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Got a Job

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Finally found a Job after 9 months of frantic searching i've found a job . I now work in the hospitality and I will be put through courses till i'm at degree level in hotel and restaurant management ... Go Me!!

My Work on other sites

Just found one of my wallpapers on a bleach puzzle app for android so i got curious and searched the web for it in other places pretty amazing found edits of all sorts using my wallpaper as the base ... pretty weird seeing it in another place than the O ... i also found a chinese wallpaper site providing iPhone wallies and 90% of them were ones i recognised from the O

Happy Valentine's Day

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To everyone that i missed today i hope you had a good valentine's day wherever you are

oh & just a small update ... I decided to go with purple for the colour & some of the cool Setsuna from Gundam 00 on my world

Files Galore

Just been going through my folder of images (scans,renders,c4ds and others) and i thought i wonder how many images I've got and it turns out i have 13,037 Files which adds up to 8GB ... that's not including the separate folder of random wallies and other little experiments I've done over the years

Oh and tonight I'm staying at my nans to keep her company while my granddads on an overnight trip to England which means I'm going off the radar soon because unfortunately the street my nan stays on not 1 person has Internet and in the village where she stays i can't even get a connection on my usb dongle.

On the bright side i have no shortage of material to work with so i think i might spend a few hours and make a Wallie or something tonight I'll post my results tomorrow afternoon

2 more things, I've made a iPhone/iPad Wallie challenge called Thousand Swords! and anyone and everyone is welcome to participate i really like seeing what people create

.... Finally for my next challenge, I would like the opinions of anyone who takes the time to read this. What would you say to a challenge where i provided 1-2 renders and asked you to do your own take on the image? I would allow you to use other images for the background ETC but the main focal point would have to be one of the images provided by me. (Does anyone else think it would be worth doing to see how different people interpret an image in different ways?)

Built a 7 foot tall IGLOO!!!

Just spent 4 hours with 3 friends building an igloo in the field (in Scotland lol) it took ages but can fit 4 fully grown males inside and we can stand up without banging our heads