Hello everyone, as the title suggests, this world is dedicated to stories I have created.
I'll post stories I've already created or I just create on the spot.
Well then, I hope you guys injoy my world.
Please remember this, when and if you comment I will not tolerate anything that would anger or upset me or anyone else, I'm fine with light swearing, but nothing offensive or rude.
Thank you, I hope you all enjoy my world.

Inactivity Ahead!

... Maybe.

I'm just going to quickly mention, sorry if I don't answer you right say be it messages or comments or even comment on your work, I'm having some technical difficulties and I'll make some now:

-My laptop isn't reliable due to the fact I have bombarded it with stuff, it over-heats, the keyboards is messed and I have to restart it a lot so I prefer to stay off the Internet if anything, though I'll use it to post art.

-My phone, the thing I use to talk to all of you on here, is experiencing some troubles, it will only charge once turned off and charge at at a very slow rate, so that is a big problem for me right now

-Home computer is a no go

So viola, my excuses! ^^

I Do This To Protect You...Pt.2

Hey! Second part, this part need revising too... Help?? :3 _________________________________________________________ Shiro awoke in a tent wrapped in a thin, white coloured blanket. “Hmm...?” Shir...

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I Do This to Protect You...Pt.1 (Revise 1)

Revised version, I'm going to be posting another part of this, constructive critisism or comments are greatly appreciated! I really do want my writing to improve! _________________________________________________________- ...

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I Do This to Protect You... Pt.1

Shiro silently sat on a grassy hill away from the small party his friends were having, he claimed he was beginning to feel tired and that he was going to take his leave and sleep, however that was far from what he was actually going to do. ...

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Proud to be DIFFERENT chapter. 2

Proud to be DIFFERENT Chapter 2 Zack didn’t know what to do, he just stared at Mason. “Get up!” Mason yelled. He grabbed Zack’s shirt and pulled him to his feet and li...

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