Hello everyone!!! I'm midnightqueen, also known as Mandi-chan. I've decided to move mainly to Worlds from myotaku. Hmm... I don't have much else to say. XD So here are some links:

~*~myOtaku~*~My Porfolio~*~The Secret Stalkers' Society~*~BiteFight">BiteFight--become a vampire or werewolf!

This pic is for the Secret Stalkers' Society, and I added a link to it to my list of links. We take requests of photos of characters. Here are the rules, copied straight from the site:

"If you have a request for a photo post it here.
Request Rules/Guide
1. All requests must be made in this world. DO NOT PM requests to our stalkers.
2. When I said we will take pictures of anything, I lied. Our stalkers will not take pictures of stalkees having sex are making out. We have no desire to have this become a hentai world.
3. We will take fluff though for straight and yaoi.yuri couples. Again just so you remember, No hard core stuff!
4. We pick who 'takes your pictures' we do not want any of our memebers to me left out or any of them to be over worked. Remember everyone is an awesome artist!
5. When we have your 'photo' we will post it here. We will inform you when it is done."

So please, if you'd like, request "photos"!!!

I just added another link... to BiteFight, a website dedicated to the age-old fight between vampires and werewolves. If you click that link up there *points up* or just BiteFight">CLICK HERE, then I have turned you into a vampire (dunno if you can become a werewolf from that link *shrugs*). Bwa-ha-ha-ha!!!!! >:D

[url=http://forestofshadows.freeforums.org/portal.php]External Image


I'll be adding any more links as needed. *hugs*


I wanna share some videos... the first one is an Axel AMV with the song Snape vs. Snape by the Parselmouths.

I like it. It's perfect for Axel. >w<

An here's a video from the Otakon masquerade this year!! Girl Sora and Girly Riku's Guide to Your First Otakon. XD

"There's no easier way to go broke in a single weekend." It's true!! XD
"At an anime convention, you can be a complete nerd and no one will judge you!" Also very true!! XD
"Oh Sora. We all know pirates are better." Bwahaha. >:3 ALSO true!
"That is right! I am Man*beep*." XDDDD
Roxas has a purse... xD
It's a very yaoi-ish video, but I like it. x3 It was my favorite skit.
*steals pink Riku* >:3

This one is the Tobi Song!! XD It's soo funny...


Uhhh yeah. That's all. XP *huggles*
*scurries away*

I ish at school right now...

So yeah, I'm at school right now. XD We had a two hour delay, so school hasn't technically started yet...

MyOtaku is blocked here at school, but theOtaku isn't. D: Weird.

I had a surprise party on Saturday. o: I got lotsa stuff... I got a shirt that says "Catholic School Girls Rule". XD Given to me by my aunt who went to the same school I'm currently going to. :3 I also got one of those spiffy wooden people that you can pose and draw off of... and pretty earrings, and a snowglobe thingy...

And I'll post later cuz I gotta go now!!


Random title... XD

Awww, my puppy is lying down on top of my legs... He's the cutest little thing EVERRRRRRR. >w<

Anywho, I had my last two exams today!! HUZZAH!!!!! 8D Math and Spanish. I'm in honors geometry, but I've taken geometry before, so it's pretty easy. :3 My teacher pretty much sucks tho... so if I hadn't taken it before, I'd have no clue what was going on. *shrugs* Also, I passed the geometry entrance exam way back in 8th grade when I first applied to my school, so I don't have to take geometry... but I wouldn't be able to skip ahead to trig. I'd just get off mods... but I'd still have to take the geometry midterm and final, so I'm just taking the course. XD

Spanish is pretty easy, I think.... not much to comment on there. XD

Did I already post about my spiffy new phone that I got for my birthday?? I think I did... it's a Sprint Rant. :3 It has a nifty little keyboard that slides out... @[email protected]

But I dun think I posted about what happened just before I got my phone. XD I tried to call my grandparents on my old craptastic phone, and it said that the call couldn't go through because this phone was no longer registered or something............... so I told my parents about that, and they pretended not to know what was going on. So I was trying to figure out what was wrong with my phone for, like, half an hour, and then my dad pointed to a box on the ground next to the chair I'd been sitting in.

Turns out, it was a new phone. XD

So yus...

FOUR DAY WEEKEND!!!!!!!!! 8D Squee!!!!

Awww, Jakey-boy (my dog) moved off of my legs... T^T He likes my dad better than me... XD

Ya know what movie I really wanna see?? Coraline. :3 It looks good.


Wow, that was a lot of dots... @[email protected]

My dad's watching some sort of sports thingy, and some guy had a poster in the background that had a funny quote:
"As I said before, I never repeat myself."
XD I love irony...

I gots nothin' else to ramble about. :3 Laterz......... *huggles*

More birthday-ness

We went out to dinner, and then we had cake and got my presents. :3 We went to Olive Tree... I got this stuff called Chicken Sortimbocca (or something... XD) and it was GOOD. X3 And they gave me free cake cuz it's my birthday. o:

And then just a little while ago we had cake and I opened my presents. Earlier I had gotten a new cell phone. 'Tis AWESOME. >w< A Sprint Rant. It has a little keyboard that flips out... o:

I also got two charms for my Pandora bracelet, and then I got....
PRISMACOLORS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D I WAS SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! 120 of them!!!!!!!!! *hyperventilates* I can't wait to use them........... X3

Uh, yeah... just wanted to say that. XD


'Tis Mandi's birthday!!!! I ish 16 now. X3 I'm getting old...


So yah... I also had exams today. >_< Religion and chemistry. Religion was SO EASY... it's impossible to fail religion. All you have to do is pay attention and turn your work in. Chem was easier than I expected, but still rather difficult...

I think I did fairly well on both. :3

Tomorrow is English and AP Euro... *starts hyperventilating* NUUU!!!

Then Thursday is... math and... *can't remember* Oh, and Spanish.

I dunno what else to post... Nothing interesting has happened lately...

OH!! Sunday I went to see a musical called Romance/Romance. It was really cute. X3 I loved the music. 'Twas very good. :3