The Magic Carpet Incident (as well as the Volcano Barbeque Chip Incident and the Hornet Face Inciden

This is supposed to be between Jiraiya’s death and Naruto’s departure for Sage training. Forgive me if you can’t tell that, but writing descriptions for clothing takes too much time.

Hurriedly, Kiba and Akamaru dashed across the roof tops of Konoha to the top of Naruto’s house as they had agreed earlier. Under the starry, full moon night, Kiba briefly glanced on either side to make sure he was not being followed. Then he leaped upon Naruto’s roof top, where the blond shinobi awaited him with a medium sized rug under his arm.

“That’s it?”

“Yeah man!” Naruto briskly rolled out the carpet in midair….. and to Kiba’s surprise, it levitated on a perfectly level angle. “Is this the greatest thing ever or what?!?!? It even supports weight and everything!!!” He said, leaping on to demonstrate. “Come on!”

Kiba jumped on, Akamaru following quickly. Incredibly, the carpet did not even buckle under his weight. “And you just found this at the dump?”

“Hell yeah! I was there looking for a new couch after last week’s outdated furniture purge. Seriously, you should go there the next time you need new furniture. Anyways, I was shaking it out when it just levitated! I didn’t believe my own eyes until the second time I did it.”

“Damn! I never find anything this cool in the junkyard!”

“Dude, you go the junkyard?”

“Akamaru and I work out there. Ever heard the phrase ‘built like a junkyard dog?’”

“All right, I get your point.” Naruto said, sitting down on the carpet. Kiba followed suit.

“So, does it fly?”

“Well, technically, I haven’t been able to get it flying yet, but it must!”

“Who would make a carpet that just levitates and doesn’t fly at all? That’s just a crime against impulsive, adrenaline addicted teenagers like us!”

“That’s what I’m thinking, DATTEBAYO!”

And no sooner than that, the carpet whizzed off into the night sky. Both boys screamed at the top of their lungs as they ascended higher and higher. After 10 seconds of pure terror, they leaned forward, taking them into a steep nose dive.


A split second before they splattered like watermelons dropped from the highest tower in all of Konoha, they pulled back, leveling their flight. Zipping around the streets of Konoha, whipping up a massive wind behind them, the boys had never felt this alive in ages.