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Scanner Broke/Challenge

i'm very angry at my scanner the next four pages were gonna be really really good omigosh i'm mad, then sad, then mad again.Just when i was actually doing somthing. I'll get it to work in no time promise. And while you're waiting i have a big challenge. If you lie the way i draw my half naked guys and you have no where for you're OC to go in any of your stories i'd be happy to put him in mine.
What i need:
1I need - (three cafe guys)a smexy old man and twins,
2 i need- a brother for Shunoki-kun
3 I need- a manager,Yuki's chick friend from school, a boy from school who wants to be yuki's lover.
4 i need- Shinoki to have four weird demon friends ( human and demon form please)
Also if you want to make a character you can and if you want it doesn't have to be a perminate charatcer he/she can be the pop up character everyonce in a while.
1 don't take from others
2 fave this comic
3 watch my on deviant under OlleyLi and YaoiPhunk and i'll watch you back.
4 ( you don't really have to do this stuff i just want you too lol)
5 just make the person smuckn smexy thanks it does't matter if you can't draw you can describe him or her to me through email PM me.