Hey everyone!
Being the crazy loon that I am, I have decided to open up a personal world. TUN in this case stands for Totally Unrelated Nonsense. Let us together try to understand this complex mind.


Please enjoy and feast your eyes on another one of my *serious* videos. This was recommended by warchild on deviant art.

Part two of my embarrassing bank problem.


Wow, it's been so long since my last post.

Now, *clears throat* where were we?

The same day I go to the drive up teller, since the bank was closed. And I've never deposited or processed ANYTHING with the drive-up teller. My experience in that aspect is very limited.

So I park a ways from the drive up teller, and go WALKING. They stare at me like an idiot and I feel like one. So I wave stupidly to them and then I hear on an intercom: "What do you need?" I stop looking at them and turn my attention to the intercom and tell them that I need to make a deposit and that I walked there because my passenger door is busted(we all remember that story). Because FOR SOME REASON, I thought that I had to pass the paperwork through the window from where u see them sitting. Smart ^^; So they answer back Ok, but that I needed to get back in my car just for safety purposes. I agree and go back to my car and drive up.

I stop at the designated area and there I notice that I didn't need to use the passenger side at all. ~~Dddduuuuuhhhhh!!!~ All I can do is stupidly laugh and yet I still open the door from the drivers side instead of lowering the window and I do the process. Once everything is complete they ask me if there was anything else, and I ask them about my card situation. They said that I would have to come back the next day to solve that. Well, with everything said and done, to melt the ice(like if there was any) I wave goodbye and laugh(more at myself). Of course, I knew that I completely embarrassed myself. Bet they had a couple of laughs like: "who the hell comes walking up to a DRIVE-UP teller?"

Now I know better. LOL

Embarrassing Moments in Life. Especially Mine!

Just recently I had one of my smart brain moments. I'm VERY timid, although I've been getting better at that...LOL Anyways, when I go to deposit money on my bank account, I like to use the ATM instead of going to the teller. I had to block my 1st ...

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A Side Note

I completely forgot to mention that I am in love with my manga set pens. I couldn't find the Staedtler pens that Rann-sama(from DA) uses, so I went to AC Moore and got myself Faber-Castell 8 pitt manga set pens. Love them They're waterproof & smudge-proof, and I really like how my drawings look when I scan them. So I'll be using them for all my drawing needs. Both April Fools pgs for my comic were traced over with these pens. As well as the pieces "In The Name Of" & "Hans Callister". Also, my comic will be a mixture of work from Manga Studio and PhotoshopCS. Thank u, thaoiiees. I am enjoying Manga Studio.

The Wackiness of Life

I haven't posted in here in a LONG time. So here goes... let's rewind the clock for a while. Last Week of January: I've had to wear braces for 2yrs(that flew by) and retainers for one yr. That's all fine and dand...

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Random Thoughts

So watching the video I posted of Sephy, I was thinking: 'I'm not a fan of FFVII but I love Sephiroth. Maybe because he's evil... Meh! Although my fav game of the FF series would be 8. I never played 7 long enough to care about it although I know ...

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