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Tokyo Ghoul Triple Monitor Wallpaper

Been a long time ... been so busy with work ... writing my Novel and such but had some time to make a wallpaper for Tokyo Ghoul

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I am writing a Novel! ... Please read

Right I have been working all over the world for a while now and have not been able to read as many manga or watch anime like I used to but I have been inspired to write.

I have only written a page just to see the general reaction people have to my idea. I would Appreciate it if anyone who reads this post would take the time to read my one page and tell me if it made them want to read on.

Please Read Here!

Thanks to anyone who does so


To everyone who has participated in my challenge Thousand Swords! I would like to say thank you and to everyone who couldn't participate for whatever reason i.e busy, work, school or challenge not to your taste, I hope you will enter the next one. There is still a few hour on my challenge so if you are thinking of entering now is the time

To all my friends on the Otaku I really miss our chats but my late night work has taken control of my life I currently do 14 hour shifts (gonna book a hoilday or a day off soon i think :P) and the rest of the time is spent getting ready for work or sleeping so i'll just be making challenges and the odd wallie for a while

And finally to all who wished me a happy easter i thank you and if you read this far you have a great attention span

Pic of the castle i was serving at!

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Original Character

Ok so i've been really tired the past few day so no new wallies or anything from me. I have however been drawing on my tablet during my free time and have started to make my own character so far only the head has been drawn and coloured roughly but over the next week or two I hope to have front, back and side view done along with a character profile