Hey there guys, what's up? My name is Sanja and I come frome Serbia. I'm a big fan of anime and manga,started watching when I was 5-6 yrs old on a german tv channel :) my favs are Naruto,DBZ,FMA,One piece,Fairy tale and many more...I would like to talk with you about some ongoing series and maybe you can help me get to know this place better :D I have some fan art of mines favorite anime characters,they are not much, but I ain't pro btw :) so if you can give me some heads up about something I would appreciate :D
And you can also call me Maxy ;) tnx

Sailor Moon 4Ever in my heart ?

Sailor moon was the 1st anime that I've watched on Tv. Even though I couldn't understand the language they were speaking I didn't stop watching it :) I was 6 yrs old back then and cause i am a girl I fell for it right away and completly :D I remeber when my parents made me have an afternoon nap and I started crying because Sailor moon should start on tv xD
I've watch all seasons,been through all the sagas and now they announced the new anime is coming next year :D
So I ask you now what do you think about that...will it be a remake from the begining or will they resume from some pint? :)