Gun Shots

What? Oh hi. I am Mello. If you didn't know, I am going to be the one to beat Near, beat Kira, and be number one. Lunastarz and Rein Akira said that I could beat Near with the fact that I have more fans, so I joined the Otaku Host Club.
Anyways, if you wanna talk then send me a PM or something.

Too Long

Ugh... been gone too long. The Kira case was heating up for a while which is why I disappeared. Damn it though, Near kept getting in my way, and Kira disappeared again. I swear I hate that white haired little On another subject, I managed to get myself shot in the shoulder during that time, so I have to type left handed for the next few months or so. And finally, Matt tried to enroll me in CA which is Chocolate Anonymous .... which... despite how funny that may be to you, it sucked for me....


*Rips at Chocolate* D<

My computer decided to die. T_T Sorry I've been missing, but I had to get it fixed DX< and the jackass at Circuit City said that there was some kind of new years Trojan horse on it or something to that effect. Worst new years present EVER. *sigh* Anyways, I'm somewhat bored now. How 'bout you guys?


*sigh* ._.

Been busy again *sighs* sorry I haven't been on much. Roger was feeling old again and started making all the Wammy House kids do all the preparations for Christmas and what not. By the time Christmas was here, I was like 'wait hold on a minute!' Anyways, I got chocolate for Christmas 8P and also a few x-box360. XP Hah Matt I got Halo 1, 2, and 3. I also got a camera... ya. Not sure whether or not I'm thrilled or whatever. But mostly.... I GOT CHOCOLATE 8D

I also went to see Avatar in 3D. Man those machine guns were AWESOME. The story line was suck... but the action and the graphics were good. And damn the tear-jerking moments just freakin' made me want to shoot the screen.... and I did 8D hahahah. <_<'

Not much else to say,

=P Birthday LoL

No it really isn't my birthday. It's just an alias birthday I used back at the Wammy House. I thought I had set the dang birthday thing to Christmas, but oh well. Anyways, most of the kids back at the Wammy House celebrated their birthdays on Christmas just to give Roger less stress with presents and things. But ya, I failed and put the wrong birthday thing in. Oh well screw it.

And no I won't tell you when my real birthday is. You have to read Death Note to figure that out. If you do know my real birthday and send it to me in a PM though, I'll give you a few kudo points.

In other news, the Kira investigation is taking up most of my time not to mention a half dozen of the mafia members have broke away causing some freak mini war. I'm getting most of the things back into the works, but it is still pissing me off.

Can't think of much else to say so I'm out-

Almost Christmas

I can't believe it is almost Christmas... it means I have to go shopping =_= all the crazy store people and everything >8D means I get to run over old ladies with my cart again! Hah I'm joking I'm joking, but actually one year right before Christmas, I was shopping in Walmart and this old lady ran ME over. I had a complete WTF moment until I realized that the old lady was in one of those motorized chairs.... such a cheater.

Anyways, I've been continuing to work on the Kira investigation, but Lunastarz is withholding information until I get more fans =_=.*sigh* the life of a host =P not too bad unless you need information.

That's about it. Oh and Matt, tell your cat to stop eating my chocolate! Seriously!