So Smart, So Sweet... So Beautiful...

Dearest L,

The feelings I have for you, I could not contain any longer. I felt as though I must scream them out to the world... Or put them on paper.
If only I could tell you how I feel... So many feelings have built up inside me... I cannot even begin to describe.
I should begin with the basics...

The way you solve the crimes, and how you put so much effort in, but at the same time, so little... it just amazes me so.
Your originality is so amazing as well. How careful you are... How elegant you are... How... I dare not say it...But I must... How beautiful you are...
Never have I seen one such like yourself.

Simply the way you talk, the way you move, the way you even eat... It just calls me towards you more and more.
And your intelligence... It just blows my mind. How could one describe you? You're simply...Amazing, in every shape, way and form.

I should blame myself for letting my feelings for you grow... But how could one not have such feelings for you? Your raven black hair, your eyes... Even your clothes... They just fascinate me more and more whenever I see them.

Sadly, I have run out of time to explain more of my feelings... But if only I could meet you, just once... It would be a dream...

Hoping, oh so much, that this finds you well,

Lyght Iksstel.