Updates,Links,and Goodbyes

To the few fans that I still have on here:

I will be leaving theOtaku.com for good.This has been a long time coming.Once the revamp of the site happened,no one cared for my art or to help me improve my stories or anything like that anymore.My account will still be kept up for those who do care and I'll return to read and see other things,but I will no longer be active.My newer stuff will now be posted on deviantArt.If interested,i will provide the link here:


I do want to thank my friends on here who have been here from the beginning.I have a lot of great memories on here,posting my first comic series,having fun chatting,seeing wonderful things and stories,heck,I even started talking to my boyfriend of 3 years on here.But,alas,all good things must come to an end.I will not be returning,no matter what.I thank everyone agai for their support.

Signing off for good,Manen.

What's going on,you may ask?

Well,even though I've finally gotten a wonderful new scanner...our computer has a virus and we are now borrowing another.At the moment,there will be no updates with manga nor fanart.Sorry about that!

Koldoon News

Okay,Koldoon: The Remastered version will be hitting TheOtaku.com really soon...as soon as the virus on our computer has been fixed that is XD

But,as a special promo type thing,I'm going to start work on an animated Koldoon trailer with music and a few voices on YouTube.this project may take a while,but it's something I've really wanted to do for a long time.I can't guarantee it'll be good,but I'll try anyway!

Oh God XD

I had a fun idea.Not sure how many people will be for it or not,but I'm gonna make a South Park,cross-over type manga XD Basically,Cartman,Kyle,Stan,and Kenny and everyone in the town are transformed into anime characters and they have to find a way to save everyone XD It will have some cussing and whatnot(it's South Park you know)and there will be some fun poked at anime,but I hope it won't be offensive to anyone.I'll try my hardest not to make it that way.

What's goin' down

Alrighty,I know I said I'd have some sort of manga up by now,but I'm waiting to color in the cover for the Zelda one,which is the first one I plan to put up.However,I don't have Photoshop at home.I can use the one at school...but...there's been a crap load of snow! XD Gotta wait a bit,but by Monday,I believe(if not then Tuesday) there will be something up!