Heyo all~!

This is the world where my manga shall be posted. It will likely be my one shots. It's an awesome idea my friend, Mangakid thought of. Also, if you would like to see the most recent updates, please like my page: LINK

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WIP Levi

I was bored, and drew this :D
It's rough, and I doubt I'll finish it, but I wanted to post it ^^

First Video :)

Hey guys!

This is my first cover for the ending song on Ouran (Shissou by Last Alliance). My microphone isn't the best, but I tried xD It took a few hours because I had to go back and add some harmonization to some parts, as well as some cover to make it stronger. I sang it in English [Full] for the first time...might try it Japanese next~

I'd really appreciate it if you could listen to it (even a bit xD) and leave a comment! It's one way we artists grow :)

If you have a recommendation of what to sing next, leave a comment on that as well ^O^

Take care!<3

WIP Link's Face

WIP of a Link Poster :)

Urgh. Spent so much time on the hair and skin tones so far, and still have some more details to add. Leave a comment if you can (of this, or anything random)! :)

I'll probably take this post down soon so that my sister (who the poster is for) doesn't see it before her birthday xD

Need your help! :)

Heyo guys!

I need your help! If you could spare the time, could you choose your favourite top 3 sounding/meaningful words from the list below? It would really help me on a project I'm working on ^^


Thank you very much in advance!! :D
Take care~

WIP: LofZ Poster

Heyo all!

School's off so I'm doing some art posters! :D
I'm planning on making a small art book as a project over the summer (of original characters and such), but in the mean time, making a Link poster!