Xio: How to RolePlay

Tch this is a waste of time but fine I will fucking do this for you trashes who can’t figure me out.

  • Everyone and I mean everyone is beneath me. No one compares to my power.
  • I believe everyone is a trash and I really don’t give a damn about any of their problems or whatever else they may be complaining about.
  • The only person that can beat me is myself, no one else compares.
  • I don’t have an ego, I just see everyone else as pathetic and trashes.
  • Tch, regardless of how others define me, they say I am an asshole, whatever like I give a damn. Just be an ass and insult others, sounds pretty damn good to me.
  • Hell yes I swear.
  • Kiki is my pawn and I do treasure her since she owe so dearly reminds me of the late Lydia.
  • Bring up Lux and you are asking for trouble.
  • I hate wasting my time with weaklings.
  • I enjoy fighting, what can’t you tell I love bloodlust and enjoy the taste of blood?
  • I’ll tease if need be to embarrass others.
  • I’ll do anything if the right amount of money is offered.
  • I am a class act and can be very sophisticated in certain circumstances.
  • Being a male, I enjoy sex….often.
  • I love the thought of a good kill.
  • Some of my pawns are three Electkids.
  • I can be a gentleman when I so desire, but that’s a drag.
  • Most times, I deadpan at the idiots here in PGR.
  • I am brilliant when it comes to the battle field and will guide my companions if need be, but if they die, its their own fault.
  • I’m a badass what more do you want from me?
  • Sometimes I enjoy letting my hair be down, although from behind I do get mistaken for a girl.
  • Favorite treat is cream puffs, don’t ask me why, but those damn things are delicious.
  • Sleeping, next to killing, is my favorite past time.