Part two of my embarrassing bank problem.


Wow, it's been so long since my last post.

Now, *clears throat* where were we?

The same day I go to the drive up teller, since the bank was closed. And I've never deposited or processed ANYTHING with the drive-up teller. My experience in that aspect is very limited.

So I park a ways from the drive up teller, and go WALKING. They stare at me like an idiot and I feel like one. So I wave stupidly to them and then I hear on an intercom: "What do you need?" I stop looking at them and turn my attention to the intercom and tell them that I need to make a deposit and that I walked there because my passenger door is busted(we all remember that story). Because FOR SOME REASON, I thought that I had to pass the paperwork through the window from where u see them sitting. Smart ^^; So they answer back Ok, but that I needed to get back in my car just for safety purposes. I agree and go back to my car and drive up.

I stop at the designated area and there I notice that I didn't need to use the passenger side at all. ~~Dddduuuuuhhhhh!!!~ All I can do is stupidly laugh and yet I still open the door from the drivers side instead of lowering the window and I do the process. Once everything is complete they ask me if there was anything else, and I ask them about my card situation. They said that I would have to come back the next day to solve that. Well, with everything said and done, to melt the ice(like if there was any) I wave goodbye and laugh(more at myself). Of course, I knew that I completely embarrassed myself. Bet they had a couple of laughs like: "who the hell comes walking up to a DRIVE-UP teller?"

Now I know better. LOL