Lux: How To RolePlay

Sup peeps! If you wish to include this sexy Luxray in your post, then here are some wonderful ways to help me sound like, well, me:

  • I’m pretty outgoing and very kind although when it comes to my closest female friends, I do have to admit, I like to tease.
  • Yes, I’m a pervert okay? You happy? I like boobies and looking at the butts, can’t help myself, I’m a guy after all.
  • Never ever talk about Xio, freaking hate that man with a passion.
  • Mini doughnuts, yup my weakness, next to boobies.
  • When it comes to a fight, then I am serious and won’t give up or go down easily.
  • I tend to swear often even when I am excited.
  • Don’t ask me about my back nor stare at it, I am some issues with that since its basically scared so badly it will make you wonder.
  • My eyes can see through anything in the dark and I have a great sense of smell.
  • I love to be playful even in times of seriousness, I try to make light of situations.
  • I care very much for others even more so then myself.
  • Nyarth is like a kid brother to me, so I call him sport as a nickname.
  • When I get excited, I tend to blush or wag my tail often, also I rub the back of my head when I get embarrassed.
  • I am actually very intellectual I just to show it because as a kid I was made fun of, and because of it I hide that side of me, but it tends to show its self from time to time.
  • I love sleeping, but what cat doesn’t?
  • I am also a really good cook and enjoy sharing that with the world.
  • Right now Estelle and I are not really speaking to each other.
  • Shupple and I…well we did the dead together and I feel wonderful with her so we are kinda experimenting right now.
  • I smile a lot, just to confuse people.
  • I’m always friendly, except to Xio, and am always willing to give a helping hand or an ear to listen too.
  • I love to workout.
  • From time to time, you can catch me using some gangster lingo although it really is when I am greeting someone.