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WLB SS Wishlist

Really late. SORRY.

Anything cute
Anything OHC. Card suit references, Kira, Gin, papa, twinnie, the hat being epic, you know.

Same thing. Cute, FEELS, OHC related. Comedy is a sure fire way to success for me. So is tears.

Considering my experience in wallies *cough* zilch *cough* you can do whatever you want. I'm really not picky. Cute, sad, bonus if the sad uses rain. That's cool. Um... Just keep it clean - oh who am I kidding? You're not going to keep it clean. Brats. Anything's good.

Happy Halloween!

Yeah, I worked today, so I'm real late. XD BUT HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! Also, happy almost Samhain. Not that anyone celebrates that much anymore... REGARDLESS.


*insert keyboard smash here*


Okay, technically I never died to begin with. Put the shovels down, people, this isn't a zombie apocalypse. Seriously. Shotguns on the floor. Now.

Soooo... I suppose I should be drawing something for that beach bash thing, huh? Or finishing that drawing involving glue and feathers... Or reading one of the 100 books that I keep buying...

What am I doing? Tumblr. XD Shoot me.

OH! I'm also watching youtube vids until my eyes fall out of their sockets. And reading manga~ So at least I'm being somewhat productive.

*sips tea* >>

Ah, if you read this, there's really no point to it. MWA HA HA! Have a nice day~

Oh, and if anyone has any ideas about what I should draw, please tell me. I should really practice. oTL

I need a gun and a happy face to shoot at

Congrats to all those who caught the Sherlock reference! To all those who didn't let me clear things up for you: BORED! BORED BORED BLOODY BORED OH MY GOD I'M BOOOOORED!!!

This will be a rant. You don't have to read on.

As some of you may know, I went on a little trip. Today I'm going back to the freezing cold weather, and I actually don't mind. It's the time that I get there that I've got an issue with. Or, to be more specific, the time that my transportation vehicle arrives.

You see, either way I'm getting home a little past midnight. Considering my sleeping habits, I know most of you are saying, "but Mocha, that's when you sleep!" with a big shocked face. (Two references to popular TV shows in one post? But Lucy that's illegal! *shot*) For an inexplicable reason, I have two connecting flights. I like flying, so I don't care. I was just dragged out of bed at seven in the morning so I could get to the airport, only to find out that my flight was delayed, and that I'd miss my connecting flight. When is the next available flight? Five fifteen. PM. Hello, waiting in an airport for seven hours!! But I've got wifi. MWAHAHAHAHA! So this really shouldn't be so bad, except that my travelling companion seems intent on telling me something every five minutes. We're both on our phones. I don't think we are going to carry on a conversation. More than that, there's screaming children and stupid reminders over the intercom about carrying liquids and an old man with a cough that is beginning to grate on my nerves. Has he got lungs or a diesel engine in his chest? Gah.

Maybe not bored. Maybe just... irritation bordering on rage. Have I mentioned the auto correct? *beats head against wall* I'm in for a loooong day. Villainous slouching all the way.


Valentine's Day Family and Friends

Friends and family edition! Should Dino be in here? *shot*

Kira: Mama! You're goofy and a little bonkers, and I can always count on you for a hug when I see you. You've taught me to work hard and enjoy life whenever possible. You're willing to lend an ear or a shoulder to cry on, (though hopefully I'll never have to take you up on the latter,) and you've encouraged me to do my best and to shoot for the stars. You're awesome and I'm glad you adopted me. Thanks for helping create the OHC. I have a lot of fun there! You're a strong, spontaneous, and beautiful person, and I hope today is everything you hoped it would be!

Gin: I can't even begin to tell you how happy it makes me, or how hard I laugh when you see me, open your arms and say "come to daddy!" Resident troll, papa, you make my day. You're a terrible influence, showing me a site like iwastesomuchtime when I had have an essay to write in less than an hour! And heck if I don't check that place every morning for a good laugh. You're silly and supportive and all around fun, and I'm glad you adopted me. Thank you for always managing to put a smile on my face!

Hime: You're in my face, on my case and epically hugging me, because normalcy is way too boring. You're a hyper bundle of mind-in-the-gutter joy, and did I really need to know that? My innocence is so tainted. XD In a word, epic. In two, epic oddball, which sounds like food, so I'll just drop that tangent before I get hungry. You're fun to be around, and I value our friendship. Thanks for being you!

Chero: YOU'RE ADORABLE!! <3 Oh, give me a moment to gush, will you? Chero-dear, you're hilarious and serious and klutzy and awesome. I can always give you a big ole' hug when I see you. The tangents you go on rival mine, and you keep things interesting. Way to be!

Chrysta: You're even worse than Hime. But it's true: if my mind wasn't in the gutter, it wouldn't have a home. You always have something up your sleeve, a witty comment on the tip of your tongue, and you remind me of that bird from Rio when he said, "you gotta keep things spicy!" Well thank you for adding a bit of spice to my life. It would be so terribly boring without that kick!

Danni: Sometimes I wish you had more room in that fishbowl for me to hide in it with you. Sharky, you're a brat and you tease me until even Kiki can't say any more! You're a good, loyal friend who's gone completely round the bend, and I'm lucky to know you. Now I can tease you back. >} You're awesome!

Jen: Hold it, lemme get my master ball out. XD You're bouncing off the walls half the time, and I am really glad you've got my back. You're silly and hyper and up in the air, and I barely have time to catch my breath. But oxygen is overrated anyways, right? Have a good time!

Chi: I owe you one whole heck of a lot. Without you I wouldn't be on the OHC, or have any hosts, and heck, I'd still be reading Fruits Basket. You're an awesome writer, an excellent artist, and a great friend. You're there when I need you, and I wish I wasn't as busy, so that we could hang out more often. Seventh grade feels like twenty years ago, doesn't it? We can talk until the sun comes up on the Saturday of next year, and call me a loser, but anime really is a big part of life, and I've made a lot of friends, and found so much inspiration in this art form you got me hooked on. I really wouldn't be who I am today without you. So thanks for everything. Really.

Ikka: I can't thank you enough for putting up with my rough spots and complaining. I go until I'd want to slap myself and you take it in stride. You're an awesome listener and I can't help but think that if I ever met you, we would be able to talk about everything and nothing over a cup of coffee, and be more than satisfied with that. You're the kind of person that everyone needs in their lives, and a few Ikka vibes a day are enough to brighten my darkest moods. Thank you, thank you thank you thank you for being you!

Dyana: I need to come visit you wearing a ski mask and beat up all the people who bug you. Then you could just blame it all on the crazy Canadian. <3 You're fun to talk to and easy to get along with, and can there not be more coffee in the world? What is this tomfoolery? It's called the morning. WE NEEDZ COFFEEZ! If we're both in the room and both in the ranting mood, I don't think there's anything that will shut us up. I really like talking to you, Dyana, and I'm glad I can get along with you. Thank you!

Deena: Heh, newbie. <3 You are always there to give me a hug, which is a bit of a switch for me, considering I'm not often the glompee, but the glomper. You're zanny and hyper and almost always in a good mood, and heck if it ain't contagious. I'm glad that we can talk, despite you being so far away and the timezones not matching up for a bit of mindless chatter.I'm happy to call you friend, and you can almost always put me in a good mood. So thank you, Deena!

Luna: The awesome boss-chan. You're cuddly like a kitty, and entertaining to be around. You helped create and still run the OHC, which I've got to thank you for. I've met so many great people through that, so thank you very much! You're silly, with your mind on the gutter, but maybe not quite as obviously as some others. Either way, you genuinely care about those around you, and please don't ever change that! I know I can talk to you if I need to, and I appreciate that. Thank you for everything!

Kiki: How do you describe the person in your head all the time? My disaster twin, partner in crime, March Hare to my Mad Hatter, we have to have been related in another life or something, I swear. School can be very boring when you're not around to confuse people with me. If we were to actually sit down and write that collab story, we could make millions. You're a nutter, a mad woman, and you are right alongside me for every antic, every scheme, and you make it fun. I love our crazy rants, where we're actually agreeing with each other, but it seems to everyone else like we're arguing. I really am glad I dragged you into the OHC, and that you're my friend. Luv ya, twinnie! Shanks, dear!

I know I probably missed a bunch, but know that I am really glad to know you and that there's something special about you to me. <3 Happy Valentine's Day!