This world is for me to post stories and profiles for my ocs. Hope you like my stories.

Table of Contents


*Aizawa's Nightmare (Short)

*Nen Kuro

*Nen Kuro Christmas (Short)

*Nen Kuro Halloween (Short)

*Crimson Red (Short)

*Ai Angel (On Standby)

*In The World Of Pokémon

*The Price of Freedom

*The Price of Freedom Part 2

Curse of the Zodiac

*a note before we begin: First off this story will have spoilers in it. If you have not READ the manga Fruits Basket you have been warned. Notice read is all capital because the anime was horrible and was completed before the managa was fi...

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Original Characters

Characters I created to use here in my writings. I will also post ones I made for RPs I have done. Gonna try to go in order as well as I can remember. Name: Vara Originally for: Pokémon Gijinka Revolution Pokém...

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*note all passages written from Trinity, Yami, and Alexandor's point of view are written by iamEssence. This is a collaboration story about our ocs from my RP 'The Other Side.' It is basically the RP but with just our ocs b...

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Price of Freedom 2

~Part one was about Yuki and Haruko. This story focuses on Meeko their 3rd born, and how his life ended up.~ The first memory I have is my mother's scent. I...

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The Price of Freedom

~This is a prequel story about Meeko's parents. Meeko is an OC I am using in the RP 'The Call of Freedom'. Anyway I hope yinz like it. I was gonna do Meeko's story about his life with Alice...but earlier today I had this story pop into my head. I ...

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