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Lux's Profile

Pokemon: Luxray

National #: 405

Title: Gleam Eyes Pokemon

Type of Pokemon: Electric

Held Item: Magnet

Ability: Rivalry

Attacks: Crunch, Thunder Wave, Flash, Strength, Protect, Charge, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Thunder Fang, Extreme Speed, Discharge, Charge Beam, Double Team, Volt Change, Wild Charge, Hyper Beam

Name: Lux

Nick Names: Luxy, Lux-kun, Luxy-boy, Kitty, Blue kitty, idiot, jackass, and pervert (Preferably the first two)

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Birthday: August 28th

Birthstone: Peridot

Sign: Virgo

Element: Thunder and Lightning

Height: 6” 3’

Weight: 210 lbs

Chest: 6 pack for abs

Hair Color: Blue with three black streaks, one on each side and one in the middle.

Hair Length: Medium

Eye Color: Gold

Skin Tone: Peach

Build: Athletic

Markings/Scars: Scar across his left eye going vertical, over 300 scars on his back, and red marks under his eyes.

Tattoos: None

Piercings: Double piercing on his left ear, one loop and one stub.

Looks: He has red lines under his eyes along with a tail and adorable ears. His left ear is pierced. He also has scars on his back from his childhood. However, now he has one scar across his left eye due to his battle with the others.

Full Outfit: He wears black rectangular glasses along with a dog collar around his neck that dangles a small lightning bolt. The collar has dark blue strips on the top and bottom with light blue in the middle with yellow and dark blue circles in the middle going around the entire collar. He has three belts around both arms the top and bottom belts are yellow and the middle one is blue. He wears a jacket with no sleeve which are black, light blue, yellow, light blue and black around the neck line, yellow on the shoulders, blue and black all the way down the chest, and a yellow and red line across his abs on the jacket. The bottom of the jacket is also yellow too. He wears a black tank top underneath his jacket as well. He wears a black fingerless glove on his right hand and a silver band on his left wrist. He has two belts that cross his waist, a blue one on the bottom and a black one on the top that has a magnet attached to it. His pants are blue but have black coloring on the insides. Lastly, his boots are like army boots and are black as well.

Persona: Don't let his exterior be deceiving, he looks like a bad boy but deep down he is a real sweet heart. He is extremely protective to those he does care about but because he is so strong and is often challenged he wanders around. He is very outgoing and has a fun personality. He is sweet, short-tempered, intelligent, tough, caring, stubborn, and very relaxed, however, when he needs to be, he will be serious. Did I mention he is a flirt and pervert?

Orient: Straight

S/O: Single (Sadly)

Rival: Xio the Dark Luxray whom was a childhood friend of his.

Siblings: Only child

Relationships: Shupple is his best friend and Lupe is the bitch that yells at him too much which they have a love to hate relationship. Lux also has a pet dog named Arc, okay not really, but Arc and Lux are best friends and are bros even though they have fights a lot. Lastly, Lux is also a big brother figure to Nyarth and considers Nyarth the little brother he never had and really enjoys being with someone like him.

Hometown: In a valley near Sunyshore City.

Grade: He would be a college student, but he is far advanced and doesn’t attend school anymore.

Job: The loveable Nerd Jock!

Song Name: I Like It

Song Artist: Enrique Iglesias feat. Pitbull

Likes: Electric Slide, Roaring, battling, women, thunder storms, electricity, ramen, food, belts, boobs, and mini doughnuts

Dislikes: Tomboy females, Xio, mud baths, vegetables, Team Galactic, rock candy, screaming girls, back stabbers, liars, and people messing up his hair.

Fears: Being alone and being made fun of for being a nerd.

Strengths: Water, ghost, psychic, flying, intelligent, fast, able to read people well, charisma, gentleman, the perfect smartass and flirt

Weaknesses: Ground and rock moves, however, he has conquered most of his weakness already...also he cares a lot for his friends so seeing one in pain, he never stops to help them even at the cost of him getting hurt.

Battle Style: Because of how strong and how he trained his body, Lux is extremely fast and can dodge many hits along with impacting some tough blows on his opponent. He is more on the attack side than that of the defensive and prefers to defeat his enemies in short amount of time to keep from being massive damage in the surrounding areas. Also, because of his intelligence, he is able to plan his next move 3 turns in advance.



Food: Mini Doughnuts

Drink: Captain & Cola or Skim Milk for regular occasions

Color: Blue

Flower: Alstroemeria - his mom grew these in their garden thus why he likes them.

Tree: Sequoia

Season: Fall

Activity: American Football, naps, or chasing after girls


Background: Born in a vast valley, Lux was born to a couple that was the seconds of the village next to the chief of the village. Lux was an only child and was also gifted from birth with incredible intelligence. However, because he was born later than everyone else he was chosen to be the weakest of his fellow peers. As a child he struggled to be like his peers and was not very skilled with his moves since he was off, but he made up for it in his smarts. Though this was also his down fall because he had no friends, was always picked on by Xio, the son of the chief of the village who was the prince and next in line to lead the clan. Lux stuck to his studies and kept his head in the books and from time to time he would play sports on his own or with his parents to keep improving his skills. Nevertheless when he was 7 years old, Team Galatic invaded his village in search of a strong Shinx. Xio and his peers played a joke on Lux by catching him during a training session in the woods and handed him over to Team Galactic.

Lux was taken away to the Galactic headquarters and was beaten by a whip 300 times on his back because he was not able to generate enough electricity for their experiments. He was punished because he was not strong and was not even able to defeat a water type Pokemon that they matched him up against. Because of this, Team Galactic was angry and invaded the village once again to show how weak one of their own had been and failed to keep up the clan’s bargin. Lux was disposed of in the river to drown while the rest of Team Galactic took their revenge on the village obliterating anyone that crossed their path. The disobedient behavior of the Shinxes, Luxios and Luxrays that did not care for Lux because he was weaker then usual paid with their lives along with many other members fighting to protect their village such as Lux’s parents. Lux, even though beaten close to death, managed to get out of the river and run to his village to give them a warning about Team Galactic. But to his dismay, when he returned to the village he found everything burning to the ground. He searched but there were no survivors, but Team Galactic did leave their mark on his village with their flag waving near the edge of the village’s peak. Lux vowed he would get revenge on Team Galactic someday, and because of his anger towards them Lux summoned a huge amount of lighting and destroyed what was left of his village so Team Galactic could never return to the place again.

About two years later, he met up with Estelle, an Eevee at the time and spent a great deal of time with her. He spent an entire year exploring with her and growing their friendship which quickly turned into each others firsts loves. Even though Lux was 10 and Estelle was 5 he really did care for her and loved her with all his heart. One night in the forest, Team Galactic invaded the forest and wanted to capture Estelle. Lux did everything he could to protect her and even evolved into a Luxio to exchange blows with Saturn. To his dismay, his evolution had him kidnapped instead. Estelle tried to save him but was badly injured and lost her memory of him that day. For Lux, he was taken back once again to the hide out and was disobedient to Cyrus whom erased his memories of Estelle. Lux was rescued by the legendary Pokemon Raikou after a month of his confinement.

Raikou trained Lux for 3 years and took him under his wing as a father figure. He helped Lux advanced not only his thunder attacks but with an education. Lux learned many things from which improved his skills, accuracy, speed, and power. He even learned how to live off the land and cook from his master. Neverthless, Lux lacked people skills thus Raikou took Lux to train under Volkner for 2 years. Volkner used Lux in many battles to help Lux have a better understanding of the what real battles felt like but also to improve his ability to communicate with others. He did improve and Volkner also taught Lux many new moves which within the 2 years under Volkner’s care, Lux once again evolved into a Luxray. After his 2 years, Volkner and Raikou, whom came back to check on Lux from time to time, wished him the best and Lux was on his way for his own adventure. So from that day on he continued to wander looking for Team Galactic to get his revenge for his village.