drop dead sexy without glasses.

Me: Plus its easier for me because I can't ever get the darn glasses right on Lux's face when I draw them xD lol

PGR Secret Santa WishList

Me: LUX!!! XIO!!!!! GUESS WHAT?!?! 8D Lux: Stop yelling we already know...*cleans out ear* Xio: You were going to say something about a Secret Santa Wishlist. *arms already folded* Me: *surprised* How the heck did you know tha...

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