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First Vector

Ok so i used the pen function for the first time in illustrator today i just did the outline of the scan and deleted the background, Not my best work but they say practice makes perfect


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So recently i started watching Sword Art Online and it's a really fun watch Kirito is cool and strong and i'm really enjoying the story line

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Busy Busy Busy ...

Quick Update! Just finished off the living room flooring house is looking sweet and on a + note i'm enjoying Infinite Stratos (Translated Novel) and it's worth a read


Ok made a wallpaper earlier it's for the manwha Noblesse i went into a little detail about the manwha earlier but thought i'd go into more detail here


Basically it starts off with Cadis Etriama Di Raizel who is the Noblesse waking up in the city after a slumber of 820 years. For some strange reason he wakes up in a building in the middle of the city

It then goes onto two modified humans with experiment numbers as there name M-21 and M-40 (i think) who are trying to recover Rai's coffin. Meanwhile Rai tracks down his old subordinate Frankenstein who is operating a school and secures a place within the school.

For more information read it yourself because it is one amazing story. You will have to be patient with the art which is good but like all manwha/manga takes a while to get into. The layout of it is completley different from manga but the depictation of the battles truly is awesome and the manwha has it's own brand of humor which will naturally make you laugh!

If you read this far THANKS

Feeling Bubbly

OK... So just found an old mouse i didn't know i had but for fun i made something just to get used to it however the mouse seems so sluggish compared to the one that just broke