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Update on my Vector!

so a little update on the vector, i've finally got back to doing it and this is the progress so far

Guess who's Back!

Ok so i've had a horrible few months my uncle was very ill and it turned out he had cancer he was diagnosed only a few months ago so i've been 248 miles away with no internet for ages so i havn't had a chance to get on the O but after a very harsh few months my uncle passed away peacefully and with his family around him. it's been very upsetting for me and everyone but we had a funeral i think he would have been happy with we played his favourite songs and he had his best friends lead the funeral procession on the classical motorbikes.

To everyone who's birthdays i've missed i am truly sorry and hopefully i'll be able to make a few of the challenges i was asked to do in time i look forward to checking out everyones work i've missed


Not been in in days can only get on via phone ... There's been a family emergency so I've had to travel quite far :/

Code Breaker

Just watched the first episode of Code Breaker the anime. I'm a big fan of the manga and got to say i am loving the anime so far! 1 episode and i'm hooked. It was slow to get into but the art work is decent and the cliff hanger at the end was nicley done although i already know what happens next from the manga i can't wait to see the next episode for those that havn't read the manga it's a good read

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Just made a new icon and think it turned out ok might start making a few sets since i've not made any in ages