I, as an anime otaku, is also an anime fangirl by heart! I admire and fantasize about many cute anime boys, it's pretty normal actually, sometimes they are my inspiration. This is where I share and talk about them! ^_^

All About Me:

Name: Patrisha
Nationality: Filipino
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
Birthday: November 27
Family: I have one younger brother.

Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Animes: Hitman Reborn, Axis Powers: Hetalia
Favorite Games: Final Fantasy Games, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Tekken, Audition, Ragnarok, The Sims, etc.
Favorite Books: The Alchemyst, manga
Favorite Movies: 16 Wishes, Lemonade Mouth
Favorite TV Shows: Suite Life on Deck, Scooby Doo, Amazing Spiez
Favorite Food: Spaghetti and chicken, tacos, cheeseburger
Hobbies: Reading books, watching TV (specifically anime), playing PS3, drawing, writing poems, stories

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H Stands For. . .

H stands for. . . Hayate Ayasaki from Hayate the Combat Butler!

Hayate-kun could be my butler anytime! He's so hardworking, somewhat clueless at first (sorry!) and he protects those important to him. Also, he looks very cute in crossdressing! (lol) What I really liked (or somewhat hated) about him is that he hides his sadness and hurtful past behind his smiles, so that he wouldn't affect others with his sadness.

Basic Info:
Name: Hayate Ayasaki
Nicknames: Hayate-kun, Hayata-kun, Ayasaki-san, Butler-in-Debt
Age: 16
Birthday: November 11
Occupation: Butler of the Sanzenin Family
School: Hakuoh Academy
Father: Shun Ayasaki
Mother: Mrs. Ayasaki (unknown)
Brother: Ikusa Ayasaki
Mistress: Nagi Sanzenin
Co-workers: Maria, Seishirou Klaus
Friends: Athena Tennos, Ayumu Nishizawa, Izumi Segawa, Sakuya Aizawa, Isumi Saginomiya, Wataru Tachibana, Hinagiku Katsura, Chiharu Harukaze, Miki Hanabishi, Risa Asakaze
Voiced by: Shiraishi Ryokou
Hobbies: Saving Nagi, helping people out, doing housework
Special Abilities: Superhuman strength, invincible body, the touch that makes money disappear (lol!)

The butler of the Sanzenin family, Hayate Ayasaki has had to work to support his parents' bad habits since the age of nine, always moving from job to job, before he was found out to be underage. The experience gained does mean, however, that of all the characters he possesses, the most extensive practical knowledge he has is of how the world operates. Hayate's dad has refused to get employed, while his mother is a compulsive gambler, and the whereabouts of Hayate's older brother, Ikusa, are unknown. These events led to their bankruptcy—they abandon Hayate after selling his organs to the Yakuza to ease their financial burdens. With not many choices left to him, Hayate conspired to kidnap someone to get ransom money. He found a girl, Sanzen'in Nagi, and told her that he would kidnap her. However, Nagi mistook his words for his confession of love, so he was later employed as Nagi's new butler. In the beginning of the story, he often mentioned Nello and Patrasche from the novel A Dog of Flanders, and compared his miserable situation to the characters' life.

Characters in the series are always remarking that he looks poor and seedy (for example, Yukiji does so when Hayate tries to enter Nagi's school in Volume 4 of the manga or Episode 4 of the anime), and he has terrible luck. He has experienced so much hardship through the terrible life with his parents that he tends to think that he is disliked by everyone around him except children, although he doesn't think about children being anyone other than friends, including Nagi. He genuinely does want to impress Nagi for giving him this new job. Hayate doesn't notice Nagi's feelings about him, but he often say things which please her without intention, and as a result Nagi thinks that Hayate loves her, keeping the misunderstanding running. As a butler, Hayate is capable of all aspects of housework and can even play the violin, but it is his ability in repelling attacks from almost anything, including butlers of other families (despite his bad luck) that makes him a "combat butler". He once demonstrated a skilled use of fire-arms (capable of wielding a HK MG3 single-handedly) and is essentially invincible with physical prowess far surpassing any normal human being. Hayate once parried a sword thrust easily with just two fingers, and in Volume 8, revealed that doing over 350 one-finger push-ups is part of his daily routine since he was little, among other displays of his strength. At the end of Volume 6, Hayate manages to create an ultimate technique called Hayate no Gotoku (like the wind). Hayate sees Nagi as a child, but has a crush on the more mature Maria. In chapter 156, it is revealed that he sleeps three hours a day: studying until 2am, waking up at 5am (the reason that he gets up at 5 is that he thinks it would be unwise to wake up after Maria has done so).

In addition to looking poor and seedy, Hayate can also appear to be extremely feminine. He has a girlish face and is good at housework such as cooking and cleaning, which are usually thought to be work for women; he is also very modest and sensitive, all of which contribute to others' perception of him as feminine. This has led to him being forced to wear girls' clothing or cosplay in feminine outfits such as nekomimi, a maid and so on. In episode 36 of the anime, he cosplays as Belldandy from Ah My Goddess. Both Tama and Klaus have fallen for Hayate when he wears girls' clothing. Later on, this female alter-ego is given a name: Ayasaki Hermione, which is probably a reference to the main heroine of the Harry Potter series. Ayasaki Hermione has officially "appeared" once in each season of the anime (officially meaning whenever Hayate lies by saying his name is Ayasaki Hermione in order to hide the fact he was unintentionally cross-dressing at that time. He has been forced to cross-dress at other times, but he is not referred to by his alter-ego's name on these occasions). However, in recent Hayate no Gotoku manga popularity polls, it was seen that there are votes for two different characters, one being Ayasaki Hermione, the other being Hayate dressed as female.

Although he possesses a wide range of skills, his empathy is very poor, to the point where he often hurts the people around him because he doesn't understand their feelings towards him. On the other hand, he often unintentionally embarrasses others by reacting wildly at very simple requests (such as in volume 8, when Hinagiku asks if he wants to take a bath and he thinks that she wants to take a bath together. This may be because of his innocent personality, which often leads him into trouble with other people. While he does not believe that Hinagiku likes him, in volume 8, when the two of them are alone in her house shortly after Hinagiku has finished taking a shower and the scent of her shampoo is in the air, he thinks to himself that he had always thought that Hinagiku was a very beautiful girl. And as Hinagiku often helps him out on more than one occasion, he ends up making biscuits for her on her birthday and on White Day.

He had a girlfriend named Athena, who was responsible for teaching him cleaning and swordsmanship, as well as for building his strong body. They had a falling out after his parents pawned an "engagement" ring she gave him. In chapter 239, after being asked by Hinagiku how he feels about Athena, Hayate describes Athena as "Not like the others," and ultimately tells Hinagiku that he is in love with Athena. Following her advice to meet her, he goes to her mansion and confronts Machina, who nearly kills him and steals his King's stone before Athena brings him in and treats him. After these events he rescues Athena and they express their feelings one another as they still love each other. At the end he tells her that she is the one he loves but he comes to deciding he must first protect Nagi.

+ Very strong, invincible, kind, generous, hardworking, wide range of skills
- Very poor empathy, very dense to feelings of love, very bad luck

M stands for. . .

M stands for. . . Marc Clark from The Amazing Spiez!

I know it's kinda weird to take a liking on cute Marc, but I couldn't help it! Even if he was a cartoon character and not an anime character, he was still kinda cute! He's smart, but a little know-it-all at times, and he's brain power always prevails!

Basic Info:
Name: Marc Clark
Age: 12
Occupation: Student/Spy
School: Southdale Jr. High
Father: Cal Clark
Mother: Karen Clark
Sister: Megan Clark
Brothers: Lee Clark, Tony Clark
Boss: Jerry Lewis (Yup, his last name's Lewis)
Voiced by: Peter Cugno
Hobbies: Modifying gadgets, hacking enemy intel

Character Summary:
Marc is the smartest one in the group at 12 - and WOOHP, as proven in episode WOOCSI-, much like Sam, His intelligence is sometimes considered freaky by his siblings. He calls himself the 'Family Geek'. He has the knowledge of every single subject known to man, but -like most geeks- cannot get a date. He likes to fiddle around with the gadgets and change their functions. He would be a perfect spying machine if it was not for a small problem: Marc is a tad immature and totally gullible! You see, he is such a nice, naïve, optimistic boy who sees the world through rose-colored glasses.Marc's not only the brain of the group he’s also in many ways the heart of the group. He’s the most sensitive spy, but being a guy, he tries his best not to show his emotional side in front of his brothers.His spy suit and his MPCom are blue. Sometimes he switches places with Lee or Megan as the jet pilot. It is revealed he has sea sickness and that he had a fear of heights and clowns. Marc and Megan are fraternal twins(non-indentical). He and Megan get along very well. In most episodes they are seen with an arm or an elbow around each other. In his normal appearance, Marc has short light brown hair in the normal style that a 12 year old boy would have. He has hazel eyes and wears a blue hoodie with white sleeves, cargo pants, and blue shoes. He and Lee are the only two siblings that look like their mom - with the hair and skin tone. Marc is voiced by Peter Cugno.

+ Computer-like brain, problem solver
- Naive, overly sensitive