Behind Verses

I'm trying to nominate this for published fan words in short, this is about Final Fantasy IX’s characters and their verses. I am trying to describe the reasons behind why they hold those verses. I'm hoping for your support Please comment and fav/hug! Thanks a lot

1. Zidane Tribal
“You don’t need reason for helping people.” ~ Virtue

If it is viewed from his past, he had a sorrowful one. Yet when he became the member of Tantalus, he based his action on what is right and what is wrong. More essentially, he placed other people in his top priority. He always wanted to help others, no matter what it cost. Moreover, he treated others well, especially girls.

Unfortunately, people thought of him as a bad boy because he liked to steal and flirt with girls. The true Zidane was not even close enough to that definition. It was shown right in the ending. Zidane risked his life for the one who tried to kill him, Kuja --- his step brother. Together they carried out a duty to destroy Gaia, but Zidane chose not to obey the order given by his creator while Kuja accepted it with a hidden intention. Kuja, corrupted by envy towards Zidane, tried to dismiss him. He lost and was lying on the land, dying. Zidane heard his voice. Without being asked to help, he crossed over the dangerous manifestation amongst the land and went to help Kuja. His personal quote when he was asked why: “I might be doing the same thing if I were in his shoes.”

2. Garnet Till Alexandros XVII / Dagger
“Someday I will be a queen, but I will always be myself.” ~ Devotion

Garnet was a princess who could possess everything that she could possibly want. Only one thing she lacked. It was her mother’s affection. Queen Brahne, her adoptive mother, found her in the beach and decided to raise little Garnet as her own daughter. This was due to Garnet’s similarity with Brahne’s dead daughter.

Year by year passed. Queen Brahne had changed. She hardly had time for Garnet and she even began attacking neighborhood countries. Garnet could not even recognize his greedy mother anymore. She decided to go with Zidane, hoping she would solve this problem later. The angry Brahne delegated assassin to chase after Garnet. She even tried to extract Garnet’s eidolon. The failure ritual could end in death, but still she was blinded by the power of eidolon.
Whatever Queen Brahne did, Garnet still loved her mother. She was shocked to muteness when her mother died in front of her. From that day on, she lived with one wish that she would always be herself.

3. Freya Crescent
“To be forgotten is worse than death.” ~ Despair

It is not a coincidence that she held this word. Freya, the mighty knight of Burmecia, had a lover named Fratley. They had fought together for years to protect their homeland. One fateful day, Fratley came to Freya and tell her briefly that he would be leaving soon. He mentioned that there were many places that needed his strength more than Burmecia and then he left. Those three years ago was the last time she saw him.

Since then, Freya had been living alone, wandering from places to places just to find her lost lover. She risked her life in many battles and renowned well. It seemed like she lost her thoughts. She followed Zidane to find a ray of hope to find Fratley. She then encountered Fratley in Cleyra, who next saved her. She tried to chase after him and even risked herself to be killed by Beatrix.

4. Eiko Carol
“I don’t wanna be alone anymore.” ~Solitude

Eiko was born and lived in Madain Sari. Some times later, Kuja --- under Garland’s command --- destroyed the village by using The Invincible power. Eiko was the only one who survived, and she continued living with moogles. Even though moogles were really kind to her, nothing could replenish her yearn for humans’ companionship.

Her loneliness faded when she met Zidane and friends. They quickly became cherished friends for Eiko. She decided to embark on a journey with them, because she did not want to feel alone anymore.

5. Quina Quen
“I do what I want! You have problem?!” ~Indulgence

Quina was originally from Qu’s tribe. S/he (the gender is not clear) loves to eat frogs and every other things that are edible. That was also the reason s/he decided to join Zidane. S/he wanted to try every food in the world.
S/he seems to care only about food. The amazing thing about him/her is that s/he finally realized the meaning of life at the end of the journey, and s/he finally knew that there are so many important things in this world other than food.

6. Vivi Ortinier
“How do you prove that you exist…? Maybe we don’t exist….” ~Sorrow

Vivi was a shy black mage who was trying to watch Tantalus group’s performance “I Want to be Your Canary”. After some series of events, he was accidentally taken away in Tantalus’ ship as they kidnapped Garnet.
Along with Zidane, Vivi finally met his race. Unfortunately, all of them were controlled by Brahne to destroy and eliminate things. He even saw that Black Mages were actually created by a machine. He then began questioning his nature, whether he was a living presence or just another doll created for evil purpose. At the end, he was fully aware that he existed. Those Black Mages actually had feelings, and they even sacrificed themselves to help Vivi.

7. Adelbert Steiner
“Having sworn fealty, must I spend my life in servitude?” ~Dilemma

Steiner had served Queen Brahne for years. He knew how his queen changed. Still, he was trapped in his swear, that he, as the leader of Pluto Knight, shall follow the queen’s order. He then decided to ignore his own feeling and execute all the queen’s commands without questions.

When Princess Garnet voluntarily asked to be kidnapped, he was accidentally taken too. He was so pissed off when he found out that he and his princess were taken by Tantalus group. However, as the journey advanced, he witnessed Queen Brahne’s evil plans and began to question his own actions. He finally followed his heart when his queen told him to kill Garnet.

8. Amarant Coral
“The only dependable thing about the future is uncertainty.” ~Arrogant

Before Amarant had met Zidane, he stumbled upon his way as a famous assassin. He is infamous for having done the entire filthy (killing) job smoothly. He said that only the strongest shall live. Queen Brahne then sent him in a mission to ambush Zidane’s group. He submitted to her order and began searching for Zidane.

Amarant gave an ordeal to Zidane, that he must face him one-on-one. Zidane defeated him, which eventually made him feel humiliated. However, Zidane did not kill him. Amarant then joined Zidane’s party, feeling curious to know why he was not killed. Later, Zidane came back alone to a dangerous territory alone (Ipsen’s Castle) to help him. The one who was his enemy, now became his best friend. Amarant, who was an assassin, traveled with Zidane to save the world.