I googled "Confused & Simply Majestic" and this is what I found...so this is what you should expect from me on this:

Life sucks...

Get over it.

I shouldn't really be on here. I have homework but part of an assignment is online and I get so easily distracted.

School is good. mostly. i really love world history for the teacher and the things we learn. I have a test on that tomorrow. maybe i won't like it as much? haha. spanish sucks. well, my teacher does. he basically thrives off of embarrassing his students. Like if you don't know the answer or don't understand something, he basically calls you stupid. The worst part- the class laughs. I now refuse to laugh though. I REBUKE it! other than that, freshman year is okay. my locker buddy is really nice (also very tall which makes me mad because I ended up with the top locker & I'm short but whatever). We tend to stop at our lockers at the same time though...it doesn't really work out.

My sickness won't go away yet. apparently it was pneumonia & they gave me medicine each week but so far i've only gotten better, not fully recovered. It doesn't help that the people at my school are sick. (I'm not coughing anymore, really).

That's all I have...

Remember the days where the hardest decision we had to make was which ice cream flavor? I miss that...

If today was your last day and tomorrow was too late

Could you say goodbye to yesterday? Would you live each moment like your last?

Bus was better. I got there earlier (& was actually able to stop at my locker before). I sat next to someone who used to go to my school & now goes to the one across the street from mine. I didn't really ever talk to him before but he did move his stuff when I asked and didn't seem too reluctant about it. Overall, it turned out better than before even though there were so many more kids for some reason. I got off my stop & a kid started to go my way. I went to pass him & he almost spat on me. lovely, huh?

I get to go to the doctor's tomorrow. I've had a cough for about a month now and it really hasn't gotten better so now I'm stuck going. I hope I'm ok & there's nothing tragically wrong with me.

Leave old pictures in the past? Donate every dime you had?

I will never let you fall. I'll stand up with you forever.

I'll be there for you through it all. Even if saving you sends me to heaven.

First day was okay. I didn't really get lost, just very confused. I think I like it...maybe. I've never been on a bus before this year and I have no idea why I ever wanted to be on one. Last on the bus. Everyone stares at you. A bunch of people are taking up one seat by themselves & won't move over. You stand there for a minute and finally one person moves & you sit there awkwardly for 15 minutes. Finally, you take a breath at second stop. Yes, it's yours. But you get off and cross the street and realize you have to walk past your old school all alone. Maybe not everyone's is like that but so far, it sucks.

The classes are a lot harder. I already have homework...& it's on the weekend. But w/eves. I'm thinking about joining band...I like the teacher but I'm not sure about how I feel playing my flute again...

Don't mind me. You're just always sitting in that chair gracefully. & well, please don't make laugh again. Then, I'll be sure I've fallen.

It's ok. It's ok. It's ok. Seasons are changing & waves are crashing & stars are falling all for us.

Decisions. Decisions. Too hard apparently.

ok, so I submitted a wallpaper that wasn't that great yesterday and this is what I got in my inbox:

And it's all about the same wallpaper. Weird, huh? hahaha

That's all I got for now.


no title :(

I went to orientation and it turned out pretty well (though I'm absolutely positive I'll get lost at least once considering I only know how to get from my locker to homeroom - that's it...). I did run into "the certain someone" and you know what, it wasn't half bad! I realized that I was all right after a little while of avoiding "this person." And it's kinda scary because "this person" might like me and I think I might too. but I don't want it to go back where it was. I don't want to have to go through that again. I can't. It's taken me months to figure out that I'm okay. But "this person's" got me speechless and always thinking about them.