Valentine's Day Hosts

It's about time I write down what I think of you guys, isn't it? Well, here you go. Happy reading!

Vincent: But Viiiiiiiince, I don't wanna studyyyyyy! My goodness, what would I do without you? You're the one who keeps me in line, and tells me what I have to do when I start getting distracted. Despite your soft spoken nature, you're always good for a hug, and have often made an otherwise bad day a good one. You're really encouraging, which is a trait I hope you never, ever lose. I've seen it with other fans as well: you really do cheer people up. You've always got something good to say anout someone to cheer them up when they're down. So happy Valentine's day, mister Valentine! Thanks for Keeping me on track!

Ezio: You haven't been around in a while, but I still remember when you were around all the time, and that was hilarious! You always put up with all the silly antics that we put you through, even the Ezio/Dino stuff. I still can't believe you went through with that! You a bit of a flirt, but that's alright, because that's just who you are. You do it in a way that makes fans feel welcome and loved, and not imposed upon. You really give a hundred and ten percent to us wicked little creatures, and you make being BAMF look easy. Happy Valentine's day, Italiano #1!

Dino: You are one of my first hosts, and the oldest one that I still talk to. What can I say? You give me enough Dino x Chero moments to tease Chero-dear with for weeks! I couldn't ask for a better grande fratello. You're really nice, and you work too bloody hard, (stamps!) and you deal with all our silly schemes. You cheer people on when it's what they really need, and you're great to chat with, even when people don't want to talk. You're an excellent host, a great big bro, and an awesome friend. So happy Valentine's day, Italiano #2!

Dante: You're my newest host, but far from my least favorite! You're really easy to talk to, which is why I'm not surprised at all by how quickly your fans are ranking up. You're GIGANTONORMOUS so I do have to climb on to something before I can glomp you properly. XD Your love of pizza and strawberry sundaes is hilariously unexpected. You have great taste in music, but really, there's no more room on my iPhone for all these songs! You're fun to poke, but I'm not sure why. I think maybe tickling tall people is just slightly more entertaining than it should be. You're always ready to lend an ear, which is something I and many a fan here appreciate. Happy Valentine's day, Dante!

Captain Hitsugaya: Captain, you're just... I just... ARGH SOMETIMES I WANNA TAKE YOUR STUPID, DUMB HEAD AND JUST... NNNNGGGG!! *beats fist against hand* You are absolutely the most infuriating person I've ever met. It's as though your personal goal in life is to either worry me sick or have my face permanently red! Your actions are so sporadic. One day you're quiet and calm, the next you're doing something crazy right alongside me. You do things sometimes that are really strange, and then you don't explain them. And you know what? I wouldn't change it for anything. I am glad that Chi got me to become your fan, because I do enjoy every second I spend with you, you smirky little... Rawr. ._. Heck, I still start grinning every time I hear Rolling in the Deep, or any Alexander Rybak music, and I am happy when I get a message, even though more often than not it's one tiny sentence. You are there when we need you to be, and easily make my bad days good ones. So happy Valentine's day, you old little brat, Almighty Master of the Dots, or any of your other countless (thirty-four >>) nicknames. I hope it exceeds your expectations.

Happy Valentine's day, boys!