Camel Burgers

Remember that ridiculously long list of animals I wanted to eat before I died? Well, today, it got shortened.

For my birthday (Sept 22) I have obtained 3 exotic meats in the form of hamburgers. The 3 exotic meats are camel, elk and muskox. Today and tomorrow make up camel burger weekend. So, I figured I should be a nice guy and tell you all what camels taste like.

Not like much, actually. I could barely pick out any flavor whatsoever. But one thing I could taste was the high fat content (the humps on a camel's back are full of fat, not water) I shouldn't have been surprised; they really greased up the frying pan. I think tomorrow I will barbecue it so there will be less fat in it. Perhaps then I can tell you more of its actual flavor.

Scratch that. Camel doesn't have much of a flavor, even when you do get rid of all the fat.

I suspect the lighter a meat is in it's raw form, the higher the fat content. The muskox burgers (which I am saving for last) are even lighter than the camel, indicating a higher fat content. It makes sense, of course. Muskox are arctic beasts. They need all the insulation they can get. The elk burgers, on the other hand, are a very dark red. They probably have a low fat content. I'll be eating them next weekend, and I'll you the flavor of both when I'm done eating.

Say, I wonder if this could get published......